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Cryptic Hybrid

A member registered 356 days ago

Recent community posts

Can't wait to see the full release. It's been a good challenge. :)

A cute quest, somehow I think it was a mirage... ;) 

After playing through a few times I still feel I'm missing something... Something that will result in freedom. :)

I'm definitely playing, I think my prolonged stay in the house may be detrimental to my health. :) 

I agree with Mister, I see potential. I'd like to see more tension and puzzles. :)

Fun gameplay, I hope the KS is successful. :)

The ending was... I blame CATS! Another sweet LD creation PB team. :) 

Hehe, no, not my creation. I'm not that great at drawing peacocks. :) 

Not the best at learning moves but I do want t help Birb on its quest. :)

Had a nice time playing... Died a few too many times on one level but overall... a good start of a crusade. :)

Ah.. teenagers... So much drama. :) 

It was a fun adventure, I still think bringing those... things back is going to be a problem :)

Challenging and with potential... Now let's go back to.. take came of some unfinished business with a certain flying individual :)

Lovely work. And no spikes so.. :) 

I like the visuals, the idea.. But damn it KOed my brain big time. :) 

Sweet, looking forward to that. :)

I like the visual style. I hope those settlements will have NPCs too. :) And more enemies.

Initially I thought the soldiers would arrest me but damn, they're really trigger happy. 

Really nice work, lots of character to the world. I hope the developers got top grades for it. :)

I think BG has potential. The visuals, the controls are good, Weapon variety is promising... I hope you get to make it into a full release. :) 

Downloading 1.2. I'll play it again. :) 

I like the teleportation mechanic. Really interested in what you're working on now. :)

I think that's a very sensible position. The more people know about SR and the more people can play a fun, solid build when the KS happens, the better your chances. :) 

Thanks to the tip... got to finish and make a video. :) The boss was... quite surprising. Good gameplay, really nice work. 

I played version 1.1

So many questions after playing... :) Were the tips supposed to have more information? 

Can Dustlands be played solo? 

Nice demo... I can't wait to see who'll be... sacrificed. :)

Hey, I'm glad you like the video. And thank you for the explanations, they will come in handy in future attacks. First, I'll want to unlock the second map. 

I prefer the range attacks but I'll get melee characters more tries. And yes, a bazooka would clean up pigeons nicely I think. Looking forward to updates. I hope the pigeons that use YouTube subscribe to my channel although I think they would just want to come and make nasty comments. :) 

So many pigeons... I just need that unlimited ammo upgrade. :)

I was using WASD. It's easier to go for that when having to use the mouse too. 

Harambe sent me here to post this video. Like if you are GameMaker dev. :) 

Had a few issues the firs time I played but things were smoother after that. It was a lovely adventure. :)

Got to play and record a video. I was unlucky with the anglows but second time's the charm.. :) 

Got an error unzipping. There's an issue with the archive.

Hi! You know, after getting penalized quite a few times destroying things (okey, and sometimes killing people) I was focused on not shooting anything except enemies. Using Q is a little odd to me... Initially I was thinking it's a lean - Q & E for left & right, but the mouse movement put me off using it. :) 

Tried the demo and made a video too... Found the red keycard after recording... :)

I'm glad you like the video and I can't wait to try the other potions. Fingers crossed for a TMA 2. ;) 

I feel like I missed something but I did get to find the magician. I was surprised by what I found. :) Are you thinking of expanding TMA? 

It's quite the rush during combat. Congrats on doubling your KS goal. :)