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Seriously one of the more interesting point and click games I've played. I like the art style behind it and how the story progresses. There's a lot of theories I want to draw from it but I don't know which one is right!!

Here's my playthrough either way: Thanks for creating this awesome work of art!

Thank you so much for the video!
I'm very happy for all the love "sleepthrough" is getting. Yours too!
As I've already (somehow) stated in the game's description, nothing is there by chance.
The whole plot is subtly hinted by the same recurring symbols and imageries that made you ponder about their meaning.
The doll, the man in the lighthouse, the hand and all the other eerie images, were not placed to scare, but rather to represent the fearful transformations that marked the girl's life.
Let's just say that the key to unlock the mystery... is right there, all the time.
And the ending words shed a light toward the truth.
Anyway, thanks again for this amazing video!
I really like your style. ;)
Bye! 👋😉✌️