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Yessss, I shall be getting and shall be playing this once again. Super excited to see this game reach even more people because more people need to play it!

Loved it. Loved all of the characters, loved the completely bonkers storylines, loved every single route (I'm still trying to decide which guy I like the most, but they're all pretty damn adorable), loved the voice acting (especially the particularly handsome-sounding guy who played Parker). I think that pretty much sums it up!

I'm not sure I've encountered a VN that has engrossed me as much as this one did. From my very first (highly unsuccessful) playthrough I knew I had to play and replay and replay this one until I unveiled the truth.

All of the characters are endearing in their own way, and also have human elements that can make them irritating, and yet I always felt a moral duty to try and get everyone across this darn lake in one piece.

I will proffer one piece of advice. Stick with this one, because no matter how many times you traverse this game there's something else lurking around waiting to be discovered. Explore every route, pay attention to those response options and prepare to die, die and die again!

An absolute corker of a game, one of the best VNs I've ever played.

Andrea's penchant for creating off-the-wall gaming experiences continues unabated with Lenore's Birthnight.

It's an adventure-based board game, where paying attention to minute details is vital in order to progress and defeat the bosses hiding at each side of the board.

There's also, as always, a strong story undercutting the whole thing, with tales of dread and despair paving the way to someone else's existence.

Truly a unique game from a unique creator. This is definitely worth your time!

This game is a blast so far! Witty writing, lots of super smart science stuff, skill-based battles that require timing to pull off the best moves, riddles and puzzles! Honestly there's a bit of everything for everyone in this!

The story looks set to be really deep and tread the morals of how far science could (and should) go in certain capacities, which I find to be a fascinating subject. And with a dash of humour in-between, this will be a super fun game to play all of!

This was really fun to play (despite the horrific underlying story that's building up in the background)!

Having 5 different characters with different abilities and having to swap them in and out depending on what you need to do to move forward is a really intriguing element to the gameplay, especially when you have to contend with your current party and the folks left behind getting into random battles at the same time.

Super excited to see where this game goes from this initial jam version, great work as always from the great Riggy!

This is such a well put-together VN, one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in this genre.

The concept of being in a Discord-esque server and building relationships with the people in there is a great one, and having to navigate the different individuals with their different personalities is equally enticing and stress-inducing (in a good way)!

I only played through the one route so far (Nightowl, because apparently that's my type!), but I'll for sure be diving back in at some point to see what the other stories hold for me.

I can't recommend this game enough!

This is an absolute joy of an RPG. A smart-alec loveable rogue protagonist, a straight-laced knight, a determined and independent princess and a mysterious mage. Yes, this did give me FFIX vibes but this truly does stand alone as a very intriguing and super fun game.

The story is very well put-together, there's tonnes of great plot-twists, intrigue and amazing humour and the ending leaves you gasping for more (which, luckily, exists thanks to the Crysmalia novel)!

El.Seth's games are always a blast, and if this is the first one you've stumbled upon make sure you stumble on the rest of them too!

Well this demo really sets up quite an intriguing tale! I was left with so many questions, which is devilishly smart because that means you know I'll be coming back for more!

Aside from the wistful, engaging storytelling, this game also has the Team's standard for gorgeous art and backgrounds, which makes the whole experience so much more compelling.

This was just a taster of course, the main dish is yet to be served, and I am looking forward to tucking into it!

If visual novels / interactive story games are your thing (and they probably are if you're here already), make this demo one you definitely try out. It's wondrous and heartbreaking all at the same time.

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Intrigue! Necromancy! Skeletons! Yup, Deluge really does have it all.

Honestly though, this game has been so lovingly crafted, and it does so many things that you don't expect a game like this to be able to do. It's maddeningly genius, there are different routes to take on the journey and it's just so full of life (which is ironic, considering the amount of death).

For this price you really can't go wrong, this is a must play game for any RPG Maker fan and, quite honestly, any indie game fan.

Best "collect horror icon autographs" simulator on the market. Top notch.

When this game ended up dropping into my lap I did not know what was in store for me.

Several hours later and I was sitting, trying to figure out what just happened. Laughs? Plenty of those. Adorable characters you can't help but fall in love with? Yup, that too. Actual crying, full on tears? Erm, yes. Definitely.

Arthur is so packed with charm, and it's a wonderfully put together story and RPG game.

There's not much in the way of threat when it comes to the battles themselves, but it's still very satisfying to whomp bad guys and gain that sweet experience.

The story itself is where this game really shines though. I was instantly enthralled by the main protagonists, and every NPC is a joy to interact with too.

Honestly, even though this game was thrown together in 20 madcap days, it's turned out amazingly! Sequels and spin offs when?

This is amazing haha!

This is honestly, without a doubt, one of the most fun and thrilling VNs I've played.

From the very beginning I fell in love with the characters, and only grew more attached to them as the game went on.

Love the way that your choices can lead to swift bad endings rather than just divert the story too, very chastening for the player (I got 2 bad endings and I'm still not over them!) and makes for a good challenge too!

I'm very tempted to go back and have a crack at getting the other good ending because I'm super curious! I also saw the news about a sequel, which makes me squee with excitement!

If you're a VN fan this is a must play!

Every time a Powerhoof game pops up in my notifications I get a tingle of anticipation. Because every single game I've played from them has been amazing.

Thankfully (and unsurprisingly), The Telwynium is no exception. It's a wonderfully crafted, brilliantly written tale with awesome point and click puzzles galore and a whole swathe of great characters.

The fantasy style is wondrous and the sprinkles of humour that are laid around the gameplay help to lighten the atmosphere somewhat.

Amazing work as always, and I certainly hope this isn't all we hear of these characters and this world! =)

This was a thoroughly enjoyable game about one of my favourite pastimes... people watching!

As the story progresses we learn more about the people we can spy from our apartment window (or perhaps it's just what we imagine them to be going through), and we get to decide what direction their lives will go in.

It really is a wonderful story about looking through a lens and trying to grasp what humanity is all about, and I loved every second.

Another cracking game from the team, and I hugely recommend it!

It's great to see another entry in the DOOR series. As always, the atmosphere is great, the little teases of the larger story are also great and the puzzles are, unsurprisingly, great as well!

There were a couple of puzzles I still don't 100% understand in this one, but I'm sure if I went in with a non-fuzzy brain I'd get there eventually. I also wasn't totally sure that I'd found everything I could find in the demo, as there was nothing to alert me one way or the other.

Either way, I will be back to play this again when the full version comes out. One day it would be great to have all of the games together in one experience (perhaps chapter-based, the first game could be chapter one and so on), so that you don't have to hop between each short experience separately to enjoy the whole thing.

Keep up the great work as ever! =)

This was such a nice little experience! Really uplifting and inspiring, amazing work pulling together words, a few images and some nice music to create something quite wondrous =)

This was... just wonderful. It starts off so hopeful, then takes a nosedive into the bleak and desperate before yanking us towards love.

I don't think I've experience so many different emotions at the same time, and I thoroughly enjoyed the rollercoaster.

Hats off to everyone who poured their time and energy into this project, really wish I'd come across it sooner!

If you enjoy a good story, then for sure check this one out =)

This really was a treat, and I know I came super late to this particular party but that doesn't lessen the experience any =)

This really is a VN with many moving parts and a lot of extra additions to keep you on your toes. Point and click moments? Yup! Detective work? Yup!! Tactical RPG battles? Yup yup!

Honestly this was a load of fun, the characters are all really well-written, the story is a great mix of humour and drama and it's just all-round great. Definitely worth playing for anyone really, whether you're a regular VN player or not!

I shall definitely be partaking in the other episodes at some point =)

Another player tuning in super late to the party here! I'm such a sucker for a good VN, and this one did not disappoint!

This is a real tale of intrigue, with some amazing twists and turns and vibrant characters each with their own quirks.

Some things are a bit rough around the edges, but it's just simple things like a few grammar issues, it's nothing that takes anything away from the overall experience because you get sucked right into this world.

Also, without throwing any spoilers out there, there's a fantastic tone shift about halfway through the game when things really get turned on their head and it is AMAZING!

So yeah, if you like VNs, time travel and guys obsessed with seaweed then definitely give this a try!

Well this was a delight! Love the puzzle and riddle-solving aspects to it rather than the focus being on battling enemies (and love the fact that enemy interaction is batting them away with a cleaning utensil, very fun!).

It's a wonderful story, told in a very efficient way to squeeze it into a short experience (with multiple endings, no less!). All of the characters were really well-written and fun to interact with, the endings that I discovered were all awesome (and all emotionally-charged for totally different reasons) and I thoroughly enjoyed every step I took as Yuki =)

Alright, following my idiocy from before (AKA leaving a controller plugged into my PC), I finally managed to complete the game!

As I mentioned previously, the atmosphere is great, it's very reminiscent of Silent Hill (complete with creepy mannequins that are like echoes of Silent Hill 2's glitchy weirdoes). The story is also great, and the voice acting throughout really adds to it. There are some pieces that you have to put together yourself as the player, which I love to see in games in this.

All in all a fantastic second entry to the Real Stories from the Grave series, although I was a bit taken aback by the end sequence with the stealth combat. It wasn't a bad element though by any means!

Well worth playing for anyone who likes a bit of narrative storytelling, exploring and surviving in the dark!

It was an absolute joy to come back to the full version of this game and see the rest of the story after playing the demo more than 2 years ago... where does the time go?

My view is pretty much still the same. I adore the characters, I adore the story, I adore the battle system, I adore every single thing about this game. I poured so many hours into it, I did so much level grinding and it was worth every second. It's a game that made me laugh, made me cry and made me speechless at times.

Also, on top of the main story there are little side-stories and side-quests ticking along in the background, such as the Fortune Ticket Hunting, the search for safe codes and translating the two other worldly languages spoken by various creatures throughout the game.

I love this game, and any other fans of old-school RPGs need to add this to their collection. I'll be diving back into the whole game at some point to do some stuff I didn't do the first time for sure, and to maybe pick up on some hints I may have missed before.

Awesome job everyone, absolutely awesome!

If anyone has a spare day or two handy, you can check out my full playthrough from the demo days to the full release too, if you so wish!

Aaaaaand now I'm officially the stupidest person on the planet haha! That would probably be it... can't believe I didn't think of that!

The atmosphere and story seem really great, but I seemed to have issues whilst playing the game. My character is always moving, even when I don't press any of the direction keys. I put this to one side as I could still fight against that to move my character around and progress the story.

However, once I got to the action part of the game I was unable to fire the shotgun, rendering it impossible for me to go any further. Honestly don't know why I'm having this issue as nobody else seems to be, super disappointed though as I was really enjoying it! I did do a video up to a certain point which I will upload though, just for posterity!

Absolutely thrilled to have been tagged on Twitter to be made aware of this game!

So far this is certainly shaping up to be a cracking VN, with some super characters (and relationship-building), great soundtrack and wonderful background art.

When it comes to those amazing characters, I don't wanna throw around favourites because they're all so good... ah, who am I kidding, Midnight is clearly the best.

I'm super excited to see what other plans there are for the full version of this game, and I'm all the way behind the current Kickstarter campaign. Give the demo a try for yourselves and see what you think! =)

There's a lot to like about this game. Certainly brought back memories of retro style shooters found on random websites when I was at school supposedly doing research.

There's a completely over-the-top, zany plot, loads of weapons to pick up and try out, tonnes of unique enemies all with their own weapons and skills, bosses who really refuse to give up and plenty of infuriation.

The only thing I would say is that the gap between easy and normal mode is a bit large (easy mode gives you 10 attempts per level, normal mode 2), but other than that this is a solid side-scrolling shoot-em-up with a lot of replay value, especially with the randomization of the levels and power-ups you can get.

Well worth your time, I'd say, just don't come crying / screaming at me when you die for the millionth time!

It's always an absolute delight to find out that another Powerhoof game has been released. From the eerie horror offerings to the side-splitting comedic platter, it's all an absolute treat!

Intergalactic Wizard Force is, of course, no exception. Taking charge of two heroes(?) with questionable magic powers, you must solve a mystery involving missing people, suspicious chicken and a very talkative door... thing.

The mechanic of switching between the two characters to figure out which power is required to advance the story (and also to get alternate, hilarious dialogue) made this a great little puzzle experience with intrigue, amusement and disgust. So much disgust.

Here's hoping Powerhoof keep on making awesome games like this!

Gotta admit, this game got me good a couple of times! A nice, short puzzle adventure game with a pretty nifty little payoff at the end.

Moral of the story? Don't mess with Frosty, he's ice cold!

It's so wonderful to see the demo get a big update from way back when I first gave this game a try! There's so much more to do and explore now, and from the looks of things there's going to be plenty to keep players busy when the full version drops.

ColorBlend FX is, essentially, an adventure platformer game. With exploring to be done, puzzles to be solved, plenty of quirky characters to be interacted with and fourth walls to be broken. The whole thing is very fun, very off-the-wall and very colourful!

I did have a bit of trouble with some of the platforming elements (sometimes my jumps seemed a bit off, and it's a bit hard to nail those longer jumps on occasion), but apart from that the game so far is a fun little experience for sure!

Definitely going to be keeping an eye on this one to see how it goes! =)

Spooky forest? Check. Weird shadowy horrors in the distance? Check. A thunderous storm overhead? You betcha! Mysterious screens that require you to trace onto paper from your monitor? Uhhh... sure!

It's a genuinely fantastic concept and I had a whole load of fun playing this. I spent the majority of the time expecting to die at any second, which means the game did a great job of keeping me in a constant state of panic and dread!

The ending (if that was indeed the ending) was also right up there in terms of strangely terrifying moments in my life.

Anyone who feels like playing a horror game with a load of cool touches and a deceptively large space to explore whilst constantly fighting off expectations of doom needs to give this a go!

I love the idea of bringing game devs and musicians together to jointly promote one another. I'm all for that and would love to see more of it!

HOPE is a simple game that deals with complex issues, and it does it in such a succinct, fun and yet fabulously hard-hitting way. Depression and anxiety are issues that so many people deal with on a regular basis, and any game that helps spread awareness of how that feels, and also the best way to help, is a winner in my book!

So play this. Enjoy the great music (maybe check the band out too). Lean back. Take a breath. Think about whether anyone you know might need a helping hand with something. Or whether you're the one that needs a helping hand.

Honestly, games like this uplift me so much and fill me with... funnily enough... hope. Great stuff, really enjoyed it, hopefully many other people come across this and feel the same way!

I love this demo. I love everything about it. The colourful scenery, the wondrous backdrops, the mercilessly sarcastic and egotistical characters and sassy boss, and the self-awareness of it all!

There really is a lot to like here. A nice variety of enemies to take on, multiple paths to choose from (always nice in a 2D side-scroller) and that great ending too! Amazingly awesome!

I'll be watching out for updates on this one, really interested to see where the tale goes from here! =)

It's really awesome to be back playing a game from June Studio! There's a style that runs through their games, a style that indicates straight away who you're playing a game by.

This one does certainly feel like that, although things are a bit more restricted gameplay-wise. But I think in the context of the game it works perfectly.

Taking on the role of Bobby, a human being transported to "paradise" by the quirky AI known as Mother (or MOM, if you're feeling that close to her), we make some conversation choices whilst hurtling in a very futuristic looking car towards our unknown destination.

The future world painted here is a bleak one (as is usually the way with stories set ahead of our time), and the conversations with Mother range from the seemingly banal (music tastes) to the downright concerning (terrorism and how to save humanity).

It's a great ride, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something they can sit back and watch unfold in front of them (with the chance to swerve the conversation one way or another). Good work again from this studio, always impressive!

Well this was just splendiferous!

A game told in emojis, something I never thought I'd experience for sure. I was a little bit sceptical at first, but as the game trundled along and things started getting more sinister I got more and more enveloped in the story and was agonising over which text response would be the most likely to secure my survival!

For such a short little experience I got really connected to the characters too, and to be able to drag a player into something emotionally in such a small timeframe is testament to the good writing skills and game setup.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone seeking out 10 minutes or so of fast-paced slasher horror fun!

The first thing that stands out here is how gorgeous the artwork is. The characters, the backgrounds, the hideous entities trying to rip out your soul... all beautiful! Stunning work there!

The puzzles are fun too, the difficulty level is not too taxing on the old noggin, which is appreciated. It's a good mixture of thinking puzzles and using conversations and items to advance the story.

There are also some quick-time events, which can catch you off-guard but are well-done! It's nice to see a game utilise a varied amount of gameplay mechanics without it being overwhelming.

The story itself is shaping up to be quite intriguing too, with lots of little hints at what might be going on but no definitive answers thrown our way quite yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this!

Well, another day, another fantastic VN from TSV and El.Seth! This one has a real slow burn to it, softening you up with fun and lovable characters until you kinda forget that you're playing a Spooktober game!

There are only really 3 characters to focus on in this tale, Shelly and the twins Rafael and Edward. Childhood friends who are due for a reunion! But something seems off, there's something strange in the air between the twins but what could it be?

All Shelly wants to do is have fun with her friends and act like a kid again, and she's determined to get these two bros back on good terms so it can be so! But can she do that? Is it worth the effort?

Boy, I ask a lot of questions don't I? Alright, I'll cut to the chase. This is a really well put together VN with some stupendous acting from all of the VAs and a wonderful build-up to the climax. The story rolls along really well, and the pay-off is totally worth it! I only played through to one of the endings (for specific reasons), but maybe I'll go back and get the other one someday. The one I got just stuck with me, I didn't want to think that there was another one!

So yeah, if you like VNs and creepy stories, get this played! Great stuff =)