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Gus is the hero we both need and deserve. Completely selfless (well, mostly), on a mission to defeat evil (possibly) and a cat-lover (definitely).

Accompanied by his trusty Feline and rapscallion Grandson, guide Gus through the perils of a motel infested with aliens, bugs and toads in questionable relationships whilst enjoying the trippy, psychedelic visuals.

The battle system is classic RPG with zany attacks and special moves, an array of equippable and power-up items and loads of different enemies to face off against.

You also get to interact with a selection of strange and wonderful NPCs, and complete a few side quests for some of them to boot.

All in all this is a great RPG that harkens back to the old school stlye but throws in a whole load of random shenanigans to keep things fresh and interesting. Well worth a shot I'd say!

This was delightfully subversive, and the story certainly went in directions I was not expecting!

From the first creepy occurrence to the end of the game I was on edge, testament to the good work in creating a terrifying atmosphere where you really don't know what's going to happen from one second to another.

Also, nice touch with the desktop picture (anyone who hasn't played this yet will get what I mean if they give it a try!), I do enjoy a game that pulls you in more by relating the game to you, makes you feel more connected to the experience and more effected by it!

Great stuff all in all, would definitely recommend this to anyone who feels like a short, scary experience! =)

This really was a delight! It gave me fond memories of playing "Snake" on my super old Nokia (am I aging myself here? I think I might be aging myself).

The concept is wonderful, the way it's put together is great and it's a challenging game that's not impossible. It's got the right balance of everything! It's also super adorable, which gives it some bonus points!

I urge anyone who fancies a cute, challenging experience to this a go! Keep up the good work Ludipe! =)

This was a really well put-together game! Even though it wasn't the longest experience, I feel like we got to know all of the characters really well, the puzzles were well-balanced and fun to figure out and the scares were well and truly spine-tingling!

It's a real old-school romp that I loved from start to finish, and the story had me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning. Super effort, and I can't recommend this enough for anyone who's in the mood for an equally light-hearted (with the banter between the main characters at the beginning) and terrifying (pretty much everything after the intro) experience!

Keep up the great work lads, another cracking game =)

There's just something about wandering around a desolate, foggy slice of countryside that I find oddly comforting. Along with being super creepy and disconcerting, of course.

This game really portrays a sense of panic and loneliness astoundingly well, despite having the feeling that we're not really along in the place we're trekking around in. We feel lost, and at the same time are never far away from familiar sights.

It took me quite a while to drag myself to where I needed to be, but the journey was most definitely worth it.

A surreal and yet ultimately satisfying experience that I think more people should embark on =)

There's just something about a good VN that really sucks me in and grabs a hold of me. This is an example of a good VN! The voice acting is great, the story is really well put-together and the sprinkling of decision-making that you have to make as the main character adds just the right amount of interactivity to proceedings.

Add to that the fact the whole experience is like watching an episode of a cracking anime and this one definitely gets a thumbs up from me! Anyone who wants to dive into a fun, and yet really deep, VN needs to make sure they give this one a go!

Keep up the awesome work TSV =D

This was really fun! The way every level's name gives you a little hint of what is to come, but not quite enough to stop you from failing at least once (or twice, or thrice) is a lovely little touch.

I love the idea of "one level but it gets more difficult each time" too, can really promote someone's creativity! And I found this game to be super creative and a fun little challenge. (And as a nice extra bonus, the music is amazing too!)

So if you're looking for a wee platformer game to pass quarter of an hour or so this is a good place to go! =)

This is a game that delves deep into many serious issues, whilst wearing a pixel-art, old-school adventure game mask. It's a very well put-together but surreal experience to say the least!

Each "day" in the game is spend walking around your household, interacting with objects and family members before retiring to your bedroom to head into a dreamscape where you hang out with a mysterious character and fight disturbing enemies (all comprising of a warped face). The battle system is a neat little idea, where you have to balance your energy to make sure you have enough to either heal or fight each turn (I did a VERY bad job at this!). 

You wander around your dream world until you find the exit and then repeat the daily process, as things get progressively more threatening and isolated in the house.

It's quite a heavy game, and things come to a pretty grimly inevitable end... but it was a very worthwhile experience, and I'm glad I stumbled upon it.

If you want to dive into a dark and morbid RPG adventure game with some very unique aspects, this is worth a look!

This was a wonderful little experience that I really hope gets more attention in the future.

The click and drag style for item combination is a great little way of manipulating the point and click genre, and when you add the cutest of characters as the main focal point you're onto a winner! Everything just works so well, although I would suggest raising the volume of the game a little as it was very quiet when I played it.

I'd love to see more of this little family and their adventures, as I have so many questions! Where are the rest of the family, as shown in the portrait in the dining room? Well, I guess that's the main question. I just want any excuse I can find to play more of this!

Give this a go if you fancy a quick little point and click puzzle experience =) hopefully we see more!

Just another fast food simulator. Nothing else to see here, just serve those not-at-all creepy customers their food. Oh, and don't forget to investigate strange noises from outside. And take out the rubbish. And find out who keeps blocking that back entrance. And give the boss a quick call to help with the ensuing strangeness. And run. Just run.

Honestly, this was a really cool experience, and the twists and turns are really cleverly done. I don't wanna give too much away, so I'll leave it at really good job, the atmosphere is great, the unexpected story elements are great and... well, the whole thing is great!

Keep up the awesome work, everyone, hope to see more weirdness like this in the future =D

I have so much love for this demo. It's full of life, gorgeous design, lots of NPCs to interact with and be bamboozled by and an all-round great little battle and item system.

That's not to say there aren't things that can be improved upon of course, I had an issue equipping and using items at one point, although whenever I have a problem with a game I usually put it down to my own stupidity and not the interface!

It was really fun to walk around this little world, fighting off bad guys and building up my healthy supply of money (I'm rich, I tells ya, rich!). I'm waiting for the Kickstarter with bated breath and I'm 99.9999999% confident that whatever target the devs set will be well and truly smashed (they have my backing for sure)!

So get this demo downloaded, marvel at the awesome old-school adventure game style, laugh at the funny interactions with the townsfolk and be outright entertained!

This was a really well put-together game! The puzzles are great, the atmosphere is heavy despite the dashes of humour sprinkled around the place and in the short amount of time we spend with them the characters are fun and super sarcastic (which makes them weirdly endearing)!

I was pretty upset when I hit the end of the game, but I'm hoping we do get to see more of the story because... well jeez, it's just cruel to leave us hanging like this! This is definitely a story I'd love to see more of, if only because I NEED to know what happens to all of the characters I spent an hour or so getting to know.

I find that any games made in this style need to produce something a little bit unique to stand out, and I really think this game has enough of that originality to carry itself through. The puzzle elements and the clever way the spooky moments are drizzled throughout the game, and the suggestion that different choices can affect the story make this a potentially amazing experience.

So my vote is definitely for more if it's possible, and I'd also highly recommend this to any fans of this game style and also to people who may be a little bit cautious and perhaps even critical of games done in this style =)

First off, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for Ngames pointing me towards this new teaser, because it managed to completely pass me by!

Alright, let's get into this teaser shall we? The atmosphere maintains all of the aspects that made the original 2 chapters so hauntingly creepy, but somehow this new take on the story seems to be even more tense and left me even more on edge.

Being led down twisting and turning hallways with doors opening and closing unexpectedly, forever feeling like you're being stalked... this really does take you on an emotional journey and leaves you wondering just what the heck is happening!

There is so much to this story, and I can't wait to really get stuck into it and see the whole thing! =)

Rarely have I ever been so unwilling and unhappy to have to help people. You want food? We are literally right next to the food aisle! Can you not see I'm trying to do other things? Can you not see that you're hindering me? Can you not see the manager staring at me from behind that door, just looking for an excuse to FIRE ME?

Ahem... yes. This game is a rare thing, as in I found it equally addictive and infuriating! I got fired so many times I was surprised the boss let me back through the front door again. The customers are relentless, and by the end of the whole ordeal I couldn't imagine ever being able to walk into a shop and not relive this horror all over again in my head.

I was not able to succeed in my mission to stack all of the shelves, and I don't think I ever will in the future either... but if you think you can take on these shoppers from hell then I bid you to try. If you dare.

Cracking stuff devs, really looking forward to seeing if this game serves up some new surprises in the future, or if not, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

I couldn't help but immediately think of the Monkey Island games when I saw an adventure puzzle game involving pirates. I guess there's no surprise in that sentiment, but I can see the originality of this game after giving it a playthrough!

Having a timeframe to complete all of the tasks and find all of the secrets makes things really intense, and it took me more than one playthrough to do everything. It was very well put together, and it looks as good as it plays.

Short but sweet, for sure! Although I could really see this as a level-based game, where each level is a different scenario, all with time limits to complete and pass them all. But this mini-experience is a great little standalone game either way.

So if you want to have a quickfire puzzle experience, give this game a whirl =)

There are so many different emotions and concepts screaming for attention in this game. The links to the developer's previous project, Rot, are also welcome... if only because having a little bit of familiarity amidst the madness is oddly comforting.

From sly digs at certain governments and their cuts in funding, to  a strange number-based experiment to absolute hell and back, all within the space of half an hour. It's honestly one of the strangest and horrifying rides I've ever been on, with a faint ray of hope appearing right at the end of it all.

Michael really has a talent for taking raw feelings and throwing them into an interactive story format. While this may not have as much creeping horror as Rot did, there's still a lot to enjoy (if that's the right word!) with this one.

So, first thing to do is head over to the page for Rot and play that before this one. Just to get yourself into the right (or wrong?) frame of mind before diving into this thought experiment.

It's another thumbs-up from me, I can't remember the last time a game left me with equal feelings of despair and hope.

This has got to be one of the most imaginative platformer games I've come across in quite some time.

The title sums it up pretty perfectly, this game is incredibly vibrant, colourful and fun to play! It's got a steady increase in difficulty to prepare you for the rough and tough moments.

Having to switcheroo between characters in the middle of an action really makes things interesting and challenging, and I'm super excited to see how that's going to work out going further into the game, because this little teaser had me dying over and over again!

Since the Kickstarter was a success (hooray!), this is definitely one to watch, and I'll be keeping an eye on it for sure =)

Jeff seems like a nice enough chap. He lives in a very odd neighbourhood though... mind you, so do I! So I can relate.

Anywho, in this short adventure game you take on the role of our erstwhile lovesick hero as he endeavours to find himself true love. His pet bubble offers no valuable assistance in this venture.

After talking on the phone with a seemingly charming gal, we must go and collect some important quest items before going to meet up!

Will we help Jeff find what his heart desires? Is it a fruitless task? Well, why don't you jump into Jeff's mind for yourself and find out!

For some reason I didn't post my review here... not sure how I forgot that!

First off, let me just get something out the way. This game is gorgeous! It's so nice to look at!

Sorry, just thought that was an important thing to get off my chest before diving into my other thoughts.

When I started playing this demo, I was a bit worried that my hands would get tied in knots trying to control two characters at the same time, but the way the game is designed makes it more of a breeze than you may think. Firstly, Wispy (our floaty friend), follows Kimo (our land crawling buddy) around, so you don't have to actually move both at the same time, just Kimo. Second, you only need to really use Wispy when interacting with certain things, like checkpoints and bad guys and the like. This makes the game a much more pleasant and wondrous experience!

The fighting elements (this is where Kimo shines) are also really fun to get to grips with. If you jump and whack an enemy in flight you get bounced back a little, so you have to make sure to time things just right unless you want to fall in the wrong place.

Finally, the boss we have the privilege of fighting at the end is a real challenge, but at the same time not so much of a challenge that I had to call it quits. Every time I died I carried a little bit of knowledge into the next fight, and perseverance pays off! And that's what this game feels like it's gonna be all about. There's going to be moments you think you just can't do it, and you'll have to steel yourself and grit your teeth to make it through.

Phew, this ended up a bit more essay-like than I intended, so here's a TL:DR version: side-scrolling platformery fighty game good. Look pretty. Atmospheric and wondrous. Download and play for yourselves. Much greatness.

Thanks for all the hard work that's obviously been poured into this, and keep up the awesome job! =)

welcome, one and all, to the private kitchen. Be sure to eat your fill, because who knows where the next meal will be coming from?

Another fantastic experience (calling andrea's creations mere "games" would do them a disservice) that leaves you with many questions, despite having the game's main questions answered for you quite specifically at the end. mind you, i didn't receive the true end... so can anybody else manage it?

the whole thing is a creepy, crawling, paranoia-inducing trip, where you turn every corner wondering just when your time will be up. will it ever be up? or is it all constantly downhill from here?

OK, i'm done asking rhetorical questions. all i'm going to say now is that if anyone wants to dig deep into their own psyche whilst wandering around a weird hellscape, then this game is the way to go.

tread carefully, the private kitchen isn't the safest of places.

This was so simple, but at the same time so sweet and heartfelt and truly beautiful.

The Yarn Spinner troupe have a unique talent of telling us stories with minimal (or no) words, and it really does blow me away.

As with No Response, the story unfurls as we navigate our way around the scenery, but this time it's a hopeful, wonderful ending that made me feel all gooey on the inside. And I'm not ashamed to admit that!

If you want to walk around a very pretty looking island whilst watching a tale be told before your eyes, then give this a shot. It's a calming, gorgeous way to spend half an hour or so of your day =)

Mojiken Studio... such a talented, bright bunch of people! This is another beautiful addition to their already impressive library of games.

The puzzles, the point and click aspects, the lovely story and bubbly relationship between the two main characters... everything comes together so well. Add to that lush background art and wacky NPCs and it all adds up to a riveting experience.

This is a wonderful little prologue, and the many different aspects of gameplay keep the whole thing ticking along nicely and I found myself helplessly hooked and unbelievably upset when it all came to an end.

I will be here. Waiting patiently for updates. And I can't wait to see more of this! =)

You certainly managed to do that haha! But you really can't get better than a good challenge (with a few sneaky get-around clauses mixed in, like with the final boss!)

Really good job, very impressive! =D

There are many words I could use to describe this game. I'll stick to the vaguely family friendly ones.

Fiendish. Difficult. Rewarding maybe?

This is a platformer game the likes of which I haven't encountered for quite some time. It's darn hard but there's something about it that kept me coming back for more and more punishment.

My poor character must have been getting sick of being yanked back from the world of the dead so many times by the time I finally got to the end of this endurance challenge!

It's worth it though, because the game invokes memories of those really old-school games with pinpoint jumping accuracy required (with even that not always getting you where you want to be), and a humorous look at the way games have changed over the years.

So if you want to put yourself up against the unicorn of doom (you'll understand later), then get Energised downloaded and prepare. For. Rage.

It's got guns, it's got zombies, it's got more zombies and it's got serious retro vibes. I'm all in!

I know this is all we're likely to get of this game due to it being part of a university project, but what a wild and super fun 10 minutes it was! Mind you, I got so caught up in my Time Crisis nostalgia that I managed to completely forget that House of the Dead was a thing... clever me!

Honestly though, if you're a fan of the old-school on-rail shooters from the days of yore then give this a quick blast, it's a crazy action-packed piece squeezed into a short, easy-to-play amount of time!

I do hope we see more of something else like this in the future, because I would be all over it! Awesome job dev, really threw me back a few years this one did =)

Anything that relates to scientists mucking around with stuff they shouldn't be gets my immediate attention. One of my favourite tropes, this one!

So obviously this game did not let me down! Every step you take increases the tension, and as you slowly but surely uncover what went so wrong in this place it becomes more and more clear that you should, you know, maybe think about skedaddling!

The slow build-up of paranoia mixed with the brilliant final five or so minutes make this a mini-horror experience worth diving into! So grab some shrooms, mind out for the spores and let's get the hell outta here!

Ah, it seems I missed an update on this and I may have played an older version!

However, that will not dim my view of this game! It was a very fun little experience, definitely reminiscent of the old-school platformers I grew up with (and just as odd!).

The story took a lot of unexpected twists and turns, and the hidden pitfalls and kooky bad guys ramped up the challenge level a couple of notches to keep things interesting as the game progressed.

I might have to pop into the updated version to have a peek at some point, but based on what I played I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to occupy their platformer minds for a half-hour or so!

This was just a sheer joy to play from start to finish. Every little puzzling scenario was really fun to play through, and the problems became larger and more rewarding as the game went on.

I know I'm super late to the party with this one, this one got recommended to me just recently. I'm glad I got here late rather than never though!

For anyone who hasn't played this, essentially you play a sort of Limbo Guidance Ghost, there to help people who have recently shuffled off the mortal coil to resolve outstanding things from before they kicked the bucket. The puzzles start off easy but become progressively more complex, with multiple people needing help within the same scenario!

Some of the puzzles take a little bit of outside-the-box thinking, but once you figure them out the lightbulb comes on and it seems so obvious! Or if you're like me, you try to go back afterwards to get a perfect score and still do it wrong!

It's really a lovely little game though, and I can't recommend it enough! So if you're a bit tardy getting here like me, don't fret, just get this played and perk up your day =)

Short but sweet with a very nifty little battle system idea! That's pretty much Rift in a nutshell, but there's more hidden behind the scenes here!

Having the ability to tackle each screen with different methods makes the whole experience much more interesting. I'm very much a "barge in headfirst and attack everything in sight" kinda gamer, and that tactic did work out for me (in the long run). But I was taught that sometimes patience is the best way forward, and learning that particular virtue helped me overcome some of the screens nearer to the end of the game.

The final boss was nice and tough, and took a good few attempts to beat. A little bit of skill mixed with a good dash of luck was required there!

Pretty solid game jam entry, these games always impress me considering how much has to be done to get something like this done in a week! So if you're looking for a quick action/stealth game to pass a quarter of an hour or so then definitely give this one a shot.

This was delightfully, devilishly, despairingly odd! In the best possible way, of course.

I find that the horror games that get me the most are the suggestive ones, the ones that build up tension in the background a little bit at a time until your brain just can't stand it anymore and you just want to wake up. Then you realise that you can't do that because you're already awake.

Which is ironic, since this game seems to specifically be about dreams and the strangeness we can encounter within our own minds after we fall asleep. And I'd say this game does a pretty good job of inducing the kind of paralysing fear we experience when we're stuck in a nightmare we can't get out of.

Awesome work, Jan, keep it up! And if any of you are looking for a strange out-of-body gaming experience that'll eat up 15 minutes, this is your best bet!

Along with a few others here, I got drawn to this game on the idea of having to pick a book for my dad to read in real life. And like a few others also, my dad is no longer around.

So this became a theoretical purchase... I mean, it is a game so it would have even been theoretical if I actually did need to buy my dad a book... but it became twice as theoretical! And now I think I may have broken the record for using the word theoretical the most times in one paragraph.

Right, back to some kind of review. This gaming experience made me think about my past, made me remember the times me and my dad used to have, and also gave me a few good laughs along the way thanks to some of the more ridiculous titles and the self-referencing. There were some almost tears too, and some really nice-sounding comics that I wouldn't mind reading in the real world!

So kudos to Deconstructeam for making yet another amazing slice of life experience. If you wanna plop yourself down and peruse some very interesting pieces of literature then I highly recommend you get this game downloaded and have some fun! =D

This was just delightful! It's wackily scary... or should that be scarily wacky? Or maybe both of those descriptions work?

Ah, either way you play someone. Someone who appears to be locked in a store. With an angry tub of delicious noodles hunting you down! So get your running shoes on, grab those keys and get the heck outta there before the meal makes a meal outta you!

Honestly I had a lot of fun playing this, short and sweet so far and I would absolutely love to play more. So here's hoping we do see more in the future =)

All on your lonesome, that always blows me away to think that one person can pour so much of themselves into one game! Kudos! =D

Oh this was wonderful! A lovely, simple little game that you can just dive right into and have a quick pop at. Win some, lose most, but that's all part of the fun!

Everything meshes together so well. Wander round with no support, find some friendly Warmals to help you out, hunt around the map, explore caves, send your Warmals into battle against icy foes and try to survive! 

Even after beating it for the first time I really wanted to keep playing, there's a lot of replay value here and a potential for growth too, if the dev so desires!

So pull on some comfy boots, some extra layers of clothes and get to seeking out some Warmals! =)

This really is gorgeous, the character designs are wonderful, the background art is breathtaking and the little sliver of story that we've seen so far is riveting.

I honestly can't say enough good things about this! It's one of those games that feels immediately familiar as soon as you start playing it, and the characters feel like beings you've known for years.

The interaction aspect of the game is minimal (at the moment), mostly restricted to walking through and exploring the dazzling scenery and interacting with a few characters, but I'm sure there'll be a lot more to it once the Chapters start coming out!

If you like adventure style games with sassy characters, beautiful layouts and the occasional teary moment here and there then get this demo downloaded!

As for the devs, keep up the wonderful work =)


I feel so empty after playing this demo. I... I had a best friend, and then all of a sudden I didn't anymore. I need to be reunited with my buddy, life is meaningless otherwise!

Ahem.. erm, I mean... hang on.

This was a very cleverly put together game, and every second of it was laced with varying degrees of menace, from the subtle to the brute force obvious.

To put together a text-based game that increases the heart rate and makes all the hairs stand up on the back of your neck takes great writing skill, and this demo has that by the bucketload.

I highly encourage anyone who hasn't given this a try to get it downloaded and played, because everyone's experience will be different! We all have different ideas for what our bestie should be called, what our favourite colours and animals are and birthdays. And that info leads to different paths depending on what you input.

So go ahead, join the fun and get yourself a Buddy today! =)

As for the wonderful devs, keep up the great work!


Old school pixelated graphics? Check. Mind-mangling logic puzzles? Check. An intricate, thought-provoking story the brings forth feelings of dread and death and disaster? Check check!

Immanence really is a unique experience, combining classic point and click gaming with modern takes on the futility of life, a future controlled by technology and basically being bereft of control. The whole thing plays beautifully, and flows wonderfully between standard puzzle-solving mechanics and off-the-wall additions to the genre like the use of your phone to access particular elements of gameplay and also connect with social media and your contacts to try and piece together exactly what is going on.

There's also a few wonderfully well-placed scary moments in the game too that require quick reflexes to get out of, and the autosave function isn't so harsh that you lose tonnes of what you've done if you fail once or twice (although it would be nice to have the option to save whenever you need to, it's not something that ruined the game being unable to do).

Massive thumbs up from me, I really enjoyed the whole thing and it really left me in a state of self-reflection (and a tiny bit of confusion). Great stuff, really recommend it to anyone who loves old fashioned 2D point and click games and fancies being a bit philosophical!

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I love games that challenge me, because believe me I am stubborn and refuse to admit defeat!

If Alive, Run starts off pretty rough and only increases the tempo from there, which I can appreciate. Might as well thrown you in at the deep end and say good luck to ya!

Determination and the ability to accept that you need to die several times to figure out each level is what you need to progress here, and it certainly carried me through quite a bit of the content here! But... I have to be honest. I was beaten by this game. I did not complete the If Alive, Run challenge and now lay down the gauntlet to every other avid rage game player out there... can you get further than me? And if you can, can you tell me how pretty please and thanks very much?

Hats off to Provided Play, this was a really fun experience, still annoyed at myself for not being able to 100% it but I just need to live with it! Keep up the great work =)