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If you go into your browser for the game instead, it's because the game is hosted on Mediafire. You can download it from there.

Hey Devs,

I really want to say thanks for making this game. The narrative was incredible and, though it was short, I enjoyed the story immensely. I was sincerely expecting a few jumpscares, but the atmosphere really held the tight feeling in my chest as I played through it most of the time. It's strange, but with the main characters name being the same as mine, I felt a little more weary walking through the place and experiencing it.

There were only a few gripes I had with your title. I wish there was an options menu to change a few settings, such as mouse sensitivity and subtitles. The latter's importance would be tenfold for quite a few I assume since quite a lot of the text used was in cursive (and it's harder to read in high-render environments on small pages). It would also benefit others to have the option of scaling the quality (which really restricts who can play your game right now).

One glitch (I believe it may be) is the pacing of the text that comes up throughout the house with the circles. At first I thought it was because I stepped through all the circles that the text coming up on the walls disappeared, but the next time I stayed still it almost seemed to dissolve faster. I'm not sure if this was meant to be read incredibly fast or if it's just a little wonky, but it made me feel like I was missing major parts of the story.

Regardless, your game was really pretty and I feel that it's worth what I paid. I hope you don't take what I've said bad, but rather use it to improve upon the platform from a players perspective.

Thanks again!

Thanks for letting me know more about your work, I appreciate the backstory much more now :)

Great work! Hope to see more from you in the future!

I'm so hyped up for this!!  Good luck, I look forward to grabbing it when it's available :D

Definitely got a watch from me.  Looking forward to the process of you creating this and the outcome, I'm sure it'll be amazing!  Thanks for letting me know about it :D
I'm curious to see whether we'll start as a zombie, or if we'll just run into one.  I loved the whole mystery behind Embuscade for that reason, because I had NO idea we were a zombie at first, so it'll be interesting to start with the knowledge of how it's going to be!

Holy heck, I literally cannot wait for this to come out!  I'm excited to delve into yet another game by you especially considering it's dark orientation and the supernatural vibes.

Had a great time playing this!  Got the True End first time, so I'm pretty happy about that, gonna try for the bad route, but I had a ton of fun getting to know the characters!  Hope to see more from you in the future!

I didn't make it quite that far in the video I created, though I do have some questions pertaining to what my thoughts were in the video.

Are we at some point going to get a backstory or at least some sort of arc where we make progress in saving ourselves, or is the whole basis of the game surrounding just staying alive on the Raft? I know you probably get this question constantly and after I post this I'm going to hunt down some other threads that may have theories or discussions about it, because I love the heck out of this game and I'd love for it to become a full release (even on steam!)

I just want to thank you guys as well for creating this world for us, it's a really fun survival/crafting experience that I haven't really had before. Definitely can't wait for some future updates!

Here's my video if you'd like to view it:

I'll just say one thing first, the base of the story is awesome and I really hope you continue to build off of it! I didn't completely understand what was going on, but I came up with a theory of my own. I'm not sure if it's correct, even the slightest bit, but I gave it my best thought. Are you planning on putting more into this or is it a stand alone mystery? Did I miss something important?

Just a few questions I had, but either way, it was totally awesome, even if I didn't grasp what it was completely, it was cool to draw my own idea from it. Maybe that's the whole point.

If you'd like to view my thoughts, I made a video on it:

Thanks for creating something so intriguing! :D

Wow! You definitely captured the atmosphere with that, for sure. The change in the plant really indicated how the environment was changing, along with the character and their grip on happiness.

Killed my plant, Jerry. No regrets. This game has some great atmosphere and an pretty great story line too. The voice acting was perfect and the effects were even more brilliant. Thank you for making this game :D

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I can't tell you how much this game meant to me, especially with so many people close to me that are within the LGBT community, including myself.

I hope you'll continue to make more games, even if they aren't strictly within this genre. Your concept for (I'd rather not say little, since the message behind is so large) this short game hit a lot of people, I'm sure, as it did for me.

Here's my playthrough, thank you, again.

For real though, I loved the attitude you gave this guy. I wish I was more like him. I wish I could be him... But I'm not. Like him. Here's my video.

Seriously one of the more interesting point and click games I've played. I like the art style behind it and how the story progresses. There's a lot of theories I want to draw from it but I don't know which one is right!!

Here's my playthrough either way: Thanks for creating this awesome work of art!

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Good lord this game was insanely freaky to play at night. Devs, you did an AMAZING job at really capturing the atmosphere and making it the right amount of horror without needing jumpscares. I seriously can't wait for some more work from you guys!

My playthrough: The House Abandon

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Honestly, I don't think you understand what a developer goes through when creating their games. The art that's behind it, the long hours poured over for some random person on the internet trying to tell them how THEY should run THEIR GAME? How about this, you try and support a project by yourself without the option of letting those who'd like to support it (which is easily negatable by clicking the download button regardless) and see where that gets you. There are TONS of demos on Steam and many other platforms that people pay for. It supports the project, it gets content to its players faster, and it shows the developer that WE CARE. Take your unknowledgable self somewhere else, cause I guarantee you, everyone here will disagree with you.

This game was amazingly beautiful. It's so freaking realistic, I can seriously see this happening should the world ever come to this. The focus dedicated to the two characters, rather than the whole world around them was perfect. As always you guys blew me away with your rich storylines and great artwork.

I fell in love with your game, dev. It was funny, yet serious all at once. You really took the relationship between friends and laid it bare. Thank you, for such a great game! I'm glad I got the good end, though I may go back to see if there's anything else.

Here's my gameplay:

This was freaking beautiful. Thank you so much for making this!! It's really relaxing.

I've been having a whole lot of fun playing this game, so much so that I decided to make a game play out of it! I'm pretty far into it now, though only the first part is up, more to come soon. Thanks for making this, I've been looking everywhere for some LGBT gameplay and it's hard to find sometimes.