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Cryptic Hybrid

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Oh, I don't really use Instagram but yeah email works.. contact [_at_] . :)

Can't wait to see more. Are you working on a bigger project? Or are the next games going to be similar in scope? 

Another good puzzle game, had a fun time with it. Something tells me there are more octagons to discover in this construction. 

Great work in the jam, this is fun. On my second playthrough, the one in the video, I managed to find all the ... secret goodies. Getting all the crystals would definitely be an even tougher challenge. :)

A sweet idea and a fun game, great work in the jam. I hope there will be more Laser Guy adventures. :) 

This is an impressive project. The visuals, the city's style... I wish there were more lore snippets to find. :)

Shooty & Zaat are adorable, they break the 4th wall, & they seem the most normal characters in this crazy world. :)

Intrigued by the setting, looking forward to seeing more of the lab and other... creations. :)

This is a cool demo, it was funny seeing some familiar things, especially the Vietnamese creme. Can't wait to see more, keep up the good work! :)


This is a cute concept, that pharaoh is such a stalker. I hope she's not going to send scarabs after us. :)

Played the prologue & I like the concept, the voxel visuals work really well, I almost want printed versions of every monster. :) 

Really liking the concept, looking forward to more missions & powers. And maybe a concert after finishing this Egypt mission. :)

This was really cute, few tough spots going up the mountain but overall lovely. I hope there will be more Nur adventures. :)

This was pretty good, a nice progression, lots of things to craft and still got to go home. :)

An interesting world that I definitely want to delve deeper into and the visuals, just amazing. I hope you'll get to build a full 30 Birds. :)

This was really cool, I wish it was longer. The world is so weird but sweet at the same time. :)

The setting & humor are spot-on and the secret element is intriguing, really good work so far. :)

It can be tough to break the 4th wall, I do remember a game making files in certain locations and having you look there to find a solution to an in-game puzzle. With the camera, maybe some play with filters could alleviate security concerns? Regardless, looking forward to seeing where the story goes. :)

An interesting demo, with good puzzles, a nice built-up story-wise too so it makes you want to see more. I wasn't a fan of it using the webcam without user consent, that was creepy to say the least. 

After finishing the demo the webcam came on and just stayed on so that was.. troubling. Maybe it's always on while in the menu? 

Glad you liked the video, I did have a good time with Lyto, that's why I want to see more. :)

Lyto is cute and quite skillful, I wish there was an end with the tea party. Good work with this project. :)

This was a great surprise release. Poor Billy he's just trying to do good. Hopefully he's getting his guitar back and some new adventures ;) . 

An eerie atmosphere, can't really tell what's real or not so.. looking forward to Chapter 2. Quintus deserves some cheese, he's so helpful. :)

Hats off to the team who worked on Syndesi, it's so sweet & definitely makes you want to see more. Ni'lah is adorable. :)

The visual style and audio create a really eerie atmosphere, it's like at every step you expect to be jumped by something. Really nice work.

Played the beta too and I like it. It has potential, the pixelart is sweet, I want to see more of the second companion. :)

Like Mulder... I want to believe. ;)

For anyone interested in a playthrough... Looking forward to seeing more of the story. :) 

I sense a lot of family drama at the dinner Sid is going to. But I'm sure things will be alright in the end. :)

Following. :)

I hope you got great grades for this, cause the project is amazing. Keep up the awesome work, looking forward to more concerts & more of this world. 

Easy to pick up, with a good difficulty curve. Really nice work. :)

Looking forward to the full release, the puzzles are good, and I definitely want to see more of the story. :)

Hey Andi, it's okey, as long as I know our hero is safe it's okey. :) I enjoyed the journey, let me know if you have any new projects. Maybe a sequel? ;) 

A little sad but also fun, and I have to admit, the cats are adorable. :)

A cool demo, I can't wait to see more of the town and get that lifeguard position. :) 

Really cool platformer, gets your neurons rolling quite fast. :)

Hey, glad you liked the video. I'm definitely going to play future updates. :) 

Is it possible to simp for Simp-kun? Cause I want him to be happy... but I don't know if stacyTron will be the one. This is deliciously-funny, keep up the good work! :)

Lovely demo, can't wait to see more of these... Alchemists... :)