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We really enjoyed the charm of this game :)

We hope to play more in the future!

Hey we really enjoyed this! Good luck with the game and congrats on greenlight!

This is my first part and definitely not the last! Looking forward to what this game truly has to offer!

looking forward to it man! Keep me posted :D

It's been a minute or two but the next part is here! I had to resolve corrupted footage issues but now that it's fixed the next few parts are on the way!

I expected to be ousted with my tail between my legs within mere minutes... on the contrary, this is the farthest run I've ever had :P

I made a video of it so if you'd like to watch the first part, take a look!

Went for a little spin... it's so good though! Another episode coming some day!

I think the title alone encompasses how I felt about this game :D Good stuff as usual!

Made a video of the gameplay! Also left my comments of praise and critique throughout! Thanks for a run ride!

I really enjoyed the game and asked the subs to check out your patreon.

Take a look at the video if you like!

To be honest, I sat down to record a video of this and ended up recording 3! The game is absolutely awesome! You've got yourself a new Youtube friend! Presently going to my college courses but I'll jump over to your patreon tonight and drop a couple dimes! Keep it up!

Hey, we played your game! I enjoyed the gameplay, but I did have a little trouble getting the dialog to work. Thanks for posting the game!

You have my word man! The concept of it is awesome and some of the subs said they'd want to play it for themselves too! We'll keep an eye on you mate!

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Have to say this game was... a surprise :P

The game was really sad, but it addressed really important things that should never be forgotten. Thank you

your game made me angrier than most things... but I think it was worth it. Thank you

Believe me, it was my pleasure!

I discovered that not everyone knows about the bad ending! I'll leave this video here so if anyone would like to see it, take a look. This game is wonderful. To the Developers, thank you once again :)

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I have to say, this is the best No Man's Sky fan made game yet. Made a video as well. Thanks!

Not quite sure what the best way to contact you is, but I'm interested in the game. I don't have much money at the moment, but if this is still an active project, I'd like to donate and potentially play it on my (small) Youtube channel to get it some publicity if you'd like.

I'll check back on it when I have money to give in exchange for playing it!

We played the game, screamed a little, cried a little, and laughed a lot. Thanks so much for your work and congrats on your recent growth in recognition!

We played it for our channel and will update it with new info as it goes (ie. your Kickstarter). We also tweeted it at you but felt we should send you a message here as well!

Also congrats and good luck at Pax!

Great job and keep it up!