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Cryptic Hybrid

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He's charming. :)

Looking forward to seeing more Rupert. :)

Short and sweet. I hope Angry Tiki will be put back together eventually :)

Fun demo. I liked that the lava isn't too in your face but still puts pressure on Jack. :) 

Already following. ;) 

Hehe, yeah, when I played before recording I got a lot of ammo in the hospital. Still managed to purge the evil. :)

Nice work, pretty solid and stable too. :)

Really nice concept. :)

I don't know if this exorcism can be done. :)

That really is an honor. Any new projects on the horizon? :)

Great work! I had to find the bonus. :)

Corgi saved, pirates defeated. Nice work. :)


Hope to see more of Trastopolis. Good work with the jam. 


It's been fun and wacky. :) 

Adorable (except for that hairy ass) and fun. Good work! :)

Second that, moar please. :)

Solid prototype, really nice work. Can't wait too see more. :)

Quite the mix, and the MI score is just... cherry on top. :)

Thanks again for getting in touch about Ambulance. I could use some better driving skills but lives were saved. :)

This game really drives your brain to having a flood of questions. Really nice work. :)

Hopefully I can play this weekend. :) 

Hey, I'm glad you like the video. I actually played a bit of CC, the beginning made me think... this is very.. Eastern European. :) 

Can't keep Downes down. I hope we'll see the next state of his adventure. :) Good work!

Movement could use tweaking but I like the idea and it would be cool to expand on Sonja's background and why she doesn't bite living things. :)

Awww, thank you! I'm glad you like it. :) 

Unexpected ending, nice gameplay. :)

This was lovely. :) The text was a little fast at times but overall, really nice. Poor Dolly. 

Hey! After recording I saw after the credits you get back, found the door of many many keys, just didn't get to open it... too many keys... :) 

Downloading.. I'll play after the livestream. :) #workWorkWorkWork 

Place pretty good, can't wait for more. :)

Great, thank you. :)

Really nice work, from artwork to movement.

Any chance for a download too? 

I have to go back and save the chickens. One day... :) 

As promised on Twitter, video is up and.. well, I didn't steal.. much. Good work, good luck with the KS! :)

Good demo, a little disturbing and definitely a lesson against mixing alcoholic drinks. Bring on the full release! :)

Rename the data folder. :)

That was... odd. But cool. And odd. :)

Seedlings looks lovely, can't wait to spread the word about the campaign. Early 2019 sounds good, avoid the holiday season when people are spending money on loads of other things. :)