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Cryptic Hybrid

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Lovely artwork and quite the quirky dialogue and voiceover. :) 

I hope you will build a full release cause this project is sublime. :) 

Cool project, I burned ALL the things. :)

So all I had to do is click once on the door? Pfft... 

Not sure if I missed something but if I didn't OMG, what happened to Iva? :) 

Pulling some heart strings with this one.. until I got to a bug I think where, if you don't talk to the guy at the diner about the tow truck you don't have the mechanic showing, and you end up stealing the RV. Breaking the law... for two. :) 

Played the May 27th build.. not sure if there was something else to do after finding the... bigger wreck.. but some quick feedback. Good to hear some audio, I really like the cutscene artwork but it seems like the rest is not at the same quality level. 

The journal is nice, I would have liked the drawing to be bigger. Also, would like more interaction options, more conversations and just observations on the things in the world. Oh, and it's a little weird that closing the journey screen resets the character's position. :) 

I see lots of areas that need improvement but at the same time I see potential and I'm interested in what the story will bring, what they'll discover, I want to know more about the rest of the characters and the world in general so.. keep at it. 

Oh, yeah, downloading it now. Thanks for telling me. :) 

I'll check out the new build. Keep up the good work! :)

I'm interested to see where the story will go. And hoping there will be more interactivity. :)

There were several areas, I think it was because of trying to 'blink' to the edge of a rock, and the character kinda fell a bit and was stuck next to the edge, in the air. No enemies involved, with enemies I only got them to either kill me or attack me and not do any damage. :)

Finally got to play today and had so much fun I streamed it. Lovely work. Kato is adorable and such a good boy. :)

Easy to pick up and lovely. Really nice work with this project. :)

Got stuck multiple times in rocks. I do like the concept so.. I'll wait for updates. :) 

A fun prototype, I'd like to see how it continues. So many gnomes... :)

I so want more levels for each game. QIU Reloaded in plan? :)

Cute project, I wish it was longer and had more puzzles. :) 

This is lovely. From the visual style to the music to the cute interactions with the world. Bring on the full release. :) 

Quite a dramatic end but a passionate journey along the way. Really nice work. :)

Definitely not in Kansas anymore. I think I'll need a hat with a mounted gun against the grabby eyes. :) 

A good start, I really like that you can upgrade buildings and I hope there will be relationship improvements as you talk and do missions for other villagers. :)

Really fun game, played on the PC but I'm guessing the mobile version would be just as cool. 

It's been fun doing bite-sized missions, can't wait for the full release. Keep up the sweet work! 

Really cool combining tomes. Definitely needs several playthroughs to find all the goodies. Nice work! :)

Sweet project, really nice work in the jam. :)

Hehe, glad you liked it. And I do want to see more... and find out what that hidden head does. :)

This is lovely, the musical devices are weird and fun to play around it. Really nice work. :)

I tried the game today and got stuck near the closed chest to the side of the first NPC encountered. This happened after I got the skeleton key, I approached the chest and my character just wouldn't move from this spot shown. The camera would go up/down a little when pressing movement keys and I could go into detective mode but yeah.. still stuck. :)

Don't get me wrong, I'd get ALL the gun upgrades too, but from previous plays I learned that the more mercs I kill, the harder things get. :)

I didn't actually expect to finish , to beat the game but things went great. I'd suspect you can do it even without gun upgrades. Great work in the jam, it's a pretty solid experience. Can't wait to see updates. :)

Pink and erratic, looked like a good fit. :)

Cool demo, lengthy and fun. :) 

Short but shows potential. Looking forward to updates. Bring on more demons! And maybe a flat screen TV to purchase. :)

Hey, I'm glad you liked the video. I was definitely impressed by IC.. how was this made in a weekend? Mind blown. :)

Fun game, and a good difficulty curve. :)

Great work for the jam. The artwork especially is amazing! :)

Love will make you do... bloody things... :) 

And so.. the ferret won! Those dogs were the toughest enemies. :)

Can't pause the pink. I wish we knew what's on the data pickups. :)

Sweet puzzles and companions. Really nice work! :)