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A topic by Redbeet Interactive created Dec 31, 2016 Views: 57,163 Replies: 305
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This is a topic where you can post your screenshots and youtube videos

We want to see the rafts that you build, share your screenshots and videos.


Had a blast in raft :) cant wait for more updates.


My video from version 1.03 (i.e. before chests) where I try to build out towards the horizon to see if I can find either our shipwreck or the edge of the world, whichever comes first. Hope to play some of version 1.04 but it will take me a while to rebuild my craft to its former glory. Keep up the good work team!


Glad you like the game, sprinting is added to 1.04 now so you can get to the edge of the world faster :P


I did a test on it, and all that happened was ending of the water and if you drop there you die. There's also no escape.


Why would you want to escape :b


So-- many podcasts and lots of building later-- we finally reach the edge. It's certainly different out there. Join me as we venture forth/ ramble about Raft things:

Captain's Log: Day Whenever- Have finally reached the heavens.

Your game needs to fix the stupid bugs. i spent 3 hours playing and i glitched into the logs and instead of being able to break the above planks i was stuck and eaten by the shark that can somehow go through planks? Make it so sharks have to break the planks before it can just go through them and kill you as you try to get yourself unglitched. Otherwise, i love the game, just sucks that i can't spawn back into the world that i worked in for 3 hours just because your shark can magically swim through foundation.

@pole369 the shark doesn't attack you unless your out of the raft lol. Meaning you were out of the water maybe trying to use the shark for the glitch.... What you can do it go in a net that is surrounded by at least one layer of floors or whatever, and wait for him to get close jump onto the raft then start spearing him you can get a good 3+ hits off him.


my base so far i keep playing :) love this game


Glad you like the game! Keep on the good work and share more pictures, we love it!


This is what 8 hours of pure gameplay looks like. Also the first picture is my raft from the front, the second is my raft from the back and the third is the view from the top of the tower.




Lol amazing work tho


Great screenshots, always fun to see what you guys build!


wow, I always laughed when youtubers say they built the tallest towers, but this is THE tallest tower


Had a great time with your game! Gained 10 new subscribers from playing your game :)

Heres my video if you want to check it out! Episode 2 is up as well! With Episode 3 coming soon.


Here's my raft -

How'd you get that picture? You're not on any part of your raft. lol

With this -


Awesome how you built another raft just to get the picture of your real raft :D

I had no idea you could have two separate rafts already! :o I'ma try that!

Holy crap!! you have the coolest looking raft ever!!!


J'adore ce jeux si vous voulez voir des gameplays en Français c'est ici : I enjoy this game if you want gameplay on french it's here :

EP1 :

EP2 :

Bon visionnage !

(1 edit)

EP 3 1.04 !

EP 4 Aménagement de l'étage !


About new update. It is really good

(1 edit)

I record gaming vids too

My RAFT gameplay:


Hey, glad you made a video of our game!

Removed your personal link to your youtube channel though, this topic is only to share content of Raft :D


Got to play version 1.04. I mean, why wait until 2017 to enjoy Raft?

If anyone is interested in the first build, you can check out the livestream I did when it was released.

Happy New Year everyone!


Covered the new beta over on my channel! Super stoked on the chests :)

Deleted 7 years ago

I think your computer cant handle this game, it might be problem

Is there any way that I can fix that? I really wanna play it, I have Windows 7, shouldnt that worK?


Try installing the latest drivers for your graphics card and make sure that you have atleast Directx11 installed :D

Keep in mind the next time you post that this post should be in the bug report thread.

Я начинающий ютубер, так что за качество видео прошу прощёния


made a Video to the patchnotes if anyone is interested :)


Love it!

Deleted 7 years ago
Deleted 7 years ago

Videos will be posted from 1/1/2016 until 17/1/2016 (UK date system) at 12:00GMT
First Video (Will be available from 21:00)

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I've had a lot of fun playing Raft. I could see potential for this game. Been on it for about an hour and this is the result:

no brasil

I love this game ! I hope we will see more features in the future, here's my video :)

(1 edit)

Monkey House! :D

That shit costs over 300 wood!! -.- farm, farm, farm :D

Here is my episode 1! #2 is also available!

Хорошая игра. :)


I made a made a video on this game check it out
(2 edits)

So I decided to make a video on raft and it is super fun. I hope you guys enjoy.

Mansion...almost there..not really - I wanted it to big! Lol - Please make a way to make a second floor w/o placing pillars everywhere! That kills my first floor :(


How do i make screens??


Well i decided to make it to the end of the world so i did and its pretty cool. I also wanted to build really high so i made 42 floors take a look at these pics.

This is the start of my multi-raft idea. I have a tower built on the original raft, a large circular (sort of) tree farm area on a second, and the beginnings of a "house" area on a third.

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Is there a way to finish the game ? ;)

My base, u like it? :D

Raft. Long hands. Bug.

yeah notice that too.....

So far I'm really enjoying this! Great game to chill with :)

Thanks for the many updates man! Really enjoying this new update.

Update that game pls like a menu with options not when u enter in game is a menu of the graphics quality fastest and make gamemode:Creative , Make commands here is my raft :

A creative mode at this point of the game, there is no use because there is very few things to build and don't expect a creative mode for maybe... months.

I started all over and made an awesome ship! Also i made a pretty big tree farm!

My tower :)

(1 edit)

1.03 gameplay. Definitely gonna give the new update a try.

(1 edit)

(1 edit)

So far have played for like the first 15-minutes and seems super fun so far. Can't wait to really start building bigger sections to the raft. Version 1.04.


In this video I worked on a tree farm and ran into a pretty gnarly shark glitch! Check it out :P


Killed the shark haha that was fun!!!

Nice game!

I love the game but it gets boring as you progress or played for long (like 2-5 hours for me)... it get boring when you reached that point where you only need to supervise your base from shark attacks and when you have a self sustaining resources in your base like this!

Just build you base up. Build multiple floor Buidl a small little House :P thats what im doing and im not getting bored .

I did a couple videos on Raft and really really loved it! Can't wait to see the final version of the game, it's gonna be amazing! I took me some Time to build this and im Currently working on a House with multiple floors on the Kinda empty part of the raft :D. I have to say this really Hokked me and its rlly Fun to play.


First time playing Raft! What a brilliant game, can't wait to see this grow! I've named the shark Bruce... he doesn't seem to like me yet.

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Hi guys! i am from slovakia and this is my video for slovak and czech people. Its something like first feeling style video and tutorial how to play it. Its great game. I need to say for authors. THANKS

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Two episodes so far :D

I'm a lover of survival games and I love this new take on it. Keep up the great work!

Just wanted you to know how much fun your game was and how excited I am for future updates! Keep up the great work! I'll also be revisiting your game!

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Hey there! wanted to share my first part of the raft with you guys :) had a lot of fun playing, this game rocks!

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I can sense the shark attacks.

how to take screenshot?

So here is another episode of Raft (Before chests). I have finished working on my new episode and may upload it in a couple days. If you guys want, come and check out this video. Tell me what you think. Thanks in advance! :)

My first finished raft. It is... maybe therd try to survive. I like this game so much. Will wait for next updates.

My raft


My fourth try I think:

The stairs look really awesome

From the Tower I can see the ... void? or deep ocean, I dont know.

This game is sick!!!!!! Waiting for more update. (:


10 hours of work, bottom floor has a line of nets for items. middle floor is palm trees, potato farms, cooking and water purifying. Had to wait until the shark was on the far side before i went for a swim to get the photo ahaha

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Here is a german LP

Thanks for the fun! Altough that shark at end scared the hell out of me. !

11:19 :P


I accidentally killed Bruce... he was my best friend, we had an arrangement..

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Here is my raft total 3 hour of playing :) nice game.

Amazing game, it was really fun to build this tower! I'm going to post more videos soon!

how do u make a video. im a hacker thus i should know this buy i don't. PS. I would never hack THIS game cuz i love it to much.

That's bull shit and you know it lol. There wouldn't be a point in hacking it anyways unless they bring multiplayer.

I just finished a video, the game is pretty good. When i play it a little more (or until I die) I will donate.

Doubt people who aren't content creators are gonna watch this but I'm gonna post this anyway.

Recorded myself playing this game before noticing there was a Raft V1.04 lol. Oh well enjoy and have a nice day!

It's been a blast! So much so that I already have another vid lined up for next week :) Can't wait to see what you do in future updates!

I built a 50 floors high tower. No, I dont have anything better to do in my free time

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Video about Raft!!

(1 edit)


Is this a feature or a shark lag? It was kinda cool, BUT FRIKIN SCARRY!!!!!

In my newest episode of Raft, I ran into a DEVASTATING bug, but I recovered a bit :P

This is just a "T4zzM4nn's First Look" video that I made about this game. Feel free to check it out.

I have played the game for a few hours and find it quite fun. It is true that once you get some nets and plots going, the game becomes very easy and less challenging. However it is still early in development and has great potential. Keep up the great work "Raft Developer" ;-P

Having a blast with the game so far. Here is part 2 of my first playing of the game. Keep up the great work!


!!!! 20Hours PLAYTIME !!!!

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Shark x dziewczynka?

CZY Cykl Dnia i Nocy?

namiot Łóżko i drzwi?

My Actually House :) .

(2 edits)

My place ^_^

The Beginning :)

(1 edit)


Very delayed but here is a v1.04 gameplay. I've died like 2 times it's so depressing

Heres the result :P


Hello, I'm from germany and here is my video! :) REALLY GREAT WORK! :)

Ja moin Leute! :D Ich habe mich auch mal eine kleine Runde in Raft versucht und hier ist das Video dazu! Raft ist komplett kostenlos un ihr versucht auf Paletten im Meer zu überleben! KRASS ODER?!


Will help expand channel.

should do something fps I have a pretty good PC but still have 20 fps

I am Romanian and all youtoubers recording this game you are doing a pretty good job and you have to work the game to make him increasingly better!!!

Really cool game! Aiming for the world record!

This game was a lot of fun!

chill yet exciting at the same time!

I love this game soooooo much. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

I didn't make it quite that far in the video I created, though I do have some questions pertaining to what my thoughts were in the video.

Are we at some point going to get a backstory or at least some sort of arc where we make progress in saving ourselves, or is the whole basis of the game surrounding just staying alive on the Raft? I know you probably get this question constantly and after I post this I'm going to hunt down some other threads that may have theories or discussions about it, because I love the heck out of this game and I'd love for it to become a full release (even on steam!)

I just want to thank you guys as well for creating this world for us, it's a really fun survival/crafting experience that I haven't really had before. Definitely can't wait for some future updates!

Here's my video if you'd like to view it:

I love this game !
My Raft ))


My first video of this game, really loving it and hoping to make more videos now and after some updates. Here's some gameplay of it. Like and sub if you like it!

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Too bad the water won't display on my game.

Got a good 2 hours out of the game before I felt like I had nothing else to do. I'm impressed, can't wait to see more out of this game.

Here's my let's play video of the updated version of the game. I was lucky to kill the shark in this video.

First time the shark has ever scared me on Raft!

I also don't eat fish...


They are evolving! :O

Really fun game!

(1 edit)

Im from poland and this is not related to screenshots or videos, but this is artwork. I just do header for Steam :-)

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Is it a new world record of the tallest tower in raft ? :D (52 floors )

It took me 6-8 hours to build it .





I love this game !

This is the issue when i have too much item i put it in to the chest right ? i have 7 chest from 1 to 7 i put all of my item and then i saves the game and then i quit. The next day i open the game the item from chest 2-7 is gone. Why is that ? :( there is so much item pls fix it :)


i got ~20 chest and every single item is saving :/ But there's no problem with items :D i got 30 tree palms , 15 water/food cookers , 20 potatoes farms . You can get metal from sea by putting 30 nets in 1 line.

I just need a solution didnt need your opinion :)

Hi i post my video "in spanish" :D this game its epic :D Video Raft in spanish

(1 edit)

Second raft !

I like My Short Adventure

i like it too xD


After roughly 3-4 hours of work its the best garbage barge i can build, and off topic when i hit land i better be compensated for how much garbage i removed from the ocean, loved the game cant wait to see more.

Here is my big Project, where i build a big Tower in Raft ( v 1.03 ) This game is my favourite ^^ More decoration possibilities would be nice :D

I had some fun building the probably biggest tower in Raft yet :)

Hi there! I just uploaded a playthrough of your game. It was a LOT of fun! I really hope you keep adding more, and I look forward to seeing it all. Thank you!

My Raft video! I build a,"Practically Shark Proof Raft!" haha

RIP to MY FLOATING MANSION! Everything was bugging and glitched out and I had to abandon it :(

Guys Please tell me how i can make screenshots ? Plese Tell me

Use some software, like FRAPS

(1 edit)

If you link the game with Steam you can take screenshots super easily. I think the default key is F12

Thx <3

Here we are at Raft once more, only with some advancement!

Keep in touch via:

Twitter: @Mystic CRO
Facebook: Mystic CRO
Skype: mysticcro

If you like the video, smash that like button, OR subscribe for more!

Had a fun time playing the game - I will probably make some more videos in the future! :)

My first time playing Raft V1.04. Hope you enjoy!

Here's my fresh new video on RAFT! I really enjoy this game, I hope it blows upppppp.

Hi Guys, I started a new series on this game. Planning on doing more episodes! If you're interested in the series I'm all open to feedback :D

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Hi, everybody! I don't shoot video, however I like to build. Here several screenshots of my raft. Game very much was pleasant to me and I will look forward the subsequent updates))


After 2 HOURS of intense farming and crafting, I have made it.... BEHOLD mortals ! The edge of our reality. What lies in that underworld ocean ?? Perhaps Megalodon ? Btw: the shark can go past the edge and eat your rafts ! It most be some sort of demon...

Developer: A row boat would be fantastic ! and a bow/arrow so I can kill the shark from afar !! Also, some dramatic music when the shark is attacking. But most importantly, more threats ! Like a tsunami that destroys half of my Raft, or birds that steal your food, or a hurricane !

Do you now that you can go out of the fog ? I posted below you my screenshots from high tower and you can see there that this is possible.

YES, I must venture to the end of this world. I wonder what is on the other side of that fog ??? ( probably a wall) LOL




ground floor + 103 floors

BY TigerX (me)





Did you give up at 103, or is that the height limit? Regardless, absolutely insane tower my dude hahaha


I am going to do it higher :P



PHOTO : [img]



Windows XP Professional Verision 2002 Service Pack 3

PROCESOR: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz 2.79GHz ,dual core


Ram: 1GB of RAM

Grapich : Chip Type : RADEON X600 SE (0x5B62)

DAD TYPE : Internal DAC(400MHz)

Memory Size: 128 MB

Adapter String: 128MB ATI RADEON X600 SE

Bios Information 113-A26044-108

(1 edit)

1.Change resolution.

if not working :

2.Change from fastest to different one.

if still not working :

3.Mix number 1 and 2.

if still still nor working:

3.Try to re-download it :)


My raft. I also made a roof :)


Some of those towers are absolutely insane. I'm over here just enjoying my tree farm hahaha

(1 edit) (+1)

nice :D Now try to do : Huge potatoes farm!" :P

I'll be streaming some Raft if anyone wants to watch

When ?

Amazing game!

(1 edit)

So happy this game now has a save game and some storage options :)

I did a quick play through of Raft last night, and I really enjoyed it! You guys have a really great start to something incredible. It's simple and fun, yet can quickly become very frantic and difficult! I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here!

(1 edit)

Hi everyone just did a quick first impressions video . A very fun survival game that doesnt have zombies, imagine that lol. It was alot of fun and I could see this game becoming one of the real survival genre contenders for top spot.

This game is so beautiful <3 I can't wait until the next update!

my first recorded video for my new channel, more to come :)

(1 edit)

Already played this game, need more update :D

Can't wait for patch note update this game

(1 edit)

50. floor

Saw this game when it first came out and liked the idea. Finally got around to playing it and am very eager to see updates.

Hey guys! i'm really impressed with the game, here's a few videos that i've done. I'm looking forward to more updates and new content!

Loved The New Update! Keep Up The Good Work!!!

Kage848's raft lets play:

My raft ;_;

Mountain View

how did you do the screenshot?


from free camera added to my mod

Really fun game I actually got quite into it while playing :D

(2 edits)

really enjoyed raft and larry the shark would love it if in the future you could have a multiplayer

Deleted post

Had a challenge with The Dukez to build the tallest raft, this is my entry. This game is a blast and I'm trying to find more reasons to play it lol!

I made a quick video to look at the game. I absolutely love the game so far, and I can't wait for more updates!

My 2 towers. Version 1.04. I have more 26 floors!

Episode 2

Like and Subscribe for more :)


here it is! My side of The Raft Off! between myself and DeeGeeG!

Seriously thought this game is a lot of fun, and it's great that it allows for silly things like this to happen :)

I've played it for a few episodes, but ran out of stuff to do! :O

I'm looking forward to an update that does that stuff, and will definitely play it again then!

Second post with more


WAITING patiently for the next update BOSS ! Maybe I'll build a raft past the border.

Boi you better not lmaoooo

Check out this INSANE RAFT MULTIPLAYER! So stoked!


This is my first part and definitely not the last! Looking forward to what this game truly has to offer!

Your game needs to fix the stupid bugs. i spent 3 hours playing and i glitched into the logs and instead of being able to break the above planks i was stuck and eaten by the shark that can somehow go through planks? Make it so sharks have to break the planks before it can just go through them and kill you as you try to get yourself unglitched. Otherwise, i love the game, just sucks that i can't spawn back into the world that i worked in for 3 hours just because your shark can magically swim through foundation.

Game is awesome! Love the concept of it. Excited to see future updates.

This game just keeps on giving :) Finally found out the purpose of the palm trees!

My second video on Raft ! really like the progress of the game !

ready for the next update I love this game !!!

(3 edits)

Check out this wierd and crazy glitch I found! I love this game!

My raft

There is so much potential!! Please keep up with the updates! I will make more videos about this game <3

Growing Channel.

hey, absolutely love the game. think it's a really good idea. i've been trying to record gameplay on a macbook pro on obs and the fps won't go higher then 4-6fps, don't suppose anyone has any ideas as to why or how i could bump it to up?

Coaching my friend through the essentials to get going on raft.

Great game!!

1v1'ing the Shark!

First off I would like to say: Thank you. This is a great game and I'm glad it is free. I had fun for a few hours messing around and building things and giving myself challenges. I cannot wait for these updates to come out and I will tell all my friends about it. IF I was to buy this game I would say it is worth about 5 dollars. The content is slim and it doesn't last long. It is a fun game that I have enjoyed and recommend everyone to play it since it is free and it is over all a good game.

Picture of my base I made in 2-3 hours.


All items

3 floors

indoor tree and potato farm

Interior "house" with water and food purifiers and a chest.

A lot of nets.

A lot of coconuts on the ground

A lot of poles sticking out of everywhere

A lot of shake attack areas

Made way too many food cookers

Well spent time.

(3 edits)

Check my Hotel lmao, Love this game so much

(3 edits)

Having so much fun with Raft










Was a bit disappointed I didnt sail towards the horizon.


How to get unlimited recources :D

This new update is AWESOME! I cover it all here, so make sure to check it out :)


I think I win.

Raft Update Hype!! But we totally crashed it... It's still good, it's still good!

So with the chests update I have made a video. I know it been a while since it came out but I have posted it anyway. I hope you all enjoy.

  • 19:18

    Raft | EP13 | New Update! Night, Tables & Chairs and More

  • (+1)

    Really awesome update :)

    Some bants about beets :^) New update's great tho, and I do enjoy seeing more crops :P

    We take a tour of our Luxury Raft, and look at how to keep the sharks happy, and all the things you can build. Enjoy our video. Looking forward to new updates, and making more videos. GMVR

    (2 edits)

    Here is my video with a High tower, many shark fighting...
    Please leave a like of what you would like to see next?
    note : I also gave my SAVE file if someone wanna visit my raft :D

    Love the new update very awesome Guy keep up the good work !!!

    absolutely loving raft. i believe you have a game here that has the potential of being something amazing!

    gutted you will no longer be updating for mac.

    if anybody needs help on how to play the windows version on a mac message or comment on my youtube!

    The Shark is not my Friend, great survival game though loved it!

    Loved The New Update!! Keep Up The Good Work Raft Devs

    I have just played this yesterday (v 1.05). I initially said I'll try it out or 10 mins, and then an hour just flew by!! It's kind of addicting ! :)

    Here is my video, please check it out. Thanks for the game looking forward to more stuff in it :)



    Also, I gave the shark a name :)

    So this is my latest video before the latest update, I have expanded the base and also done some re-design to it. If you want you can go and check it out in the video attached.

    If it seems like I'm not very good at survival / crafting games... it's because I'm really not!

    However I will persevere because this game really intrigues me, so I shall be back again, with a lot less suck this time... I hope!

    In the meantime enjoy me flailing around like a moron for 20 minutes!

    I'm enjoying this game a lot so far :D

    Keep and eye on my Raft playlist for more videos:

    More to come, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE, it really gives me the motivation to post more videos :D

    An overview of the new update! I love where this is heading!

    Tried to find the end of the wrold in Raft didnt end to well lol!!!

    I tried out the new update and it's AWESOME! I love the new buildables and the day-night system is beautiful!

    Update Day and Night cycle

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