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Cryptic Hybrid

A member registered 297 days ago

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Got close to finishing but... another session.. :)


Ran into a few glitches but overall it's a distinct and lovely journey... Hopefully one day I'll get to reach the top. :) 

As promised, I have returned to Paper Town to make its citizens' lives better... Took a while but... 

Had a great time flying, I just need a bigger battery. :)

I hope the prototype will turn into a full release. More Watson please. :) 

Thank you. It's been tough, the sword really makes a difference. :) 

Three playthroughs later... I think I managed to do well. :) Can't wait to see the full release. 

Developer cheats? :O Enticing... ;) 

:) I wish I reached more bosses. Are there five in GH?

Cute and fun. I hope the pre-alpha means there's an expansion in plan. :)

Challenging but of course cute. Very nice work, and it's impressive how much content GH has. :) 

Are there English subtitles?

It's working! Now, let's play... :) 

The language is English.  Input is English (US)

Downloaded the zip and... I get an error every time when I press 'Start Game'. This is the error. 

Variable objL.<unknown variable>(100024, -2147483648) not set before reading it.

at gml_Object_objPlayer_Create_0

Quick email sent. ;) 

This was the first time I defeated him. I must have died two dozen times before. Interestingly, although I prefer a sword, the one time I used the spear (in the video), it was a success. :) 
Also I gotta say it's a pretty solid build, good work with it. It doesn't 'feel' like an alpha in terms of polish and content.
If you guys feel up to it English-wise... later on we could do an interview. :) 

I couldn't believe it but I managed to finish the demo too. Skeletons rule! Can't wait to see more. :) Maybe we can talk live about DMT. 

Downloaded the demo and playing with an Xbox 360 controller, it's difficult to activate/open things. And to use doors. :| 

I checked out the alpha too (and made a video).  Died but eventually, success. :) 

It was a fun quest. :) I'm glad you like it, Goblin status achieved! :) 

Played the latest version, all worked well and... a new Goblin rose! :)

I downloaded the Windows version and... could the dialog times be lengthened a bit more? 

Quick note. The gravity/downwards force is high. The character goes down way too fast. 

I'm going back in to try and finish it. Until then, video!

That's great, thank you. Muse lives! :)

I hope Muse will get home one day. :) And that she'll find a few more tapes.

Hehe, I don't think I'm great at FPS but I am always on the move in them.

And it's done! I hope we'll get to solve its mysteries. :)

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Tried for 20 more minutes.. nothing. I did get to finish the demo though. :)

LE: New day, new try... finally got it. I'll make a video soon.

I played quite a bit and I found a bug. Once in the cave, the buttons in the lower part can't be clicked (so you need to Esc to exit). Also, that gaze linking puzzle... I don't get it. :)

Really enjoyed the demo. Looking forward to the full release. And hopefully finding out who the 'magician' is. :)

Voted on Greenlight too. I like the look, I hope there will be more skills to find. And dragons. :)

Racing, shooters, other first-person games.

I think it's more about 'unlinking' things in the mind. Cause it's clear in Rifter, but it's difficult to counter the reflex, especially when playing lots of games that use WASD.

I hope you'll get to do more. <Spoiler> needs to be avenged!

It's kind of a reflex, from playing so many games that use WASD, I always have my finger on the key. My brain could be 90% in idle and there's one neuron in there that knows - W is to move forward, so I press it a lot.

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Didn't get far with shards but I did get to full upgrade jumping. :)

Half of the time I die because I hit a wall or something... :|