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Before I dive into writing about The Legend of Relic, I want to start off by saying that action RPGs have never been my go-to games. I was never a Zelda fan (although I'm getting there) and I leaned more in the direction of turn-based games like the Final Fantasy series.

That being said, I am absolutely loving this little gem of a game. There's a very high level of difficulty right from the get go that makes you restrain yourself, stops you from running headfirst into what look like easy fights.

It took me a long time to learn this lesson, but now I've been plugging away at the game for coming up to 2 hours and I've got myself steadied and ready to tackle the challenges it brings with a bit more of a sensible head. Only a bit more though, I still go swinging and slashing at enemies pretty often but I've gotten myself to the point where I can just about get away with it.

When I first started playing this I got myself the "Archon" version of the game due to a couple of issues with being able to get the original one, and I don't know if I lucked out or if the game felt sorry for me but I got through it OK. I switched over to this new "Deathtoll" edition and suddenly found things a lot more challenging though, and I'm playing it at the easiest level so I can't even imagine what the higher difficulties are like!

OK, this is getting away from me a bit now, so I'll leave you all with this. If you like action RPGs and a nice warm fuzzy old school feeling and a good challenge, get this game played! And Insydnis, you keep up the awesome work with your games and your music =)

What an amazingly put together game this is! For something that has such a simple premise it comes across as one of the most complex, challenging and charming puzzle games I've played in a long time!

The mechanic of slightly altering the view and therefore changing the whole aspect of a level is really, really good. Add to that the wonderfully designed challenges, awesome main character (he's a real charmer) and a subtly kick-ass soundtrack and you've got one heck of a game!

I honestly had so much fun playing this, and I reckon everyone needs to get in on it! Definitely! Like, right now!

Keep up the awesome work my man, this was an experience! =)

Delightfully, unashamedly weird and beautifully unique! OK, that's my grown-up sounding review out of the way.

A hand-drawn action game about finding a lost dog(?) sounds like a simple enough premise but the twists and turns and super strange characters make this so much more than a run-of-the-mill action adventure game.

I loved this quirky mish-mash of madness, wonder and oddness and could honestly have played a whole sackload more of it. This is a tantalising teaser of something the world wants, nay, needs in its life right now.

I was sad to see your Kickstarter campaign fall short of its target, but never give up hope. You no doubt have a wee menagerie of fans now, and with a bit more exposure for your demo I know you can propel this into the mainstream. So keep kicking butt and making awesome games, and I'll stick around to see it happen =)

Hi there! Someone pointed me in the direction of this game and I was gonna give it a whirl but there doesn't seem to be a download option on the main game page and I can't access the file associated with this post either.

I did see you uploaded a super hard version of the game for peeps to play on a separate page but was wondering if this original version is still available to play anywhere?

Cheers! =)

To understand the goatiest of all time, you've gotta BE the goatiest of all time!

This is a wonderfully bizarre point and click murder mystery game with a cavalcade of quirky characters and a good chunk of gameplay time as you uncover additions to the story from interrogating the suspects and find new clues as you search through each room.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much there is to this, and how much it made me smile, laugh and then laugh some more as the kooky story gets wilder and wilder. Totally worth the time and effort, and a job very well done! I massively recommend it to anyone who's a fan of the good old comedy point and click genre!

As for the devs, keep up the awesome work =)

I love it. I love it so much.

An awesomely fun little twist on the action platformer game where violence is discouraged and everyone gets a hug! It really is a delight, although for some reason it took me an age to figure out how to hug that first pesky monster! Curse you penguin-thing!

It's short, it's sweet, it's adorable and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to mix a bit of rage platforming with adorable monsters. Keep up the awesome work! =)

I haven't made it all the way through this demo yet but I am super loving it! Enough so that I've dashed right on over to the Kickstarter page to back it!

The setup and aesthetics are gorgeous, the characters are all wonderful (Quentin is right up there with my favourite all time characters already) and the card-based battle system is a delightful challenge!

Add the great story to that mix and this is something that is looking to be an awesome experience! So please keep up the awesome work, and I look forward to seeing the final game after you smash that Kickstarter target! =)

Plucky protagonist armed with a baseball bat? Check. Cute sidekick niece who needs saving? Check. Slightly sanctimonious demon seeking to assist plucky protagonist in her mission? Check check!

Honestly, RPGs are my favourite genre and this quirky little funfest has jumped right into my favourites amongst the indie offerings I've come across.

The characters are amazing, the battle system is easy to get to grips with and fun to play around with, the story is a rollercoaster of humour, wackiness and horror and I just love everything about it!

I'm not all the way through the 60% that's here so far, but I can't wait to finish it off and I can't wait to play more! Keep up the awesome work, this is amazing! =)

Alright, alright. Before I get started can I just say that I adore this premise? Best way to suck people in is with a little bit of twisted humour, and it certainly got me on the hook!

Now then, to the game itself. What we have here is a standard dungeon crawler with a unique little twist. Well, a couple of twists. The first one is the puzzle platforming element. Not something I'm used to seeing in this style of game, but it's more than welcome! It adds an extra air of challenge to things on top of the enemies bombarding us!

The second twist is the princesses themselves. Once you rescue them they grant you special abilities, and I'm guessing as the game goes on you may need to bring certain princesses along to complete certain areas. This is very exciting if true! So many possibilities!

We only encounter one princess in the demo, Zombie Princess, who is evidently going to be my favourite, but I am looking forward to seeing who else we get to rescue along the way!

The fighting element is done really well, with special moves and items to help keep things interesting and to stop me from dying (or at least attempt to stop me from dying, I definitely did that a few times), and with the Kickstarter fully backed we have a lot more to look forward to!

I urge you all to have a go at this really fun little game, and I urge the dev team to keep up the awesome work! A little spit and polish is required here and there, and the text could use a little cleaning up too but I'm hyped for the completed version of this little gem! =)

I love how much hidden depth there is in this game. At first it seems simple enough. Get the right people in and survive.

But after the first few failures you start to realise that supplies are a lot more limited than you first thought, and that disease spreads quickly in enclosed spaces, and that those raiders will only take no for an answer so many times (sometimes that number is zero).

So balance become key. Only let in the best of the best, the fittest, nicest, most trustworthy people. But that means turning lots of people away, people with supplies that might be invaluable to you. Supplies that could mean the difference between clinging on to life for another day or watching everyone die.

This game is a very strict juggling act, and I'm not afraid to admit that I haven't cracked the code yet! But I'm going to keep trying, and maybe one day I can make it until the rescue team comes!

Long story short, if you're looking for something that's kinda like 60 Seconds but grittier and faster-moving, give BUNKER a try!

Keep up the great work Thomas! =)

This game definitely took my brain for a ride! I've got to be honest, I solved some of the puzzles without realising I'd even done it! But that doesn't diminish the overall experience for sure.

I didn't know what kind of game I was diving into at first, but as soon as everything started coming together I felt like I'd become part of the game, and every time I made it beyond a tough screen I felt accomplished. The final maze with the spider was definitely a change of pace but once I got the hang of his moves I don't think it was too bad!

There were lots of things that raised questions for me... like pretty much the whole concept! Where were we? Why did this happen? How did we get out and why did we loop back round again? My poor brain will probably never nail down an answer, but I urge you to keep making games like this because I had a blast!

Thank you for the fun, and keep up the awesome work! =)

This right here, this is the most exciting demo I've played for a long while. And there's a whole bunch of reasons for that!

Firstly, it hits my nostalgia gland pretty hard. The old school style and design instantly appeals to the kid in me that played way too much Harvest Moon on the Game Boy. And at the same time it has a very modern feel to it, an updated retro feel!

Next, everything just flows so nicely. You wake up, talk to a character, learn how to do a thing and then go and do the thing. Then you learn a new thing and do that, all the while picking up on other little things in between. In the space of the five days you can play in the demo I experienced so much, and I can only imagine how much more there is!

Also, the characters are instantly likable. I love everyone I've encountered so far (even if I did mercilessly rib most of them and denied one of them a bed). It's such a feelgood game, it really perked up my day just playing it!

Finally, the huge amounts of customization you can put out there to manipulate the landscape and make room for new buildings and eventually the farmland is mind-boggling. I can't wait to get more into that and will definitely, definitely be grabbing a copy of this when it comes out. I must get more people into Bumville!

Congrats on the success of the Kickstarter campaign, and be sure to take players' experiences and opinions to heart as you continue to develop the game, and after release too! Close communication with the community is really what makes good games great. Keep up the awesome work! =)

This is such a beautiful game, anything that has a hand-drawn style immediately gets my attention!

Of course, there does need to be some decent gameplay too, and this game definitely has that too! A really intriguing story, some very well put together puzzles and a nice user-friendly interface (well, for the most part!). There was a little bit of confusion on my end on how certain aspects of the inventory worked, but once I'd figured it out I had no issues afterwards.

The game's also fun of colourful characters who each bring their own humorous (or imposing) twist to the story, and it was a genuine pleasure to meet them all!

This was a very enjoyable experience, and though some of the grammar was a bit off I still managed to piece together what was meant, and it didn't take away from the overall feel of everything too much.

Keep up the awesome work, this was a blast! =)

First person puzzle games must be so hard to put together, so I immediately salute you for that effort alone!

This game is awesome. The visuals are gorgeous, the relaxing music helps to keep a lid on my raw emotions when I'm failing miserably, the puzzles are all doable but still challenging enough to cause some head scratching moments and the little hints of a plot underpinning the whole thing is a nice extra surprise.

I really do adore what there is of this game so far, it's got bucket loads of potential and I'll be around to see you get there! My only suggestion would be to maybe include a few extra options with regards to graphics quality because my poor potato PC stumbled a few times during my playthrough haha!

Keep up the awesome work, I'm gonna get back to trying to beat the last few levels I haven't wrapped my brain around yet =)

Phew, it's been many a year since I played a memory style game like this one! It was quite a nostalgic experience, which certainly brought a smile to my face.

It's a very basic premise, but it carries itself very well. I think the type-to-talk style voice made things a lot more amusing and helped keep the rage at bay when I fluffed yet another order!

The steady increase in difficulty as the levels progressed was done very well, it would have been quite easy to make this too hard, but it's just at the right level to be able to beat with a little bit of effort and patience.

Really fun little old school game, definitely worth a look if you wanna see what it feels like to be a server in a busy burger joint!

Keep up the awesome work, would love to see something with maybe a few more graphical elements in any future releases, just to give the game a bit more pop! =)

Well, I've got to start off by saying that I'm massively grateful to Pere for reaching out and recommending this game to me! I always try my best to get round to playing any games that are sent my way, and this one was definitely worth the effort!

The premise is simple enough, our handy dandy flying machine gets wrecked whilst we're in mid-air (disaster!) and we're tasked with finding a way to continue our journey. Unfortunately some pretty mean meanies stand in our way, and we have to hack and slash our way through them whilst rescuing some new birdy friends!

I had a blast with this, even though the boss took me a fair few attempts to get past! A really fun, cute little game with an easy-to-grasp style of gameplay, lovely music and a very pleasant aesthetic. Keep up the awesome work! =)

I've been a bit bereft of horror games lately so I'm glad to get the chance to dive into one as imaginative and genuinely horrifying as this one!

Having multiple endings immediately adds that extra pinch of variety that makes a game replayable, and I went through this one several times to make sure I squeezed out every ending I could (I honestly don't know where I got the idea that there was 4 endings, but I got 3 and think that might be all, but I'd be happy to be proved wrong!) whilst being creeped out the entire time.

Throwing in a gun for protection but with limited ammunition was a touch of genius too, really makes us as the player more conservative about blasting away at anything that moves (or anything that we think moved). The little titbits of story that were dotted around the place make for some interesting theories, and I quite like that the overall background isn't explicitly spelled out, leaving things to the player's imagination is a bold but appreciated move.

Overall a creepy and fun experience, and one that I would definitely recommend to horror games fans! Yes it may seem a tad short but what is here is very well put together indeed. Keep up the awesome work =)

I've always wondered what it would be like to live life as a tree, roaming wild and terrorising the planet... wait, that sentence got a bit strange didn't it?

I honestly don't think I've played anything quite like this before, it's the most weirdly kooky game I've come across in quite some time, and also one of the best! I had lots of genuine laugh out loud moments whilst trundling through this little gem of a game.

The premise is simple enough. To tree or not to tree? If you just wanna tree and not do anything, that's cool! If you wanna break free of your cursed roots and leap off into a giant adventure, that's cool too! There's a multitude of endings (all of which I didn't get around to) and some wonderful rage-inducing moments mixed in for good measure as well.

I really can't recommend this slice of bizarre wonder enough, go and get it played and brighten up your life a little! And Jimmy, keep up the wonderful work! =)

Brrr, this was a much creepier experience than I was anticipating! I thought maybe I'd be doing a lot more running around, but no! Stealth is the name of the game here, something I seem to be inherently bad at.

The game really threw me off balance at the beginning too, I was anticipating being mauled by something right from the get go, and the third person view made things very uncomfortable (especially when you get to a corner!), but then the switch to first person kicked in and things became a lot more claustrophobic and murdersome!

It took me a lot of trial and error to get into the swing of how our friendly chainsaw-wielding maniac ticks, and my poor budski died a lot of times. But I got him outta there in the end, in (mostly) one piece!

I really enjoyed this, there were a couple of wonky aspects (like the times I thought I was hidden but was actually definitely not hidden) but on the whole it was very well put together and provided a nice chilling half hour or so! Keep up the awesome work =)

Ohh, this is one of the most delightfully strange game jam creations I've had the pleasure of coming across!

There's a lot of little issues, totally to be expected in the short development time allowed for these jams, but the premise is surely one that's too good to ignore! Sacrifice 10 of your workmates to appease the eponymous Llama God! I didn't make it, and sadly my soul was lost to the llamas.

As it is at the moment, I'm not sure the game is beatable (but that shouldn't stop you from trying!), but with some more ironing out and polishing this really could be a corker of a game!

I urge everyone to give this at least one quick playthrough so you can giggle at the quirkiness, and I urge Ryan to dive back into it and turn this from a glimmer into a great! Keep up the good work man, this raised a smile (and several possessed camelids) =)

This really is an adorably well put together platformer! There's lots to be loved here, the characters are very cute, the colours are vibrant and the challenge is real!

There's lots of hidden areas to be found before getting the elusive gold medal on any of the levels, there's lots of unexpected surprises (mostly involving snakes) as you get further into the game and there's a whole truckload of tough decisions to be made to determine whether you get those last few crystals on a level or not!

I've fought my way through 5 of the 7 levels on offer so far and can't wait to sink my teeth into the last two. I've thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and I encourage anyone who's a fan of old-school platformers to get stuck in, and I also encourage the developer to stick with it and keep up the awesome work =)

Oh I am so massively impressed by this demo! There's so much content, and all we have so far is the tutorial and one level!

The multitude of weapons, items and enemies so far is really top notch, and I played through the first teaser level a few times and had a completely different experience each time, which is exactly what we're looking for in a dungeon crawler style game.

The enemies are all tough cookies in their own ways, right down from the mini slimes to the big boss, and different weapons each come with their own pros and cons (more cons if you're as useless at these types of games as I am haha!).

I'm hooked on this already, and can't wait to see more of this game! So keep up the awesome work and you can guarantee you'll be seeing more of me and Metaverse Keeper in the future =)

This really is a shooter game game with a difference! Learn as you go, and survive as long as you can!

There's a lot more to this than I initially expected, and I didn't do the best job of surviving either, but this is definitely the kind of game I can see myself playing a lot more of in the future. Keep up the awesome work and I'll keep trying to escape the womb! =)

I love sci-fi games, especially sci-fi games where you get to fly spaceships and shoot stuff. So this is right up my street!

The controls are a bit daunting at first, but once you play the game for a while the muscle memory sets in and it gets easier for sure. It's a very old school methodology, which I love (Defender used to be one of my favourite games back when I had my Atari!), but it's been so long since I played a game with the whole "maneuver your ship and then move forward" mechanics that I found myself floundering a lot, much to my own amusement haha!

The level design is very nice, the maps on each level are very well put-together, the variety of enemies is spot on (and I'm sure we'll see a lot more variation as development continues), the side missions really add to the experience and the grading system is great! It really gave me something to aim for on each level... although admittedly I set my sights pretty low!

This is shaping up to be a pretty amazing game, so keep up the awesome work on it and I hope I get the chance to play more of it soon =)

Well by this point I'm sure everybody knows the score! It's cute, it's adorable, it's equal-parts relaxing and anxiety-inducing and it's easily one of the best little gems I've come across here on itch!

With such a wealth of talent working on this project I'm not at all surprised that this game came out so good, and after my initial attempt at playing the game (whereupon Mikey neglected to check the controls or indeed the aims of what he was meant to be doing) I really felt like I got into the swing of things pretty quickly and started trying to beat my own high score over and over again.

It's a lovely little game to while away a few minutes (or hours, depending on how much free time one has on one's hands), and it's immensely playable! For the record, I still haven't managed to score more than 5000, so anyone that manages that deserves a lovely cup of hot chocolate with all the trimmings... I can hear distant marshmallow screams in the distance!

You're all awesomely amazing, and please do keep creating awesomely amazing things! Keep up the awesomely amazing work =)

Oh I always get sucked in by things with old school graphics! It felt a bit Harvest Moon-y at first, to the point I was half-expecting to be in the countryside when I first left my apartment!

But what a delight this game was, it's quirky, weird, odd and hilariously fun! The puzzle-solving aspects were nice and varied (from maze running to simply paying attention to visual clues!) and the whole nonsensical journey wraps up as expectedly as expected! Apparently expectedly isn't a word, but to hell with it, it is now!

Loved everything about this, a true one-off wonder! Keep up the awesome work =)

There's so much to love about this game I don't even know where to start!

OK, let's try... the animation and character design is amazing, I love the way everything looks!

The battle system isn't something new but the way this one has been done makes it feel fresh and exciting, and the different option available during fights makes the experience even more immersive!

The story is goofalicious, and everyone is so adorable (even if they all trying to stab and / or shoot each other), and I'm pretty much itching to get stuck right into some more of this game because I am hooked!

So I certainly hope there'll be more of this game, and I will definitely be around to play it =) keep up the awesome work!

The Blind Prophet community · Created a new topic Hyped!

I managed to completely miss this game when it first popped up, but the release of the new Kickstarter demo propelled it up into my list and I'm super glad that happened!

This game is so well put together, everything from the gritty comic book style to the interactive puzzle elements to the surreptitious humour on display when we have our hardened protagonist cracking jokes with inanimate background objects.

An absolute delight from start to finish, I honestly can't wait to play more of this one, and I highly recommend that anyone else who hasn't dived in to have some fun with this little gem does so at their earliest opportunity!

As for you baptisteminy, keep up the awesome work and I'm looking forward to seeing more of this! =)

Yes, this game definitely has a good feel to it, although the frequent camera skips got a bit off-putting after a while.

The use of sound and atmosphere is amazingly well done though, definitely made the game a much scarier experience! I just had issues getting anything done as soon as I started being stalked by whatever it is that's stalking us! After quite a few deaths I called it a day, because if I'm being honest I'm just useless at games that rely on audio cues. Nothing wrong with that game mechanic, just something wrong with that part of my brain haha!

I'll pop back to this in the future if you keep working on it, because I really am intrigued by the story! So keep up the awesome work =)

Every game that comes from the creative mind of Deconstructeam really is a wonder! Who would ever think to make a florist / crime / romance adventure game? It just blows my mind!

Ahem, anyway! This is a real delight of a game where you play as a hitman who has suffered a seemingly career-ending injury who finds himself becoming the apprentice of a lonely florist (who also has ties to crime, who'd have thunk it?).

As we learn about the different flowers and what effects they have we also put together bouquets for a variety of different people, and the flowers we select have a direct effect on where the plot goes from there.

It really is a clever little game, and I really do urge you to go and give it a whirl! It's definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

As for you, Deconstructeam, keep up the as ever amazing work =)

Well this was just an absolute delight. I was sucked in right from the start and just never wanted this experience to end!

A few people have mentioned that there were some issues with the transitions and changing of scenes which I also ran into, but it was no huge effort to replay the chapter when that happened. I was so invested in the characters I also had no problem with doing that!

Every single one of your games has such a unique charm to it and I always get super excited when I see you've released something new. Again, I was not disappointed. You never cease to amaze! Keep up the as-ever awesome work! =)

I urge everyone to get this played, it really is a tiny powerhouse!

Well now, after thoroughly enjoying Dear Edwin I was pretty hyped to see what you guys had cooked up this time, and I was not disappointed!

A good adventure game really needs a good story and characters you care about, and this demo has really nailed that down well. We're just given little hints as to what's happened in this world, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of that story.

Our protagonist Lia (and her erstwhile "companions" Devon and Angela) are really fun, well-rounded characters that I loved wandering around as. The NPCs I bumped into were all quirky and kooky and downright awesome too!

Loving the look and the feel of this one so far, and very keen on playing more when the chance arrives! Keep up the awesome work as always =)

It's so good to see you back with another amazingly gorgeous and touching game! After thoroughly enjoying The Firefly I was really excited to get stuck into this one!

From the very moment you start playing you know there's a deep story about to be told, and the further through the game you get, the more you can start to put the pieces together, although nothing can prepare you for the ending that's heading your way!

The characters are all great, the story is very well-told and the little missions the villagers send you on keep the interactivity levels high enough to keep you engaged throughout. It's was hugely enjoyable, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Keep up the awesome work as always =)

Ahhh, it's so good to see you back with another game! Paletta is still one of the most beautifully written and presented games I've had the pleasure of playing, so when I saw this new demo pop up I added it straight to my list!

As expected, it's cute as heck and has a riveting story. Mir and En are a great pair, and I certainly hope you dive back in to add more to this tale because I could spend hours with these two =)

The puzzles mixed with the stealth elements made for a very interesting experience too, it was a great combination! Keep up the awesome work as always, I'll be lurking around waiting to see more of this for sure!

How much do I adore management games? Let's just say I racked up an unholy amount of hours playing Sim City, Theme Park, Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper when I was a but a wee nipper!

Digression aside, this game made me feel right at home from the second I got started. It's got a very familiar and comfortable layout to it that makes it easy to get attached! I was at a loss a few times when I very first dove in, but I quickly got into the swing of things.

This is looking very well put-together so far, and since this is just a teaser alpha release I can imagine things are going to look even more amazing when the final release makes an appearance!

I am all in on this project, and will definitely be playing the finished product comes out. Keep up the awesome work everyone, this is a gem! =)

I've got to say I am loving the look of this game so far and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

The fact that so much of the environment can be interacted with is a real joy (and I can spend so much time just slashing my way through long grass it isn't even funny!), the enemies you've created up to now are bright and vibrant and very original and that first boss is challenging but without being overly frustrating (I'm sure I could have made it easier for myself somehow but I always take the hard road!).

I managed to crash the game once, which you'll spot in my video, but other than that one hiccup everything ran really well without any issues. I'll be sticking around to follow the development of this great looking game, so keep up the awesome work! =)

A sci-fi space-faring old school RPG with turn-based spaceship battles and an intriguing story, complete with lovable rogue characters? Where do I sign up?!

Honestly, I loved every second of this. The layout of it all, the puzzle solving aspect, the tough battle system (I struggled with it but it was so rewarding to win!), everything! I really can't wait to get another taster of this and the full game when it's done.

Keep up the awesome work, this is looking great =)

This was a great little game to tide us Chrimbo-crazed gamers over the holiday season! I only really delved into the "easy" levels, but I'll probably hop into normal and hard over the next couple of days to test my sobriety.

All in all an awesome puzzle game, and I hope to see more awesomeness from you in the future! Keep up the (you guessed it) awesome work! =)

Hey there! I found this game via GameJolt and may have played a more updated version (just for note).

I really enjoyed this little taster, the set-up of our character and the scenarios we encounter paint a very vivid picture of a turbulent childhood. It's a wonderful story-driven piece with a couple of challenging (but not overly so) puzzles to keep things ticking.

There are a couple of times when the game isn't hugely intuitive when it comes to letting the player know what to do, but I also think it's a good thing to make people figure things out on their own. Sometimes too much hand-holding can make a game seem too patronising.

On the whole this demo has laid out what we can expect from a full version, and I'm definitely on board with playing more should the opportunity come along!

Keep up the great work, hope to see more soon! =)

Oooh, I really didn't know what I was walking into with this one! I wasn't sure if it was a walking simulator, an adventure game, a puzzle game... turns out that it's kind of all of those things!

The definitive draw of this game is the atmosphere and sense of loneliness. The feelings of being alone really come flying in at you, from the views into nothingness from the edges of the town to the melancholic music sneaking into every corner of your mind. The fact that each little zone has its own music was also a really nice touch!

Once you find your bearings and get your head into the layout of the place you'll eventually find some truths(?) and at least some little hints about what went down in this place, and then a glimpse into your own fate too!

A wonderfully weird little game, would definitely recommend that you have a poke around for yourselves and get sucked into this little slice of nowhere!

Keep up the awesome work, Shane! =)