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So I went ahead and played level 2, but everything seems to have gone wonky! The save system stopped working, and the battles weren't activating and then when I tried to go back out of the game and back in to play level 3 I couldn't even load up my game or start a new game.

I redownloaded the game and still couldn't get anywhere, so I'm thinking my computer may have done something dumb... but I will try to get the game up and running again so I can play level 3 because even though level 2 didn't work properly for me I still really enjoyed it haha!

Aww, I love this so much! RPGs are my favourite type of game, and although I'm not usually keen on the tactics style having forest creatures as the main characters won me over!

The story is nice and engaging (darn that too cool for school badger crew!) and really reminds me of an old kid's show / comic called The Animals of Farthing Wood? If you've never heard of it look it up, it's eerily similar to some of the traits in this game (in a good way haha!).

I've started recording my quirky little playthrough of the game, and I'll be back to play more for sure. I thought this was awesome, and you all keep up the great work =)

I really didn't expect what I got here! A beat em up that rapidly turns into a horribly sad story, piece by piece. This was excellently done, and really did hit a nerve. Gorgeous.

Created a new topic Excellent!

Wow. Just... wow. At first I thought we were just going on a nice ramble while our friend bored us with jokes, but that uneasiness kept on creeping up the further into the countryside we got.

And what a pay off at the end, excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed this, it was a great experience! Keep up the amazing work =)

Oh I liked this! The game itself looks gorgeous, and having a youngling as the main character is a great idea too, it's not something we see a whole lot of in the horror / thriller genre.

I had a wee bit of trouble with the bridge (as you'll see in my playthrough!), but you know, it was totally worth the effort in the long run, and the whole experience was great (and creepy, mustn't forget creepy).

Keep up the awesome work, really looking forward to seeing more =)

Oh this was so well done! The twists and turns and having the keep replaying to get to the truth was a great touch. Added a nice little bit of intrigue to proceedings =)

I was very impressed with how much depth there was to the game too, considering the minimalist style, I was really hooked on the feel of everything.

All in all a fantastic game, keep up the amazing work =)

Oh this is good. The way the tension slowly builds and you anticipate something happening, every single door becomes more and more of a gamble and a massive event, the sweat starts beading on your forehead and you wonder whether you shouldn't just stop and huddle in the corner of whichever cramped four door room you happen to be in...

This was an excellent, claustrophobic experience and I loved every second of it. Can't wait to see where you take it from here =) keep up the amazing work!

Created a new topic Great so far!

Point and click games are one of my favourite ways to pass some time, and this one is so good! There's that lingering feeling of always being on edge, never quite knowing when something's going to jump out of the shadows at you, mixed with the intuitive puzzles and subtle humour ("a makeover won't improve its looks" was one of my particular favourites) makes for a great all-round experience.

I didn't get all the way through this preview in one go but I may well go back and see if I can figure out what needs to be mixed with what to get this done in the future, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product! Keep up the great work =)

Also, sorry for posting this in multiple places, just wanted to make sure I gave the game reviews and ratings wherever I could find it!

Created a new topic First Look!

So, I really enjoyed what you have so far. When I first started playing things seemed a wee bit clunky, but that's nothing out of the ordinary for an early alpha! As I played more, and picked up a little bit of the story I started getting sucked into the world more and more, and also started noticing how gorgeous the scenery and backgrounds are in the game.

I encountered a couple of bugs, like when I walked right into the ramp near the beginning and then when I managed to get stuck in a rock (classic Mikey, breaking the game!), but on the whole everything ran pretty darn well!

The language I found to be very intriguing. To me it came across as Scottish-esque (I'm nigh-on Scottish myself too), but your write-up about it really was interesting!

I didn't quite make it to the end of the demo though, I think I played myself to death trying to get past everything, but I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this! Keep up the great work =)

This game's got a really good atmosphere, and you definitely left me wanting to know what happens next! Everything ran smoothly for me too, which is always a bonus =)

The creep factor was set up just right, there wasn't just a constant barrage of scares which really left me on edge wondering where the next spook was coming from! Keep up the awesome work, really looking forward to seeing more =)

Ahh, this is such a deep game. I really connected with a lot of the issues being raised, and it really touched me.

I'm looking forward to playing this again when the text error has been corrected, but in the meantime thanks so much for making this, and keep up the great work!

I like them all as in their designs, so I purely meant dislike as in I'm suspicious of them haha! In that regard I wouldn't trust Grayson or Louis as far I could throw them =D

I loves me a good point and click puzzle adventure, and this one is especially intriguing. Building a Saw-esque theme into things worked really well to me, you kept me really on edge during the whole experience. The journals were really well-written and gave me serious chills and I've already decided who I like and don't like (although I'm probably in the wrong camp haha!)

Keep up the great work on this one, really looking forward to seeing and playing the final product =)

This is so well done, the game does a cracking job of oozing retro charm whilst also building up a creep factor in the background. I didn't manage to resolve everything and finish the story (if it ever does finish!), but I had a super fun time playing!

Keep up the amazing work, this was great!

Ah, this was super fun! I still can't believe I scored 87 on my first try and then got progressively worse though, that's just typical me!

This may be a teeny tiny game that takes a minute to play, but the art and sound and style are really good and honestly I played this a lot more times after I'd finished making the video. Keep up the great work, this was awesome!

You know, you've really got something here. One of those rare things, a game that's equal parts frustrating and riveting. I didn't want to stop, even though I lost my mind!

I also enjoyed the "having to figure things out on your own" aspect, learning what everything does and when to use it. If you hold players' hands too much in a game like this I think something would be lost, so definitely keep that aspect =)

All in all I think this is looking really good so far, especially with the nice mysterious story hidden away in the background! Keep up the awesome work, can't wait to see where this goes next!

I really enjoyed this little glimpse into Mechanic 8230! The world you've built is very interesting, and very weird! I didn't quite manage to get to the end of the demo, but I had fun trying and look forward to seeing more =)

Keep up the great work!

I think you made the right choice, adding too much farming into the mix would make it too Harvest Moon-esque, and I like the idea of running a workshop rather than a farm in this instance.

The suggestions I've seen below about having an assistant running a farm while you reap the benefits seem like a good direction to go though.

I loved this and I hated it at the same time. That's when you know you've made a good game haha! Every time I got my buttocks handed to me I just dived back in and tried again, and having replayability is a fine asset indeed =)

Seriously though, I didn't hate it at all, the whole thing looks gorgeous, plays amazingly (even better with a controller I'd imagine but I like to make my life difficult!) and the little nugget of story piqued my interest enough for me to want to see more. Keep up the excellent work, I really hope you hit your Kickstarter goal!

Posted in Looking Good!

So I popped back in to wrap things up for the demo, you've definitely got a strong game going here, and I'll be keeping a keen eye out for updates =)

This was so darn good! The whole time I was playing I felt I was doing something subversive yet important. And then we got to the end and yeah... wow!

I loved the way you mixed the skill games with the story, really kept me invested in persevering! Keep up the awesome work =)

Created a new topic Looking Good!

Hey hey! I dived into this game not really knowing what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by how well formed everything is looking so far. There's a couple of little issues I ran into (the mouse sensitivity is way high and some text boxes don't disappear when they probably should), but on the whole it's shaping up nicely and I'm really excited to play more of this!

Keep up the great work and you'll be seeing more playthrough vids of this from me in the future for sure =)

This was so amazing! Loved the idea, loved the art style, loved everything about it. Short but sweet and really hoping you're going to push on and make more of this =)

Keep up the awesome work!

I finally came back to play the new demo, so sorry it took so long! The creeping mechanism seems to work a lot better in this one (unless I just got better at it haha!).

I'm massively intrigued to see what happens, so I can't wait to see future updates! Thanks for the awesome game, and keep up the super great work!

Oh man, this was quite the subtle little heart-stopper! Atmospherically it's fantastic, everything looks so damn gorgeous (ironic, considering the dilapidated environment). The scares are timed just right, and aren't overdone and the ending leaves me wanting a whole lot more!

This game has been cooked to perfection, loved every second! Also loved that you had the graphic altering options because boy my computer couldn't handle it at maximum capacity haha! Keep up the fantastic work! =)

Well here we are, as requested! Part 2 is up and done and full of even more rage haha! Really enjoyed going through this, and really looking forward to seeing more in the future =)

Awesome work!

This was super frustrating in parts, but in the right way. Back to the old school style of gaming where you have to try, try and try again. I appreciated that (despite my evident rage haha)!

I love the adventure / RPG style mixed in with the swarm of enemies mechanics too, makes it nice and relaxing for a second when you get to just talk to someone. Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing a whole lot more =)

I did a playthrough too, took me two parts though, had to give my poor hands a rest!

Posted in LUCAH comments

There's something really, really cool about this game. Could it be the unique art style? Maybe. Perhaps it's that haunting soundtrack? Possibly. Or is it the story trying to burst through all of that and tell us a dark, woeful tale tinged with hope? Could be.

Personally I think it's all of that mixed together, and of course with the level up system and equippable and changeable powers. This is shaping up to be awesome, really hope you hit that Kickstarter target!

Replied to ennio in Reditum comments

I think I may well take you up on that offer!

This was massively enjoyable. I loved the little drip-feed style of storytelling, and the massive amount of potential, hidden story hidden behind what we did see. Amazing stuff, even if I did take a while to click what was going on (8 hour road trips will do that to your brain!)

Keep up the fantastic work!

Ahh, this was like electronic meditation. Absolutely stunning to look at, and very quirky too! Looking forward to seeing more from you amazing people!

This was so good! The concept is fantastic, and throwing the tactical and strategy angles into a top down shooter is a touch of genius. I'll definitely be coming back for more of this =)

Keep up the amazing work guys!

This was so good! I went in not knowing what I was getting myself into, but the story just expanded beautifully. Loved every second of it, great narrative and fantastic design =)

Keep up the awesome work!

This was so good! I'm historically terrible at survival games though, so my lack of ability really shone through haha! The concept is amazing though, I love the retro style especially!

I made a boo-boo when doing my video so it looks like I'm talking to myself when I'm reading text boxes, but that was my stupidity! Loving this so far, looking forward to playing a whole lot more =)

Posted in iii comments

This was gorgeous! Simple yet addictive and alluring, you've done a cracking job on this =) I loved every second of it (even the bits that made me pull a little bit of my hair out haha!)

Keep up the fantastic work!

This is truly gorgeous to look at, and also incredibly tense and spine-chilling at the same time. I loved every second of it, and really look forward to seeing more from you amazing people in the future =)

I'm honoured to be the first person to sit and record a video on this game, if that truly is the case =)

I dived back in last night and did the "Fear" playthrough, and am loving how the whole atmosphere changes with the new emotion. Honestly, I love this more and more!

I adored this! Every sentence left me hanging on the next one, and the ending I got to was just so... heart wrenching. I'm certainly going to play more of this, so well-written and beautiful in its simplicity.

Keep up the fabulous work! =)

Hey hey! I have to say I super enjoyed the concept behind this and so far it's looking gorgeous =)

I think perhaps the checkpoint mechanic needs a bit of tweaking so you don't need to walk back into every checkpoint after respawning (there were a couple of time I got bumped right back to the beginning of a level because it forgot which checkpoint I was up to haha!).

Other than that keep up the fantastic work and I can't wait to see more!