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Cryptic Hybrid

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It's been a cool time playing. Something tells me though that Mörteus'money problems have not ended yet.  


Under 3 minute speedrun? This is just insane. :)

Here's another review: If penguins what to go up mountains then they should learn how to fly. :) 

Really cool demo, hoping to see more of the mountain. :) 

I think I need more cake. And more dragons cause they are so cute. :) 

Awww, thank you. :) 

Cool puzzles & a nice difficulty curve. The world has this subsided uneasiness... I liked it. :) Keep up the good work! 

First, make sure you catch Herman watching... adult content. And then, maybe try one of the masks in the shop... 

I couldn't escape. But I tried... 

This was disturbing. That being said, good puzzles, a good pacing and build-up. I'm not the same man after playing this... 

Cute visuals, there seems to be quite a problem with picking up items though. Started over several times, only managed to actually get the cup for the ghost once, every other time the item would disappear but not be in the player character's hand. The beer keg same thing.

The hoodie was the only item that consistently worked, you could pick it up, drop it, pick it up, without issues.

You will survive, you're making a game about death, you can't have that irony happen. :) 

Hey! How is development going? :)

Very nice and polished for a prototype. Great visuals, fun concept. I definitely would like to see a full release. :) 

Challenging and fun. I'm not a great ninja but I can appreciate the quality of Ninja Scroller. And the pixelart... so so so sweet. :) 

This makes me want to go back in time to the late 80s & play more text parser games. :) 


Haven't played the first episode so this was my first meet with Clotilde. And it makes me want to play the first game too. It's been fun playing, & the ending makes me look forward to the next episode. :) 

Amazing visuals, good gameplay, & a story that I definitely want to uncover. Keep up the awesome work, got another wishlist on Steam. :) 


I got sooo close to making it, there were so many vermin I couldn't breathe! Hoping to see this turned into a full fledged commercial release. :)

:) Aww. Enjoy Reminiscence in the Night.

Very cool demo which entices for the full release. I want all those books read & the whole village to come get some help. :) 

Amazing art & an intriguing story, looking forward to the full release. And I hope we'll be able to pet the lomri. :) Maybe even get one as a pet. 

Heck yeah! Moar! :)

Impressive is an understatement. From the visuals to the gameplay, hats off to the dev team. I hope you'll be able to take this and make a commercial game. More shroom & more gloom please. :) 

Hey, awesome, I gotta check out the new demo too. Great work so far. :) 

A nice prototype with a good difficulty curve. It's been fun figuring out the solutions. Poor clones though... poor clones... 

Very cool demo and incredible pixelart. The pacing of the combat I think stands out since it's not about clicking as fast as possible, it's about timing based on incoming blows and resources available so, I like it.
Sad to see the demo go but looking forward to the full release. :) 

Yeah, they are clever at holding presents for ransom. :) 

Cute and fun. I tried playing both with the controller and keyboard, both worked well, I prefer the mouse though. More Pebble please. :) 

Very cute adventure. And a good lesson as to what pet to choose. Always go dog. A dog eats homework not presents. :) 

Thank you. Looking forward to finding out more about IFWTE. :)

A cute intro to the game. One item I thought was a little weird to make but didn't really get stuck because of that so.. onward to the next cold fusion try! 

I'm a little rusty with swift movements, I've been playing a lot of puzzle and adventure games. :) 

This is cute and fun. It would be great to see more of... C0C... that's the name, what can I do? In the mean time I need to play the BOWLING CROSS build. :)

By tie it all together you mean have some conclusion for a few characters and leave most in a bind for a future game right? :) Cause there's so much already. 

The demo is really cute, I liked the variety of mini-games, and there's definitely a story that I'd like to see unfold. Are we the MAIN? The INVERT? :O 

Bugs love me, I have the tendency to get them out of hiding. :)

Sweet work in the jam. The perspective is definitely not conventional for a point-and-click but things went smooth. :) I wish there were more zombies to take down. 


A lovely incursion into the Perilous Wilde. Lady luck was on my side with the rolls so things were pretty smooth. :) Great work in the jam. 

A fun adventure & a story that needed to be told, especially for the younger audience who hasn't experienced life during telemarketing times. In ETF we trust. :)