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Cryptic Hybrid

A member registered Aug 30, 2016 · View creator page →

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Downloading, I'll check it out. :)

When I saw it's a point-and-click I had to play it. It was fun trying to combine things and see what the end result is. :)

Saving the planet, one music hit at a time! Another sweet project PB. :) 

Short but sweet. Really nice work for the jam. :) 

Pizza was at stake, I couldn't wait. ;) 

Quick thing... the Windows build is 156 bytes. :) 

Ah, it happens. OS is Windows 7. No crash can keep a trigger-happy cat down though. :) 

Died too many times but I also got the tomat so.... :)

Crash aside it's been a nice shooting experience. You can definitely see it's very early stages but there is potential. :) 

Hey, glad you like the video. Dilán & Dog, it would be awesome. :) 

Another nice project from FG. I liked the idea and the mechanic... not sure about the giant cat... I would have felt safer, as an armadillo, with a giant dog. :) 

Nice work with the demo, I had fun with it and overall I think I played close to two hours so... sweet amount of content. :) I think the arcade game could use some tweaks, especially the second one but again, overall, good job. Can't wait to see more. :) 

I liked that the controls were pretty straightforward, visually it looks pretty good too. The animations were ... funny... but.. eh. Way of the Wolf 2 will resolve all that. ;) 

Cute little project. I feel bad about hitting everyone & everything but... I was in character. :)

You have a solid base with this alpha, it's been a lovely surprise this weekend. :) 

Really nice work so far... it's so cute & fun that I didn't even mind having to record the video a second time. :) Looking forward to more, keep it up! 

$4.99 and I can play David Caruso & make one-liners? Yes please. :)

So much to speculate with this one, but that's fun. A good CSI team would still find us though. :) 

Looking around is not the best with a free-moving mouse... maybe a fixed camera could be an option. 

Cute and fun. And an interesting ending... Well.. endings.. ;) 

It would be see more of this world.. and reach a destination. Oh, and not sorry about the angels... they're creepy. :) 

Fun game, I like the visual style and the animation, especially of our sneaky hero. :)

It's been a struggle sometimes with the movement and collision with platforms BUT.. it's a cute game. :) 

Promising. I wish I could manipulate the radio cubes in different ways though (grab & push/pull). Can't wait to see where it goes story and puzzle-wise. :)

LUX is adorable. The gameplay is good, and I especially liked the intro artwork & the ship 3D model. LUX 2 2019? ;) 

It would be cool to find out more about the world and how it got to this state. Just one small thing.. the next needs to be visible in full, maybe increase the chat window? Or have a scroll option? Uu, maybe a new weapon too. Looking forward to updates. :)

I think I know why Sherlock was the detective... Watson isn't the best at finding clues. :)

Short and sweet. I really want to see with... the captors... :) 

For some reason I was expecting I got a refill during the load screen. :) 

I died a few times but took down a lot of aliens so... a good drive. :) Will there be more upgrades available in the full release? 

And...another Futuregames project covered. I got attached to this one quick. Or it got attached to me? Either way, cute and a good platforming experience. :) 

Good among of polish, and I really like the theme. A mechanical giant scarab boss was missing though. :)

Thank you for subscribing, it means a lot. Just hit 1K so... :) I got quite a few scares with enemies appearing right in front of behind me. They are sneaky. :)

I hope you like the video, I certainly enjoyed the demo. I think the base is good. :) 

Even in this early state, it's pretty solid. I like the movement, the weapons, the level design... Keep it up. :) 

Got to play it too, and I liked it. I wanted more puzzles of course but I'm hopeful for an Echo 2. ;)

It's a nice time playing. The aliens aren't that aggressive, it would be cool if they go after 157 more often. :)

The sneaky rooftop exploration starts at the broken bridge, from which you get to the wall... and eventually... you get here and.. freedom! :) 

Looking forward to updates, I pretty much went everywhere, and it was cool that, despite the castle gate being closed, you can jump on the walls and roofs and get to the top. :) 

Hey. Please don't say sorry about the bugs, I know it happens. :) I just wanted to mention it since it was the only thing I encountered and I hope it can be replicated so you squash it easily. I'm glad you like the video. I think you have a good base with the alpha, and I bet that ice fortress in the background will look great. ;) 

If a crowdfunding campaign is the option you go with maybe we can do an interview while it's live. In any case, when you have time and want to share more, we should sit down and talk. :)