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Yes, I thought of that too! Perhaps you also have to break down a piece of wood into small pieces first as well.

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The more I am looking into the game and try out your updates, the more convinced I am you might be creating THE game of 2017. People love the game, youtubers are picking it up as well, I hope you get the support you need! Good luck, man, you deserve success with it, the idea is great.

Other people have already picked up ideas I also would have suggested like:

Day/Night circle

Temperature (very hot - need more water; very cold - stored water might freeze, you need a fire to keep you warm, better clothes)

different sharks and NPCs (also friendly)

I will present you my suggestions for these ideas and also other new ones:

Add a bed (can be crafted out of a lot of thatch and some ropes to keep it together, could look more like a pile of thatch than an actual bed. If nights are added you can animate a sun and a moon, perhaps also stars, according to which you know how late it is. For far away future: you could create an even bigger world and you'd have to navigate according to the stars, according to where you travel you could paint maps - literally let the player him/herself make the map according to how long they travel somewhere)

Make surviving a lot harder (when I start playing it's not easy, however if you play smartly you soon enough reach a point where surviving isn't that hard anymore. Add not only different kinds of fishes to eat and catch, but also make the catching a lot harder. Think of some sort of bait, perhaps pieces of raw fish or insects. More seeds would be a great idea but everything should take a way longer time to grow. When you have to survive you can't start growing potatos as it would take months for them to grow. When a day and night circle is added you can let stuff like potatos take up to 5-7 days and palm trees 15-20 days. There should be some variety in the plants growing in general.)

Weather (storms, waves, sun, wind, ... all these natural issues can occur and damage your raft, perhaps even throw you off and you have to swim back while keeping the shark off. The weather could also affect and damage the raft, pillars could crack if you don't repair them on time or a piece of the raft might just break off in general)

Nets capture so much (which is awesome and therefore too easy I think. Perhaps let them catch up to 3 items only, the rest should swim through, and if more than 10 items got through the net could break)

All together your game already improved a lot, it's great! The added chests are very useful, I like that you need a lot of metal for them and that they don't have that much storage room. I think you could in general make a "normal" and "hardcore" mode later on, just different stages of how hard surviving might be.

That's really hard and a lot of work they are not prepared for. I fear if they ever can add multiplayer we still have a long way to go :)

Press R

I checked it out and I have to say: Good work! I can definitely see this game becoming more popular, I did not try out to find bugs just for the sake of it and just played along and it was all together a good experience. Here you go with my feedback.


1) The shark should do way more damage when attacking the person in the water.

2) Better AI for the shark (I know this isn't a small question, programming AI can be insane but I'm talking of the shark kind of following you around or attacking tiles that are more important that others etc.)

3) Different kinds of sharks. Perhaps you can come up with different sizes, damage inflicted on tiles and person and also different skins. Some sharks might do much damage to your raft, others might kill you instantly if they get you. Some spawn in groups, a great white would be single etc.

4) The absolute top on the shark topic would be killer whales. They have insane hunting skills and tend to create waves that flush down everything off ice for example. They could make insane enemies.


1) Not being capable to move objects made me so angry I can't put it into words

2) I came across many issues when I wanted to destroy single items that were not floor tiles such as the cooking station or water purifyer

3) sometimes floor tiles cannot be placed around a pillar all the way

4) Of course more items! Especially chests or barrels in which you can store certain items (You could create them out of wood, metal pieces and rope). Other ideas would be different weapons such as knives or harpunes with which you can try to kill the enemies without them attacking first.

5) Perhaps give the player a way of defending the raft through spikes or to make shark-teeth-proof tiles out of metal!


1) I realized after some time barrels, metal and thatch did not spawn anymore like in the beginning, thatch doesn't matter and the same goes for battels after some time, but the metal would have been important.


1) Underwateranimation would be nice (but lots of work, I know, I know)

2) Maybe make it a day-night thing, adding a sleeping schedule to the game would make it a lot harder as you have to get much better timing with everything. You might not see a thing in the night etc.

3) Different weather such as insane sun (where you need shadow and more water) or rain (where you can collect more water) or even storms (where parts of your raft might get destroyed)

4) Perhaps give it a day counter and make it harder from day to day. This entire idea has amazing potential to become a top survival game!

All together, I'll give it a 8/10! It was a good play, lots of fun, but also a lot to improve! Go for it. If this was a game to pay for just like a dollar or two, I definitely would.