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From Scratch to Riches... I mean C, heck yeah! :) And I think it's great if this is his first p&c since it can be special on multiple levels - first game of this genre, that's one, made by family that's two, 2D graphics so he has a good example of the visual style & the quality & detail possible, that's three. I mean, he may not get all humor but that would be the case regardless. 

Hehe, glad the video helped. What did he think if the game? Does he already want to become a developer? :)

Top game of AdvJam 2021. Putting this here in case people got stuck.... in time. :) 

A nice difficulty curve.. there was one puzzle which I didn't fully understand but the Gods smiled upon me and I did get to finish the demo. I think. :)


Hi. I'll check your YT comment next. I'm sold on the world and the Chronicles, bring on episode 2! :)

Yeah, Fred better watch out, or I'll tell MOM! :) 

Full playthrough if anyone is stuck. There's lots of things to discover in the demo, really liked the death scenes, the humor, the visuals. I'm coming for you koala! :)


A dramatic & intriguing intro to what I hope to be a series. Fabian has some big shoes to fill, & quite a quest on his hands.

As promised - bug encounters & all cause it's more ... visceral. :)


Heh, sleep always wins. Playthrough video coming tomorrow... :) Looking forward to the update. 

Lovely artwork and a nice play. Would be cool to see more in this universe, either pre exodus or post landing. :)


This deserved a higher place in the jam because the knight can definitely weave a narrative like no other. I don't know if he can say anything that's even 75% true. :)


It's not my best work but I remember a puzzle like that from a game I played maybe 6-8 months ago. So I had a vague idea of how I needed to start. It might not look pretty but it works... pretty much like all patch work back in the Iron Curtain days. And after. :)

Hehe, glad the pronunciation was okey. For the thumbnail I said I had to have cake in there.. and the rest... fell into place naturally. :)

A funny & properly-absurd adventure. The ending was especially funny cause it's so true. Really cool work. Sorry for the pronunciations... I looked things up but still... sorry. :) 


Okey, couldn't wait, who needs sleep right? So... for me it wasn't too difficult to get Shado stuck, you can see three of the instances in the image. Also there (lower right image) it seems the girl didn't pick up that item off the floor after the stand got burnt.
- Shado's movement needs some tweaking. The acceleration makes Shado fly at times. :) 
- the Girl, maybe there can be an icon that shows she picked something up, cause for example, the feather, I didn't notice that was what changed with the hat so using the feather just happened by chance. 

Also, I'm not sure if one has to find three notes cause I only found two... didn't get to try anything with the house that needs a key, and the band started playing. 

Overall, the artwork, the visual style, the music, all really cool. The puzzles not too difficult. It will be interesting to see story elements too, and understand how those two levels are connected, and how the Girl and Shado have ended up a team. Keep up the good dev work. Looking forward to updates. :)

Downloaded, will play tomorrow. No promises on a video but that is in plan at this stage. :) 

That would be awesome! :) 

Lovely game, great work in the jam! The pixelart is sweet and I liked the smooth difficulty curve. Are there any plans for more levels? 


Ah, thank you for confirming that, yeah, I checked the gameplay video on YouTube after an hour and a half of playing and, I had a hunch those light refractors need to be aligned but spent 40+ minutes on that second one and just couldn't get it right. You can't win them all, still made for a nice post on Locals . :) 

Maybe one day I'll open that vault. It's a cool project even not getting to the end. :)

Glad you like the video. Any new gaming projects in the works? :)

One quick question, once realigning the pipes, does the pump do something? Does the pressure rise or is there something else that needs to be done? 

Played DW when it was put up initially but had some issues. The latest update, it says tiny but it made a BIG change and I was able to finish it. Really nice work. :)

So close to that raise. Still, the journey was fun & it's cool to try the different types of characters. :)

Ah, summer vacation, have a good time. :) 

Ah, right, thank you for the swapping away suggestion. Maybe RoboHitman will make a comeback into view and you'll be able to add the things you planned initially. :)

What's next, new game project for a different course? :)

Oh.. twice now the... 

... the bucket with acid & rat poison disappeared when clicking it. 

Worked on the third try though so.. it was nice. Any new Marg adventures planned? Or a continuation of the search for Captain Hookfoot?

I played build 0.4.2. Did I miss it or is there no option yet to uninstall modules? Cause I got the Granny 3000 installed and I think I was misled by the advertising, it's not exactly what a hitman would want. :) 

Yeah, I'm definitely going to play everything you're going to release. Bunny Splash Casino coming out this year would be big. :)

This is going to turn into an all-out war between rabbits and turtles. :) 

This was a nice challenge. Great work in the jam, the visual style stands out, the movement is good... I wish I could have done some damage in addition to taking back the trophy and medals. :)

Hey, yeah, I got all the beams fired but that bridge didn't load properly. Eh, still the journey was fun. :)

Played it live and it's been a fun time where you can really appreciate being a Titan and not dying like the poor, fire-less humans. :)

Glad you liked the video. I just realized it was set to unlisted, it's premiering now. So everyone can find it and see it! Grunva for ALL! 

A nice introduction to the game world. The (giant) surprise at the end was sweet. I don't trust Shade and Sire is a little cheeky diva but she's cool. Lumia is either depressed or very lazy... I wonder what her home world looks like. :) 


You are right that I did learn new things playing. :) I could use some DOGE too though... it's okey, knowledge is power! 

I had to look up Bunny Splash Casino, and the artwork is great. Are you planning a demo for later this year? Oh, and also, I played Townseek too, and it was lovely. I hope you're considering doing more projects in that world cause it was delicious. :)

Great pixerlart and the twists were the cherry on top. Awesome work in the jam. I don't know why Marilyn was so mean talking about the dev team in the portrait room. :)


English texts in-game please? :)

Glad you liked it. :)

Any possibility for a downloadable build?