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Now this right here is a fine example of telling a story without needing to tell a story. Having us walk around and discover things on our own is a darn great way of painting a very eerie picture.

On top of that, the look of the game, the subtle use of sounds and lighting and the lingering sense of dread just made this a top-notch spookalicious experience!

Keep up the amazing work, this one really blew me away! =)

A very intriguing little tutorial! I have to come straight out and say that the design is gorgeous, everything looks so darn nice!

I ran into a few wee glitches, but nothing that can't be fine tuned as the updates go along. The characters are very endearing, although I found it was hard to keep up with the fireside chat near the end of the demo, perhaps the player should have a bit more control when it comes to how quickly that dialogue moves along!

All in all it looks very promising, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes along in future updates. So keep the awesome work! =)

Oooh, well this mystery is certainly mysterious! This is a great little demo, it really whets the appetite and leaves me wanting to know what happens next!

The style is great. I'm loving this old school revival, utilising the pixelated look, and the side-scrolling adventure game feel is awesome! The only little thing I had issues with was not realising that you have to press E to move between screens. I was wandering around like an idiot (which is nothing new for me to be honest haha!) for a while before I figured that one out!

Keep up the awesome work everyone, can't wait to dive back into this one once there's more to be uncovered =)

Ah, this was an experience! I didn't fully realise at first that the text was changing on each whirl around the room, but once I did notice that I really got sucked in.

I find myself really related to any narrative games like this, I tend to get lost in my own ramblings too (which is why a lot of this video is me blurting out my own opinions and life experiences on certain things... some of which actually kind of relate to what I'm playing!).

I have to comment on the look of it too, considering it's just a serious of snapshots of someone's life in one apartment / office, it looks great, and the subtle differences on each pass around are immediately noticeable, which just speaks volumes about the level of detail!

Really looking forward to seeing what wondrously different idea you come up with next =) keep up the awesome work!

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Wow. This was an experience! I had absolutely no idea where this game was going to go from one second to the next and by the end I was left breathless, overwhelmed and little sweaty (erm, sorry... too much info!).

Honestly though, the retro style was delightful, the red herrings and being led from one room to another like I was taking part in some merry dance and then that ambiguous ending all tied together to make one heck of a game!

Really looking forward to seeing what you have in store next for us, keep up the amazing work! =)

You guys are crazy. And I mean that in the nicest possible way!

When I first started playing this I honestly had no idea what I was doing, but as I trawled backwards and forwards, slowly figuring out each thing, I was taken aback at the amount of thought that went into this.

Every item has a unique use, every monster is kooky and delightful, and every time you solve a puzzle you get that lovely warm feeling, like when you finish an extra-hard sudoku.

I loved the use of clay as well, and while it's not the most refined claymation it's still a darn impressive feat and I know you will all improve as time goes on.

Keep up the amazing work, this was a lovely surprising treat! =)

Great concept, I've always loved games where you play as the bad guy. Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, War for the Overworld, Evil Genius... and now we can add Sea Salt to that list!

I had a blast playing through the demo, really intrigued to see where the story is going to go and which other places we get to smash up! Oh, and which other minions and apostles are heading our way too. Hope the Kickstarter target gets smashed so we get to play the full game!

Keep up the awesome work! =)

Oh this was a delight! I found myself losing my mind over every little detail I noticed. As soon as I realised the backgrounds were real pictures with animation done over the top I was 100% sold on this little treasure.

The character's unique vocalisations are adorable (I know that in some ways doing this kind of speech pattern saves on proper voice acting, but I love it all the same), and the puzzle mechanics and animations are sublime. I realllllly hope you hit your funding target on Kickstarter, I'm going to try my best to throw some money your way if I can, and I'll be keeping a very close eye on how you're getting on.

Please keep up the amazing work, we need more beauty like this in gaming =)

This is adorable! Love the character design, love the giant hand that gives our foxy hero his hat and piccolo, (mostly) love the platforming aspect of it and love having to find all the wee birds on each level before moving on!

If this becomes a full-on project I'd love to see some story woven into the mechanics between each level, perhaps some challenges aside from bird hunting and maybe some not quite as torturous jumps haha!

All in all a cracking start to what could be a cracking game! Keep up the awesome work! =)

This was delightfully challenging and really well done for the time you had to make it! The concept is excellently executed, and I could picture this as a much bigger game with a lot more challenges ahead!

Keep up the awesome work everyone! =)

Hey no worries, I had a blast!

Glad you noticed that, it took a lot of work =) it's all comics, I actually did a time-lapse video of me putting it together last year haha! 

What a great slice of bizarre fun this was! I got a tonne of giggles out of this, fantastic work for a Game Jam! =)

Keep up the awesome work!

Oh, this is so good! This is the perfect demo, it sets the scene, has you puzzling around figuring things out to show what to expect and leaves you wanting a whole lot more!

I did bump into the audio issue as well (wish I'd checked some of the comments below before bumbling around thinking there was no sound for the first quarter of an hour I was playing haha), but once I got it up and going it added even more atmosphere, which I suppose is the point is a good soundtrack!

Anywho, the game flows really nicely, it's painted a very interesting story and I cannot wait to see more from you =) keep up the awesome work!

Oh I just know these puzzles are going to make my brain melt, but I'm gonna stick with it!

The style is so good, the little sprinkles of humour are really on point and the two characters we come across are eminently likable right from the get-go. Your puzzle-creating skills are really amazing too, hard to solve but the story is intriguing enough to keep me pushing onwards.

Keep up the great work, really looking forward to seeing where you go with this! =)

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This was sooooo good! I'm always drawn to old school platform / action games, being of the Sonic and Mario generation (that seems weird to say since those guys span so many generations).

Anywho, this is adorable. And fun. And adorable. And super hard. And adorable. And a little bit frustrating. But most of all adorable. Honestly, I can't praise you guys enough, and even though I did rage quit once I felt compelled to come back and complete this small demo (mostly because I felt guilty about raging).

I am massively looking forward to seeing what become of Boneko, and I'll be keeping a very close eye on your progress! Keep up the amazing work! =)

Oh my word, this is an experience! Love the intuitive controls guide at the beginning, and then the instant hurtling of the player into a hellscape!

The atmosphere is amazing, it looks great and the pay offs are fantastic. Well worth checking out, and I certainly hope we see more. Keep up the great work =)

Love this, despite my anger! It's great how every level has 4 different modes, what a fantastic little idea that is to keep things interesting =)

Having a story to go along with the "precision platforming" (AKA rage) is a cracking addition too, makes completing every level worth it to see what happens next!

Keep up the awesome work, this was a corker! =)

This was a whole buncha fun! I appreciate that this is just in prototype mode, so I'm fully expecting you to be implementing most of the suggestions I made (a level-based system, the possibility of failing a level, tasks to be completed on each level to pass it and so on).

I'll be keeping a very close eye on the development of this one, this concept has bags of potential to be challenging, fun and addictive! Keep up the awesome work! =)

Ahh, this game looks so nice! Love the style and the feel of the whole thing. A lovely, short experience with a satisfying little ending.

I was a tad useless at the jumps at first, but this game is a great example of perseverance paying off! Glad I stuck with it! Keep up the awesome work =)

This game is crazy. But it's a good crazy! The way the narrative hops along from one random scenario to another is quite something to behold, and all the while smashing things with a hammer with some pretty nifty platform elements kicking around too.

While it's far from perfect at the moment, with some love, care and a dash more insanity this game can be something amazing! Loved the demo, can't wait for more!

Simply exquisite. An incredibly accurate (and at times moving) rendition of a trip to the shops involving a really quite excellently written twist of betrayal.

I mean... fabulous, insane, crazy stuff. Laughed a tonne and had a great time playing! Keep up the awesome work =)

Created a new topic Simply Wonderful!

This game is adorable. I love it. I want to adopt all of those cats... well, they already seem to have a good home... but I definitely want to pet all of them!

Honestly, it's astounding how much character and charm is in such a short game, this was truly wonderful to play! Awesome work =)

How can I describe this without giving too much away? Umm, it was short yet riveting! I had a super fun time with this one, there's so much nuance and story bundled into a tiny package and I loved every twisty turny second of it.

The look of it, the feel of it, the atmosphere... everything is spot on! Great work, really looking forward to seeing more of your ingenuity in the future.

Wow. I mean, I don't even know where to begin here. When I started playing I was expecting a simple experience, something quite short and pleasant.

What I got shocked me (in a good way!). A slowly-growing, world-building experience with the platforming, the subtle hints and something bigger going on in the background, Solid Snake stealth impressions and a delightfully surprising ending.

This was a great experience, and I really hope more people play this and enjoy it as much as I did. Great work, stunning!

Created a new topic Blown Away!

Wow. I mean, I don't even know where to begin here. When I started playing I was expecting a simple experience, something quite short and pleasant.

What I got shocked me (in a good way!). A slowly-growing, world-building experience with the platforming, the subtle hints and something bigger going on in the background, Solid Snake stealth impressions and a delightfully surprising ending.

This was a great experience, and I really hope more people play this and enjoy it as much as I did. Great work, stunning!

This is so different! I mean, yeah text based adventure games have been around since the dawn of time, but this one just oozes atmosphere. The whole experience was so claustrophobic and jarring I legitimately had to stop playing after a while because my mind was playing too many tricks on me.

That's how good this game is, it's a subtle thing, but it creeps into your subconscious and you start questioning every shadow, every weird new turn and every window.

Excellent game, I may come back and try to finish this game at some point, but I need to give my brain a break! Keep up the great work!

You folks are doing a great job with this one! Love the little touches like the zooming in on certain things when we're talking about them, and the way it's written is just a delight. Every character shines, even if they only have a couple of lines, and the design is simple but definitely effective.

I'm really looking forward to digging deeper into the mysteries of Pineview for sure, keep up the amazing work!

Oh boy, this game once and for all affirms that I have no sense of direction! But I love the style, very retro (which I always appreciate). Wasn't expecting Mr. Giant Head Man (is that Ogglar?) either!

I may very well give the full version a whirl one day!

Great work, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

Ahh, the storytelling aspect of horror RPG is strong with this one. You made great use of the resources at your disposal and there were a few moments that really got me.

Keep up the great work, really looking forward to seeing more of this!

Wow, the story just got deeper and deeper! Amazingly well done, I was really moved. Seeing two characters develop so much over such a short time was pretty spectacular, and I felt really close to them even though I only spent an hour with them.

You've got a real talent, and I really look forward to seeing what you come up with next! All the best for 2018! =)

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Love this game so much, it's so well-written and good humoured. Reminds me of growing up in my small hometown, and you start seeing the same old stuff every day. Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective on things from a new face!

Your storytelling style is so good, keep up the great work! =)

Well this was just super! Some of the puzzles had me caught out for a while, but once I got my thick head around them this was a rollercoaster of spoops and scares!

I'm really interested to see where the story goes from here, you've built a web of intrigue with this demo. Keep up the spooktacular work!

This game has it all, doesn't it? Cutesy characters, irreverent humour, crass humour, cultural references, Easter Eggs, bunny sacrifice, inappropriate boners... what a ride!

Keep up the amazing work, can't wait to see where this goes!

I loved this so much. A first-person shooter game with a difference indeed, spraying decorations, presents and tinsel all over the place like we've been dining on glitter all year. It looks gorgeous too, and it gave me a lovely warm Christmas feeling despite being a bit of a Grinch by all standards.

I was too poor to throw any money your way, so I did take this as a Chrimbo present, hopefully one day I can help you out with some actual cash though! Keep up the awesome work!

Ahhh, lovely Red Dwarf homage this. Loved the voice acting (has that already been said?), loved the old-school style and loved the general feel of the whole thing. Really put me in the mood for being shipwrecked, comatose and some fresh mango juice!

Created a new topic Awesome job!

Ah, I only just got around to playing this. Such a great concept, loved the style. Also love that you hit your funding target and that we get to see a full game. I'll be there front and centre for that =)

Keep up the awesome work!

I loved this, I was a big fan of a book series called "Horrible Histories" when I was growing up, and this game made me think of that. The puzzles kept things ticking along nicely and the ending really put a goofy grin on my face.

Awesome job, keep up the great work! =)

A fantastic re-imagining of your original concept, really love the new additions! The feel of the whole game is great, always that sense of lingering dread topped with the stress of maintaining your body heat and health!

Cracking work, honestly can't wait to see more great things from you! =)

Well I loved this! Charming characters, lovely backgrounds and an intriguingly whimsical story. Really looking forward to getting to the end of it, and I've voted for this game in the jam too!

Keep up the great work everyone!

This was gorgeous. Wonderfully written, open to interpretation and a nice head-scratcher of a puzzle near the end as well. Awesome stuff, loved the skewed versions of both stories and the conflicting points of view portrayed by the characters.

Keep up the amazing work! =)