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Brrr, this was a much creepier experience than I was anticipating! I thought maybe I'd be doing a lot more running around, but no! Stealth is the name of the game here, something I seem to be inherently bad at.

The game really threw me off balance at the beginning too, I was anticipating being mauled by something right from the get go, and the third person view made things very uncomfortable (especially when you get to a corner!), but then the switch to first person kicked in and things became a lot more claustrophobic and murdersome!

It took me a lot of trial and error to get into the swing of how our friendly chainsaw-wielding maniac ticks, and my poor budski died a lot of times. But I got him outta there in the end, in (mostly) one piece!

I really enjoyed this, there were a couple of wonky aspects (like the times I thought I was hidden but was actually definitely not hidden) but on the whole it was very well put together and provided a nice chilling half hour or so! Keep up the awesome work =)

Ohh, this is one of the most delightfully strange game jam creations I've had the pleasure of coming across!

There's a lot of little issues, totally to be expected in the short development time allowed for these jams, but the premise is surely one that's too good to ignore! Sacrifice 10 of your workmates to appease the eponymous Llama God! I didn't make it, and sadly my soul was lost to the llamas.

As it is at the moment, I'm not sure the game is beatable (but that shouldn't stop you from trying!), but with some more ironing out and polishing this really could be a corker of a game!

I urge everyone to give this at least one quick playthrough so you can giggle at the quirkiness, and I urge Ryan to dive back into it and turn this from a glimmer into a great! Keep up the good work man, this raised a smile (and several possessed camelids) =)

This really is an adorably well put together platformer! There's lots to be loved here, the characters are very cute, the colours are vibrant and the challenge is real!

There's lots of hidden areas to be found before getting the elusive gold medal on any of the levels, there's lots of unexpected surprises (mostly involving snakes) as you get further into the game and there's a whole truckload of tough decisions to be made to determine whether you get those last few crystals on a level or not!

I've fought my way through 5 of the 7 levels on offer so far and can't wait to sink my teeth into the last two. I've thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and I encourage anyone who's a fan of old-school platformers to get stuck in, and I also encourage the developer to stick with it and keep up the awesome work =)

Oh I am so massively impressed by this demo! There's so much content, and all we have so far is the tutorial and one level!

The multitude of weapons, items and enemies so far is really top notch, and I played through the first teaser level a few times and had a completely different experience each time, which is exactly what we're looking for in a dungeon crawler style game.

The enemies are all tough cookies in their own ways, right down from the mini slimes to the big boss, and different weapons each come with their own pros and cons (more cons if you're as useless at these types of games as I am haha!).

I'm hooked on this already, and can't wait to see more of this game! So keep up the awesome work and you can guarantee you'll be seeing more of me and Metaverse Keeper in the future =)

This really is a shooter game game with a difference! Learn as you go, and survive as long as you can!

There's a lot more to this than I initially expected, and I didn't do the best job of surviving either, but this is definitely the kind of game I can see myself playing a lot more of in the future. Keep up the awesome work and I'll keep trying to escape the womb! =)

I love sci-fi games, especially sci-fi games where you get to fly spaceships and shoot stuff. So this is right up my street!

The controls are a bit daunting at first, but once you play the game for a while the muscle memory sets in and it gets easier for sure. It's a very old school methodology, which I love (Defender used to be one of my favourite games back when I had my Atari!), but it's been so long since I played a game with the whole "maneuver your ship and then move forward" mechanics that I found myself floundering a lot, much to my own amusement haha!

The level design is very nice, the maps on each level are very well put-together, the variety of enemies is spot on (and I'm sure we'll see a lot more variation as development continues), the side missions really add to the experience and the grading system is great! It really gave me something to aim for on each level... although admittedly I set my sights pretty low!

This is shaping up to be a pretty amazing game, so keep up the awesome work on it and I hope I get the chance to play more of it soon =)

Well by this point I'm sure everybody knows the score! It's cute, it's adorable, it's equal-parts relaxing and anxiety-inducing and it's easily one of the best little gems I've come across here on itch!

With such a wealth of talent working on this project I'm not at all surprised that this game came out so good, and after my initial attempt at playing the game (whereupon Mikey neglected to check the controls or indeed the aims of what he was meant to be doing) I really felt like I got into the swing of things pretty quickly and started trying to beat my own high score over and over again.

It's a lovely little game to while away a few minutes (or hours, depending on how much free time one has on one's hands), and it's immensely playable! For the record, I still haven't managed to score more than 5000, so anyone that manages that deserves a lovely cup of hot chocolate with all the trimmings... I can hear distant marshmallow screams in the distance!

You're all awesomely amazing, and please do keep creating awesomely amazing things! Keep up the awesomely amazing work =)

Oh I always get sucked in by things with old school graphics! It felt a bit Harvest Moon-y at first, to the point I was half-expecting to be in the countryside when I first left my apartment!

But what a delight this game was, it's quirky, weird, odd and hilariously fun! The puzzle-solving aspects were nice and varied (from maze running to simply paying attention to visual clues!) and the whole nonsensical journey wraps up as expectedly as expected! Apparently expectedly isn't a word, but to hell with it, it is now!

Loved everything about this, a true one-off wonder! Keep up the awesome work =)

There's so much to love about this game I don't even know where to start!

OK, let's try... the animation and character design is amazing, I love the way everything looks!

The battle system isn't something new but the way this one has been done makes it feel fresh and exciting, and the different option available during fights makes the experience even more immersive!

The story is goofalicious, and everyone is so adorable (even if they all trying to stab and / or shoot each other), and I'm pretty much itching to get stuck right into some more of this game because I am hooked!

So I certainly hope there'll be more of this game, and I will definitely be around to play it =) keep up the awesome work!

The Blind Prophet community · Created a new topic Hyped!

I managed to completely miss this game when it first popped up, but the release of the new Kickstarter demo propelled it up into my list and I'm super glad that happened!

This game is so well put together, everything from the gritty comic book style to the interactive puzzle elements to the surreptitious humour on display when we have our hardened protagonist cracking jokes with inanimate background objects.

An absolute delight from start to finish, I honestly can't wait to play more of this one, and I highly recommend that anyone else who hasn't dived in to have some fun with this little gem does so at their earliest opportunity!

As for you baptisteminy, keep up the awesome work and I'm looking forward to seeing more of this! =)

Yes, this game definitely has a good feel to it, although the frequent camera skips got a bit off-putting after a while.

The use of sound and atmosphere is amazingly well done though, definitely made the game a much scarier experience! I just had issues getting anything done as soon as I started being stalked by whatever it is that's stalking us! After quite a few deaths I called it a day, because if I'm being honest I'm just useless at games that rely on audio cues. Nothing wrong with that game mechanic, just something wrong with that part of my brain haha!

I'll pop back to this in the future if you keep working on it, because I really am intrigued by the story! So keep up the awesome work =)

Every game that comes from the creative mind of Deconstructeam really is a wonder! Who would ever think to make a florist / crime / romance adventure game? It just blows my mind!

Ahem, anyway! This is a real delight of a game where you play as a hitman who has suffered a seemingly career-ending injury who finds himself becoming the apprentice of a lonely florist (who also has ties to crime, who'd have thunk it?).

As we learn about the different flowers and what effects they have we also put together bouquets for a variety of different people, and the flowers we select have a direct effect on where the plot goes from there.

It really is a clever little game, and I really do urge you to go and give it a whirl! It's definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

As for you, Deconstructeam, keep up the as ever amazing work =)

Well this was just an absolute delight. I was sucked in right from the start and just never wanted this experience to end!

A few people have mentioned that there were some issues with the transitions and changing of scenes which I also ran into, but it was no huge effort to replay the chapter when that happened. I was so invested in the characters I also had no problem with doing that!

Every single one of your games has such a unique charm to it and I always get super excited when I see you've released something new. Again, I was not disappointed. You never cease to amaze! Keep up the as-ever awesome work! =)

I urge everyone to get this played, it really is a tiny powerhouse!

Well now, after thoroughly enjoying Dear Edwin I was pretty hyped to see what you guys had cooked up this time, and I was not disappointed!

A good adventure game really needs a good story and characters you care about, and this demo has really nailed that down well. We're just given little hints as to what's happened in this world, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of that story.

Our protagonist Lia (and her erstwhile "companions" Devon and Angela) are really fun, well-rounded characters that I loved wandering around as. The NPCs I bumped into were all quirky and kooky and downright awesome too!

Loving the look and the feel of this one so far, and very keen on playing more when the chance arrives! Keep up the awesome work as always =)

It's so good to see you back with another amazingly gorgeous and touching game! After thoroughly enjoying The Firefly I was really excited to get stuck into this one!

From the very moment you start playing you know there's a deep story about to be told, and the further through the game you get, the more you can start to put the pieces together, although nothing can prepare you for the ending that's heading your way!

The characters are all great, the story is very well-told and the little missions the villagers send you on keep the interactivity levels high enough to keep you engaged throughout. It's was hugely enjoyable, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Keep up the awesome work as always =)

Ahhh, it's so good to see you back with another game! Paletta is still one of the most beautifully written and presented games I've had the pleasure of playing, so when I saw this new demo pop up I added it straight to my list!

As expected, it's cute as heck and has a riveting story. Mir and En are a great pair, and I certainly hope you dive back in to add more to this tale because I could spend hours with these two =)

The puzzles mixed with the stealth elements made for a very interesting experience too, it was a great combination! Keep up the awesome work as always, I'll be lurking around waiting to see more of this for sure!

How much do I adore management games? Let's just say I racked up an unholy amount of hours playing Sim City, Theme Park, Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper when I was a but a wee nipper!

Digression aside, this game made me feel right at home from the second I got started. It's got a very familiar and comfortable layout to it that makes it easy to get attached! I was at a loss a few times when I very first dove in, but I quickly got into the swing of things.

This is looking very well put-together so far, and since this is just a teaser alpha release I can imagine things are going to look even more amazing when the final release makes an appearance!

I am all in on this project, and will definitely be playing the finished product comes out. Keep up the awesome work everyone, this is a gem! =)

I've got to say I am loving the look of this game so far and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

The fact that so much of the environment can be interacted with is a real joy (and I can spend so much time just slashing my way through long grass it isn't even funny!), the enemies you've created up to now are bright and vibrant and very original and that first boss is challenging but without being overly frustrating (I'm sure I could have made it easier for myself somehow but I always take the hard road!).

I managed to crash the game once, which you'll spot in my video, but other than that one hiccup everything ran really well without any issues. I'll be sticking around to follow the development of this great looking game, so keep up the awesome work! =)

A sci-fi space-faring old school RPG with turn-based spaceship battles and an intriguing story, complete with lovable rogue characters? Where do I sign up?!

Honestly, I loved every second of this. The layout of it all, the puzzle solving aspect, the tough battle system (I struggled with it but it was so rewarding to win!), everything! I really can't wait to get another taster of this and the full game when it's done.

Keep up the awesome work, this is looking great =)

This was a great little game to tide us Chrimbo-crazed gamers over the holiday season! I only really delved into the "easy" levels, but I'll probably hop into normal and hard over the next couple of days to test my sobriety.

All in all an awesome puzzle game, and I hope to see more awesomeness from you in the future! Keep up the (you guessed it) awesome work! =)

Hey there! I found this game via GameJolt and may have played a more updated version (just for note).

I really enjoyed this little taster, the set-up of our character and the scenarios we encounter paint a very vivid picture of a turbulent childhood. It's a wonderful story-driven piece with a couple of challenging (but not overly so) puzzles to keep things ticking.

There are a couple of times when the game isn't hugely intuitive when it comes to letting the player know what to do, but I also think it's a good thing to make people figure things out on their own. Sometimes too much hand-holding can make a game seem too patronising.

On the whole this demo has laid out what we can expect from a full version, and I'm definitely on board with playing more should the opportunity come along!

Keep up the great work, hope to see more soon! =)

Oooh, I really didn't know what I was walking into with this one! I wasn't sure if it was a walking simulator, an adventure game, a puzzle game... turns out that it's kind of all of those things!

The definitive draw of this game is the atmosphere and sense of loneliness. The feelings of being alone really come flying in at you, from the views into nothingness from the edges of the town to the melancholic music sneaking into every corner of your mind. The fact that each little zone has its own music was also a really nice touch!

Once you find your bearings and get your head into the layout of the place you'll eventually find some truths(?) and at least some little hints about what went down in this place, and then a glimpse into your own fate too!

A wonderfully weird little game, would definitely recommend that you have a poke around for yourselves and get sucked into this little slice of nowhere!

Keep up the awesome work, Shane! =)

A retro-style cyberpunk point-and-click adventure game? Well that pretty much ticks all of my boxes!

This demo was really fun to play, I love how many different gameplay elements there are here, from the logic puzzles to the crime scene investigations to the being able to play AS A CAT (needless to say the section with William blew my mind!).

If the whole game is as varied and colourful and witty and fun as these three teaser parts were, we're all in for one heck of a treat when the full game appears!

I'll be following the development of this game very closely, and can't wait to see what else awaits us! Keep up the awesome work =)

Oh yeah, I can totally handle a wolf! One wolf? One solitary, lonely wolf? No problems!

Alright, that was a blatant lie, but that didn't take away any of the fun I had trying to survive in these cold, dank woods! I've never been the best at survival games, and yet I always find myself getting drawn in by them.

The simple, fast gameplay is what makes this game so moreish. Play, die, repeat. I just spent a lot of time trying to see if there was an "end" or any way to survive or somewhere we needed to go. But naturally, all that happened was that I died. A lot. But I had fun doing it, definitely much more fun than being killed by a wolf in real life!

Keep up the great work! =)

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Short but sweet. Brief but bountiful. Fleeting but fabulous!

I love me a silly game, and this one ranks up there with the silliest. It took me a while to get around to the "alternative thinking" style that the game presents you with, but once I got to grips with the idea I had a blast!

I can only echo the sentiments of some of the other folks below with regards to the possibility of expanding this. I can only imagine what other shenanigans we can get up to cleaning a whole house! And the owner's reaction when they get back home after a long day of work.

I had immense fun with this micro-slice of oddity, and I hope to see more craziness from you all soon =)

I did start a new game yeah! I had to leave my computer for a bit so just shut everything down and went back in. May not be the most legit way to solve a puzzle but I'll take it in this instance haha!

Yeesh, you must be getting sick of these by now! But I find the best way for me to review a game is to get stuck right in and waffle into my camera about it.

I can do typed words too though! This was a super fun little demo, I felt like the humour sprinkled around really helped to cut through the creepy atmosphere, and I certainly hope that continues when we see more of the game!

The main puzzle we are presented with in the demo seemed tricky at first, but once I ducked out of the game and back in again I got the hang of how it worked. Very clever, but it also wasn't too insanely difficult for my poor brain, which was much appreciated!

I loved the questions that are raised throughout this little teaser too, like what happened to our pupper? Who are these mysterious other kids we're meeting up with? What is it we're sneaking out to do in the middle of the night? My curiosity is piqued, and I can't wait to see what comes next. So keep up the awesome work, I'll be back for updates! =)

Ahh, you can feel the love that's been poured into this game over the time you've spent working on it! The dialogue is quick and witty, the layouts look so nice and the twisty-turny mazes made my head spin!

I had so much fun playing this and experiencing all of the characters, and whilst I haven't quite gotten to the end yet I'm having a blast working my way through everything! I've always enjoyed RPG Maker games, but the one thing they need is good writing, and this game has that in droves. Awesome job, and I certainly hope we get to experience more awesomeness from you in the future =)

Ah this was a lovely little game to play! A nice, relaxing way to switch off for half an hour.

The design is simplistic but gorgeous, the characters are adorable (even those dastardly shades!) and everything flows really smoothly.

I could definitely play a lot more of this, but even as it is now it's a wonderful little piece of art in the form of a game! Keep up the great work! =)

This was an utter delight! Really took me back to the good old days of raging at games like Mega Man and Metal Slug. The level of detail that's gone into the backgrounds (and foregrounds) is really something, there's so much to admire here.

The controls are nice and intuitive (I kept pressing the wrong buttons because I'm an idiot, once my brain finally got into sync with my fingers it was fine), the demo level on display is challenging but not to the point of being impossible (or even seemingly so), and the boss fight was excellent!

I'll definitely be watching out for more of this brilliance, keep up the amazing work =)


Honestly this was a much shorter experience than I was expecting, and sometimes I feel like I was getting by on the forces of pure luck. But I was greatly entertained / frustrated! So mission accomplished? 

I think it goes without saying that this could be something super awesome with a few more levels and a couple of tweaks to the way things work. But if this is the be all and end all of CHAMP, then let us bask in its warm glowing warming glow of PUNCHING!

Keep up the great work, my friend! =)

Visual novel style games are pretty hard to pull off. But if you balance the right elements (writing skills, use of sounds, background art) you can really make something special. And this feels like the start of something special!

Every aspect of this little preview teases a small part of something so exciting, and I can't wait to see what happens after our little adventure down the alleyway! The use of stats is a really neat little touch (I have a feeling my courage bar is going to be way low in the full game haha!), and the way the story is written makes me want to keep playing, which is of course an important aspect of a game like this.

Keep up the great work, I'll be lurking around waiting for the full game =)

Ohhh, old school shenanigans! I love it! That abhorrent humour mixed with nostalgia really made this for me.

Of course, everything else came together great too! The platforming / puzzle elements (even though I had to wimp out of normal mode to actually beat the demo), the fantastic characters and the way they "talk" (mumble-talk is one of the best things!) and the heartwarming... or heartsearing perhaps... story of one poor guy who doesn't fit in and wants to be somewhere else. Ahhh, it's beautiful!

The backgrounds are delightful too, the level of detail is outstanding, and that's the kind of thing most people barely notice, so I always appreciate it when extra effort goes into that!

I totally didn't get past the fire / boxes screen like I was meant to either, but a win is a win! And I can't wait to see more of Bacon and this awesome game! Keep up the great work =)

Purely the atmosphere and the build-up. All about the scene-setting! Different strokes for different folks (and the being put off hiking line was not as serious as you may have taken it).

Well now, that's me traumatised and put off from hiking for quite a while! A very unique little experience featuring a truly unique monster (I think you did a cracking job bringing Trevor's creation to life!).

Sometimes games don't need a whole lot of background story or hours and hours of gameplay. Sometimes all you need is five minutes to chill someone to the bone. And this is a great example of that! Keep up the great work, this was cracking =)

Oh this so much fun! We only really met two characters (four if you include those cheeky fireflies!) and they were both hilariously weird and very fun to act (even if my voice acting range isn't very wide haha!).

The style is a delight (I particularly enjoyed the leaves floating down in the foreground), the art has a lovely traditional feel to it which makes even our homeless wood-dwelling friend look kind of pretty (although let's not do him too many favours).

The two puzzles on display were both very good too, having to align the beetles on the vines was challenging but not frustrating and then figuring out the jar... that took a lot more doing but we got there in the end!

I'm itching for more of this, and really hope this little prototype becomes larger and gets the recognition it deserves! Keep up the amazing work =)

Another absolutely stunningly made game! Turning hand-created drawing by students into a playable experience is honestly still one of the greatest things I've encountered, and I certainly hope you keep at it!

This one is certainly dark and creepy and foreboding, and that's exactly what makes it so addictive and endearing. Being given little pieces of information at a time really helped to ramp up the tension too, and having multiple endings to get people playing again is also genius.

The style, the tone, the atmosphere, the subtle use of music and sound and scene-switching, everything about this is top notch. I cannot recommend this, and all of the other Atelier Sentô games enough! Keep up the amazing work everyone =)

Oh, be still my poor beating heart! This was quite the experience, and I left it feeling incredibly downhearted. In fact, as the game progressed and more predictable conclusions started to be drawn I just started inwardly (and outwardly) cringing.

But despite the sinking feelings in the pit of my stomach, I did really enjoy the game. The protagonist is, despite having obviously gone through a lot in life, surprisingly chipper and pretty witty, which gives me hope that she may just come through all of this hideousness OK in the end (or as OK as one can be).

The quirky x-ray / self-examination side of things is definitely something that made this one stand out too, and hunting for all of the oddities about the character made me explore my own oddities too, quite a healing time was had by all!

Very curious to see what else comes of this and the secret project tied to it, will be keeping my eyes peeled! Keep up the great work! =)

This is so good! A very unexpected deep story that really drags you in and keeps you wanting more.

The slow addition of new aspects and twists to the game keep things flowing nicely and make every level a learning experience, while the sneaky feeding of plot from the two narrators make you want to keep going to see what's going on in this weird and wonderful world.

There's so many different things that make the gaming experience different as you play (creatures that help you fly, help you attack and help you live), the game itself is a living thing and I'm hugely impressed! Keep up the amazing work, this was a blast =) 

This is exactly the kind of game people need to unwind after a long day. It's chilled out, laid-back, relaxing and at the same time oddly gripping. Even though we only get to see two stories in this demo, they both really piqued my interest and now I simply HAVE to know what happens to everyone!

The mixture of interactive story and hot drink brewing is definitely unique, and having to make sure you throw the right ingredients together whilst awaiting more personal tales from your customers is a real delight!

The character design and subtle animations are beautiful, and the smooth music floating around softly in the background add to the atmosphere wonderfully.

I honestly can't wait to play more of this in the future, keep up the amazing work! =)