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Cryptic Hybrid

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Gave it the ol' college try but long jumps apparently are not my forte. 

An interesting concept. It was fun playing, especially when NOT getting caught by the ghosts. :)

Hi. You know, while playtesting I did experiment with sliding, but I got to eat quite a few bullets so I thought it was safe to keep my distance. :) 

Very sweet work. I liked that there were so many interaction options. :)

Any chance for an English translation? 

Don't say sorry, you've been updating the game constantly. :)

Really interesting idea and some tough choices to make. Looking forward to the full release. :)

Hey. The framerate drop was right away as enemiesstarted spawning, I didn't get to clear any room. 

For me the frame counter was under 25 as soon as enemies appeared so, waiting patiently. :) 

Sweet visuals and a high amount of enemies. That cat better be worth it. :)

Good to see the speed changes, playing the initial build that was the first thing that stuck out. Second was the performance so I'll check new builds to see how things run. :) 

Really nice work, and the ending is... dare I say... classic. ;)

Great visuals and quite intense gameplay. Good luck with the Kickstarter!

The Windows download is only the EXE. We're going to need mo' files. :)

I like the mix of genres, poor Teddie though. I hope she'll see some nicer-smelling places in the next chapter.


I'm glad you like it. :) 

Nice teasing demo. When is the full release coming?

Got half-way through. It's a cool concept and the artwork is lovely. :)

Will you make new builds available through Patreon? 

Definitely has potential. I really like the visuals and the idea. Looking forward to updates. And to be able to get ice cream noodles. :)

Had an issue with the last room but overall it's been cool. Nice work. :)

Hey! For me the gamepad (wired Xbox 360) worked without problems. I was worried the inventory was too small and I can't hold everything I got but, everything was fine. Oh, I have lots of theories. Missing bunnies, Elders hiding information about the outside, Lily running away, the Warren split as to how they should handle it so... Clover to the rescue... cover op of course. :) 

First, the game is lovely, looking forward to the full release. Now, input-wise my experience was interesting. The keyboard didn't work at all but the gamepad worked fine. I'd suspect that, if there was no gamepad connected the keyboard would have no issues.

Had some issues with one puzzle but overall it's been a good experience. :)

A little bit disturbing but of course lots of fun. And nice puns too. :)

Awesome work with WNW. I hope we'll get to see Sarah's adventures in the future. :)

Had some issues on the last level but I did get to rescue all my bug friends. :) 

Sweet GIF. Happy New Year! :) 

Didn't understand all that was spoken but I guess that was fate. ;) A very cool project. 

Good work, I really liked it, especially the design of the shop. The gravity is a little rough but overall, nice job. Now when do we meet Toppy? :) 

Great work with this, it's really fun. :)

I tried it but I've had issues wit double-jumping. It's hit or miss. Sometimes it works, many times it doesn't. :) 

Lovely work with this project. It's cuteness overload. And it was fun looking for the ingredients. Who put the cream so far? :)

Looking forward to Part 2. :)

Is English supported?

It would have been cool to not start all over again when you don't pass a level. 

Wow, Marc Laidlaw, that's really awesome. :) 

I liked how she's better equipped (for exploration) than Lara in the old days. Any plans for a Minimal Raider 2 with some gun-fighting too? ;)

Happy New Year! You've got mail. ;) 

The tapes took a little to start playing but after that, nice, disturbing times, piecing everything together. Nice work. :)