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Cryptic Hybrid

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Interested to see how the story progresses and what Vela will do. Sweet work so far. :) 

I didn't think it would happen but I did get to finish. Praise my sniper buddy. :)

Some people in 99 were lip-synching to I want it that way but... I guess others were... not. This was a little disturbing. :)

A lot of warping to do.. maybe a few warps too many. :) I did like the messages and the visuals are definitely trippy. 

I had to see what was behind that door. :) 

Really nice work with this build. The pacing was especially good. Bring on the Kickstarter. :)

Oh, and Youtuber-related note, got a copyright claim on the video from the omnipresent AdRev for 'Running From Danger - 3 Min Fadeout 2 - HDMN '. That delayed publishing the video by... half a day. 

Had a good time with it, some clues are sneaky and sweet. :) Good work!

Likes the level design. Any plans for a future update? To bring the easter egg? ;)

This is a pretty solid base, lots of options for production, looking forward to updates. :)

Nice idea and some pretty solid gameplay. :) 

Got to play the alpha and I think I found a bug. Cause that power orb was gone and yet I could still progress. It would be cool to have some abilities to unlock, spice up the smashing. :)

Glad you like it. :) 

I tried the demo and made a video too. The controls are good, I think the voxel visuals work great. I just wish I could destroy more things... like the trees and mushrooms and such. Keep up the good dev work. :)

I suspect the robots have stolen the blueprints. I hope we'll get to see if that's true in a future update. :)

So... waiting for the next update. I can do that. :) 

Thank you, gotta befriend them all.  :) 

The game is lovely, and the creatures are really cute. Managed to crack the secrets of quite a few. Really nice work. :)

A few collision tweaks would be nice but overall it's a nice game. :)

Okey, got to play and I liked the environment. Finally bugs that are actual features. :) 

Some polish here and there would be nice, but even more... extra levels. Hope they are in plan, I'd like to reach the moon. :)

I was promised perfection but... I think I have to return that head-thingie. :)

Eh.. running the exe launches Steam and goes to the Bummertown page.

Hey! Of course it's okey to share, spread the coolness. I'm glad you like the video it.. well apart from those creepy losers making an appearance. ;) 

Well that was a tragedy. Not for the vulture though, I bet it had a feast. :)

It's okey, did anyone else encounter this?

Sorry, still not working for me, gray screen and music even with the latest version. 

Glad I could help, it was a hoot. ;) Waiting for more. 

I played and went through both... options (only one in the video) and I think it was quite a bit easier to take the non-empathic road. Also, Caps Lock for walking was a bit weird, at least I needed an adjustment period. Overall, the visual style, the audio, the story... super-enticing. Bring on the Kickstarter, we should do a live interview during the campaign. :) 

I have an Xbox 360 controlled connected at all times.

Looking forward to seeing the panda play a harmonica. :) 

The story is... quite a bit disturbing, but I liked the end (not spoiled in here). :) 

Sweet, great work getting updates out. :) 

I think you've done really well so far, I'm hopeful the full release will be awesome. Keep up the good dev work! :) 

This came out of nowhere for me but I've been having fun so, went straight for a livestream. :) 

Played through the whole demo but this record is not all to not spoil things. It's a cool game, I like the story and.. yeah.. can't wait to see more. :)

Hey, I downloaded the Win build, ran it, but I only get a gray screen (the music plays but that's about it). 

It's been fun, nice work. :) 

I think the download has the web build? 

I don't know how Holden got into the cool kids class. That aside, this was intriguing. Can't wait to see more. :)

One thing that's not in the video, it happened during playtesting.. I went with Lo-Gen to the electrified area (before turning the power off) and it went through the floor, and was stuck under the map. :)