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Cryptic Hybrid

A member registered 242 days ago

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Dammit that was a fun game. :)

What can I say, lovely, adorable, and the ending was... definitely unexpected. If people don't mind spoilers, I made a video. :)

So many asteroids, I think they are alien ships in disguise. :)

I got to play the demo too, and made a video. I think Bernard will be in that house forever. :)

I dared to start playing on Normal difficulty but eventually I learned the ropes on Easy. :)

I like the bite-sized levels and the weapon variety. :) Two more bosses to go...

I got to play the beta and made a video. Nice work with PoM, voted on Greenlight too. I hope to see it in full on Steam. :)

I almost got through all the levels. Can't wait to see more. Do the other car models make a difference in terms of speed/handling?

I got to play and record a video. Didn't figure out how to 'return' the cat but it's probably something I need to experiment with. Looking forward to the full release. And maybe a more powerful Vlad. :)

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I played through the demo and made a video. I'd like to see how things progress and what 'it' is.

I don't know if I found everything but I enjoyed playing and recording. :)

As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to try it. :) #3beards4FullRelease

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Lovely little experience. I hope you'll get to make it into a full game. :)

What? Hmm.. have to play again. :)

Live from a crime scene with Inspector Waffles. :)

Cool game. ;)

Really fun game. I got to be champion. My brain will never be the same though. :)

Thanks for sharing. The bagpipes, just a tad quieter. :)

I played it in full. It's fun, the controls are pretty good, the music is really sweet, just the bagpipes are too loud at times.

I got up to 12. It's really though with three games at the same time. Still easier then talking to new people at a party... I guess. :)

Okey, so.. maybe someone died on my watch. But to be fair, too many people wanted burgers so... :)

Played through the demo and voted on Greenlight. I think Evergrow is cute and approachable. :)

Answered the call too, and defeated Loki! Somehow though I think he's going to make a comeback. :)

I wonder where the river will take our hero next. :) Maybe to a dark castle cause I think we have a vampire on our hands.

For me the character was 'stuck' facing left or right. No matter where I moved the mouse, nothing happened. When I dodged that was the only time when the character changed his orientation. Sorry I don't have a video, I wasn't recording at that time.

The character is a little slippery. :)

I didn't get to save Bernard. But I tried, and made a video. :)

Is there a way to run in fullscreen?

I played the demo, had a lot of fun. And of course proceeded with voting on Greenlight. :)

The download is only the executable. It needs the Data folder too. :)

Hi I'm glad you like the video. The comments towards the end were speculation, thinking out loud. I can't wait to see where you take Clarisse. :)

First game? Wow, really great work. I like the story elements, it adds to the world, and it's an extra incentive to play and explore th levels even further.

I didn't see that decoder, that's so cool. :)

Thank you for putting my video up on the page. :)

Hi! Looking forward to v0.2. ;)

I played through the demo too. I think I missed an email but other than that, I think I did okey as an AI :) . Is the good doctor... alright?

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Played this build too, really looking forward to the full release. :)

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Hi! I played the build, and made a video. I'd like to see more weapons, and also if possible, for the whole game world to me 'voxel-y'.

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New error this time... :( https://s27.postimg.org/tfquhtn83/error.jpg

Freakin' deadlines. :) Gotta say though, no errors, no glitches, it's a stable game.

Does this build contain only World 1? Cause I get a 'completed' message when trying to run World 2 and an error when clicking World 3.