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They're finishing up on college work. Give them a bit of time.

The way VR would most likely work in this game includes full range of motion and a way to manually move parts around with your hands. A similar style of play could be seen in Job Simulator. As for moving around the room while minimizing motion sickness, Subnautica might be a good role model.

Created a new topic Discussion: Virtual Reality?

As was mentioned in Jacksepticeye's video, a VR version of this game seems plausible and functional. If the developers decide to add this availability, what would you expect from it? Do you have any ideas for a VR version of this game? Or are you completely opposed to the idea? Let's talk about it.

Ducking or crouching in this game would be useful (considering you can now place chests under tables), but this spam account really does need to take a step back to re-evaluate its existence.

Я не думаю, что пираты были бы хорошим дополнением к игре. Возможно, подводное плавание, все больше и больше материалов крафта рецептов было бы более полезным.

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أحدث نسخة من هذه اللعبة هو الإصدار 1.05. هناك الطاولات والكراسي في اللعبة. هناك ليلا ونهارا. أنا أستمتع هذا الإصدار اللعبة.

I am sorry if this is difficult to read. I am not fluent in Arabic.

别客气。 要更改您的姓名旁边的图片,您必须在"设置"下查看。 如果您点击名称旁边的箭头,则位于页面顶部。

You're welcome. To change the image next to your name, you'll need to check it under Settings. If you click the arrow next to your name, it is at the top of the page.

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也许你应该在Bug报告论坛中发布? 如果您输入自己的语言,我们可以使用翻译。 它可以使报告更容易。

I'm sorry if it's difficult to read. I am not fluent in Chinese. I used a translator online.

My computer is by no means 'a beast', but it's not as weak as others. I have a GTX 750ti, an i5 4690k (which is glitched into a higher clock speed than normal), and 16 GB of DDR3. If you don't understand any of that, it's fine. It isn't too relevant, I don't think.

I haven't posted this under the Bug Report sticky, because I don't consider it a glitch. It's more of a performance issue.

What I experience: After approximately ten minutes of gameplay, My frame rate (FPS) drops from a stable 90-92 to an unstable 65-30. I try to keep my nets clean, I don't build anything crazy (with only ten minutes to build, it wouldn't be possible to build something crazy), and I tend to only have two or three Water Purifiers, two or three Cooking Stations, and one Crop Plot. My frame rate seems to destabilize more around dusk and dawn, but drops occasionally happen between.

Is there anyone else experiencing something similar?

Tables and chairs are in the latest update. I hope ladders get added at some point. The stairs in the game right now are bulky.

Binoculars seem really useful, too. That pesky shark can be hard to spot at times.

That resolution is already in the game launcher. Select it before clicking 'Play'.

In the real world, water often takes a long while to cool down at night. I could explain the science behind it, but to keep my comment short, I'd still like to say I agree with your idea. The water would be cold enough to start hypothermia about two to four hours after the sun goes down (translated to game time, approximately 1 and 1/2 to 3 minutes after the sun goes down).

Hypothermia itself should also make the player a bit hungrier for a while even after they get out. Perhaps a 3 to 4 minute hunger debuff? The torches and other fire-utilizing items would help the debuff go away faster.

Replied to Ropek in Suggestions/ideas

Może ty i niektórzy inni gracze mogą dostarczyć tłumaczenia? Jestem pewien, że niektórzy inni gracze chcą grać w ich własnym języku, too.

Sorry if it's tough to understand. I used Google Translate.

I did some looking around online, and it turns out there's lots of different types of whetstones. Some appear to be more durable than others. (Whetstones are used to sharpen blades.)

The throwing spear idea has been talked about a few times. Personally, I'd consider the throwing spear to be slightly dangerous to yourself. You might get yanked off your raft by the shark. Though if it does more damage, there might be a decent payoff.

Whenever diving is implemented, I wonder if sea life (i.e. fish, crabs, lobsters, oysters) could be gathered by hand with enough player skill. (Not meaning an in-game level system, but actual tactics players can use from the beginning of the game.) I'm also wondering if sea shells or other resources could be gathered for purely cosmetic purposes (i.e. dyes and decorative strings). Fins to improve swimming speed would be very beneficial.

Since the shark would obviously be a problem while diving, it should probably require one of those submersible shark cages on a player-operated winch. The shark would attack the cage much like the raft, and after a while, the cage takes too much damage and breaks open.

Until diving is implemented, though, I'm with lots of other players: beds would be great in the next update. I'm aware it'll be awhile, though. Good luck to the devs as they finish up their college classes.

Native controller support would screw me over control-wise more than I already am, but I suppose controllers are more popular than graphics tablets. The testing mode sounds good, though.

The colors are a bit white-washed during the day, but that can be attributed to the day/night cycle. A few tweaks to the world lighting would fix it. If you ask me, the water is gorgeous. A bit dark for my taste, but it's supposed to be that way. When night rolls around, the shark is even harder to spot. The game is a bit more difficult because of it. Creating lanterns is a must.

I totally agree with the extra seafood and the negative side effects to eating raw meat and drinking salt water. I'd personally say that eating too much raw meat or drinking too much salt water would make you vomit (gross, but fairly realistic). Also, it's worth noting that drinking salty beverages will make you thirsty again quicker (hence one of the reasons you have to purify the sea water (there are other reasons like fish poop and bacteria and other gross stuff, but whatever)).

As for the day/night cycle, it looks like it's on the way!

Looks like tables and chairs are on the way. Now for beds!

I dunno about the difficulty. I'm doing all right. Sure, it took a bit of learning, but even on my first play through, I didn't die of starvation or dehydration. It's a mad dash for resources right off the bat, yeah, but after the first ten minutes, it's really only about expanding your raft more and making yourself more comfortable. It takes some getting used to, but I don't think it's all that bad. Get everything you can early on, and craft what you need as soon as you have the resources (water purifier first, can second, fishing rod third, cooking station fourth).

Dang, how'd you get 8? I manage to only get 6 out of it before it sinks.

"Why's the rum gone?"

The main problem with a 'motor' is some form of electricity to make it. I suppose if magnets were added and scrap could be refined into copper wires, it would be possible, but logically, it would take ages to make a motor powerful enough to move a raft the theoretical size it is in the game. Even a small one or two square raft wouldn't work. Wood may be light (especially certain types of palm wood), but wood that isn't smooth will create lots of resistance. You'd hardly be able to move at all, let alone fight any strong currents. (I've taken physics classes in high school.) The most logical thought would be sails or the ability to make a single, massive, stationary raft (base) and a few small rafts to take on trips away from the main raft.

I had no idea you could have two separate rafts already! :o I'ma try that!

I told you where: The main community forum. See above this post how it says 'Raft >> Community >> Suggestions/ideas'? Click on 'Community', and it'll take you to the main community forum.

Actually, there's a multiplayer mod for the game now. Browse the community, and you should see it rather quickly.

(Edited 1 time)

Oh, hi! I was thinking of a character model with some rag shorts and maybe a worn shirt (if too many people complain about a six-pack, that is). If some simple walking animations could be added, (edit: I scrolled down a bit further, so I see now that you've added walking animations) I know how to use bones and weight paint. Texturing might be a little tough, but I have an idea for some slight bruises (to make it seem like the character has been battered), and a head of hair. As I've said, though, I'm not great at modeling a face, so I'd need help with that.

I have a question for the dev team: Do you have plans for a player model already? I am willing to contribute if you need one. I first considered the thought when checking out the basic 'tic-tac' model being used in the multiplayer mod. My main weakness in modeling is with faces, though.

XD 'tic-tac'. My thought exactly. :P I personally wouldn't mind helping with providing a player model. Granted, faces are my weak point, but I'm not so bad at the other proportions. If Dεмøη would like help with the model, I'd be glad to help. (Though I think I'd need to talk with Raft first to ensure a full player model isn't already in the works.)

True, the night has to have something bad about it.

As for the game engine, this game utilizes Unity (as it states in the opening credits). I have UE4 installed, so I could try to figure out how to add a day/night cycle with that as an experiment, but as far as I know, most programs have confusing or complex ways to implement such cycles. I've never used Unity, though, so I'm not too familiar with its capabilities.

This is a completely out-of-the-box idea (because hardly anyone else will use it), but I would enjoy a return-to-center cursor mechanic in the game. As of right now, you have a completely different cursor mechanic, so it's impossible to play this game with a graphics tablet right now. It would have very little impact on the gameplay of other non-tablet players, so it shouldn't bother too many people. The only potential problems I can see would be with controller support, though you could try implementing something to detect the presence of a controller and switch to a more controller-friendly cursor mechanic.

The only reason I suggest this is because I'm more accustomed to playing FPS games with a graphics tablet (sounds weird, I know). If I could play this with a tablet, it would be more comfortable for me. (If you don't know what I mean by 'graphics tablet' try searching for 'Wacom Tablet' or 'Huion Tablet' to see what I mean.)

The palm trees already grow in a tree crop plot. Perhaps there could be fruit trees? Oranges, apples, lemons... (I should note that citrus fruits are logical on the ocean, as vitamin C is needed to prevent scurvy. Yes, scurvy is a real disease and not just an insult thrown at low-ranking sailors.) Tropical fruits would be the main reason to have more trees. Other than that, I can't think of much else. Maybe some trees produce a sticky resin for water-proofing things? Resin could be useful for making boats.

Some players have weak computers, so maybe there could be fog limits, detail options, and shader options? For those who have strong computers, they can turn the settings up. For those who have weak computers, they can turn the settings down.

The broken-down pieces of wood could be called 'tinder'. I think other fuel sources could be found, too. In another reply, I noted that shark skin could be placed on a drying rack. Maybe the drying process produces a small amount of fish oil? Aside from that, the palm fronds are clearly flammable.

Having worked with arrows IRL, I know that feathers are needed for the fletching (the three things at the back end of the arrow). Perhaps there should be an easy way to gather some feathers just by scaring the sea gulls or pulling them out of the water like scrap and planks. I think it would only take one metal scrap to make the arrow head.

With the bow, I know it might seem like rope is what you'd need, but bows actually require a finer material: string. Maybe a recipe for that could be added as well?

Wool seems unlikely on the ocean (because it comes from land-based animals), but maybe fabric scraps could be gathered from barrels? Cotton seeds would be another idea. They could be planted in crop plots.

All your other ideas are pretty solid, though.

Maybe you could help provide translations for the game? There should be a translation thread for this game.

I used Google Translate to see what you said, and it translated to: "Do something to fall out with shark skin"

I agree, shark skin would be very useful. It could be used to make water-resistant bags as well as clothing (boots or swimming fins would be good). I'd suggest adding a drying rack as well (to dry out the shark skin into a leather so it's easier to work with).