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Cryptic Hybrid

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Nice visuals, it will be cool to see more. Good luck with the KS campaign!

Really fun.. the reaper fight was.. abrupt for me. But still, great work. :) 

Hey, I didn't think it was slow paced, I liked looking around the office... the CAT OMG, THE CAT! :) 

Got me a few times, good pacing too. Nice work. That cat thought... FREAKY... or FRHEAKY. :)

Hey, I'm glad you like it. I really thought you played trick with the knight line... hiding the clue in plane sight. :) I can't wait to see the next escape rooms you create. 

The camera movement is... headache-inducing. :)

Cool game, really nice work. Impressive visually for sure and some good puzzles. :)

The visual style is not very consistent, the character and first level looks so different from the Town. 

This is cute and fun. And OF COURSE the Pitgirls want so many gifts. Living in a material world... :)

Hey, I'm glad you like the video. Please free to share, and thank you for subscribing. I can't wait to see what you'll have for the cat. :)

Looking forward to the future. ;) 

Pretty nice demo. Good luck with the KS! I hope in the full game the cat will help somehow. :)

Really sweet artwork and... a mysterious.. everything else. :)

This is one high dose of fun, awesome work! And it's just as cool when you try to do headshots and when avoiding every single person until the end. :) 

Really great progress since the build I played 5 weeks ago. Visually better, story elements, extra challenge for the puzzles, awesome work! :) 

Cute alpha. Made me think of My Time at Portia. Can't wait to see more. :)

Cute and quirky, the art is lovely and there's lots potential. And I like that you can attack pretty much everyone. :)

Oh, thank you for explaining. Mixing colors is fun, and quite challenging at times. Looking forward to updates. :) 

That was.. quite dark. And intriguing. 

Good pacing with this demo, I can't believe it's been almost two years since first playing an TA build. Bring on the full release. :)

Hi, I tried the build and, as the title says, I've encountered a problem with the sword, more specifically, after getting the bow and shooting a few things with that, I switched to the sword but I couldn't attack. Clicking did nothing. The bow worked, I could aim and shoot, but the sword, nothing.

Glad you like it, and yes, fast like a Beheaded Kamikaze... :) 

This was really fun, great work. :) 

Really interesting idea, sweet work.

Hey, just tried the changes to the settings... same error, I'll download the update and try that later today. 

Getting this error when starting. Interestingly, I can still get in the options menu if I move the error window away. :)

Hey, and yeah, I definitely want to play the Steam release. :) 

Really fun prototype, I bet the EA release will be crazy. :)

Lovely work, the case of the missing jam has been solved! :)

Sweet concept and challenging quite often. :)

Precious is a voice of reason. :)

I was surprised by the demo release but I had to play right away and.. not disappointed. It's adorable, fun, and of course looks amazing. Can't wait for the full release. :)

Still brought the green and I think Yggdrasil has been saved. :) 

Not sure about an ending but the concept is cool, good work. :)

This is a lovely teaser. I've fallen off many times while playtesting but thankfully while recording things went smoother. Can't wait to see more. :)

Good work for the jam. Found probably the most lethal ending but... sometimes that happens. :)

Sweet and challenging at times. Now I want donuts. :)

Hey, I think the pacing was good because of having fewer characters, it helps get accustomed to the mechanics. And yes, of course, please share the video, that would be awesome.

And your English is good. :)

Thanks for providing more details, I didn't actually realize they get provoked. It seemed that, anytime I would get close, even if not attacking, they would chomp on my granite feet. 
Oh, and I saw the change in sprite, I just thought there was something else added, like higher resistance or such. If there will be update, I'll take on those rats again. :)

Managed to finish and.. well, the rat area was frustrating (infuriating even) but.. but.. the mystery of the ghost got me hooked so... Mo' ghosts, less rats. :)