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Cryptic Hybrid

A member registered Aug 30, 2016

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What can I say? All PBS jam games are #mustPlay . :)

Got to shop too and got $1680 worth of goods. :) Fun game, nice work!

I was so close to a perfect show... eh, next episode. :)

Great work with CD. It's a lovely game. Sequel please? ;)

Will a Windows build also be available? 

Didn't get to unlock all the weapons in this run but I had fun. :) 

Replied to Hannah in Feedback

Hey! If you go all-keyboard that can work too. Mouse input is more precise but that depends if you need it. 

Have a fun, productive week! :) 

I liked the twist, would have been great to get more interactivity with the environment. :)

Posted in Feedback

Hey Hannah. I played through the build, didn't have any technical issues so, straight to feedback. I like the visual style, it has this feel of someone drawing out of memory to tell a story. So the main characters are very detailed but others elements are not because it's been a long time.
I think Jane's animation needs work since she's quite stiff. Also the white box where you click that can be done away with. More interactivity would be good, of course I understand the content is limited right now.. for future reference. :)

More importantly though is the control scheme. Maybe you can choose to focus on either having only mouse or only keyboard input. I think all mouse can work well, you click on points of interest, on where you walk, you click on dialog options. Just thinking out loud. :) 

Keep working on your project, I'd like to see how the story progresses. :) 

I don't know how the idea for the game about but hats off, it's a very promising project. :) Moar please!

I don't think you need professional help. You need more time to explore more of Jeremy's story... and the parts of your brain that created everything. :) 

Lovely and disturbing. I hope for more Jeremy adventures. Even if they give me nightmares. :)

Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see the full release. :) 

I'm liking the potential. Nice work with the visuals. :) 

I think Poe needs some professional help. Can't wait to see the chapters. :

Downloaded! Don't say sorry, things happen, no biggie. I saw the KS page, that's how I got to the demo. :) Now let's play some WR....

Will be available in 2019? :) 

Played through the chapters and made a video with feedback, thoughts, and.. well.. deaths. :) 

Aggressive schedule. Looking forward to trying the UC alpha this week. :)

I want to see both Rise of the Unreaps and UC. And I'd definitely like to try the UC alpha. Will Commander be available in an Early Access-like fashion? Or do you want it launched in full before RotU?

:) Looks great. 

Downloaded, can't wait to check it out right now. :)

Got to play too. Eerie atmosphere. :)

Happy you like it. Can we haz moar Chook & Sosig? ;) 

I'm glad you like it, I'll check out the bindings now. :) 

Linking the visual variety and the puzzles based on the three powers. Quick note, it said 'controller connected' but my Xbox 360 gamepad didn't work.

I think someone has been tricked by a Nigerian prince. C&S are cute as always. Cow too of course. :)

Posted in HELLEN comments

Is there any chance to get some WASD love? :) 

Fun and feline-y. Good luck with the Kickstarter! :)

Oh, sorry, I just had to walk closer to the camera to get the arrow for exiting. :)

Not sure it's a bug but I can't exit the cafe. :)

Thanks for watching. I didn't plan on going so long but Lightweaver does hook. :) 

Managed to finish and I kinda wish I could take Mari home. :)

Missed one honeycomb but overall it's been a good ride. Bear is always grumpy though....

I died first and then yes... :) 

Second playthrough and I think I can play a few more times to find new things. :) . 

I think it's time for another run. ;) 

So close to rescuing the hazelnut... so close... :)

Aliens? ;)