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Indeed it has not, at least if you still haven't reached an ending screen (and even after that, there's more to do if you want 😉).
In any case, to reach the ending screen make sure to go back interacting with someone who, despite her condition, can "foresee" your future (the same one who always gives you hints about your next step).

Thank you!
And yes, unfortunately that counts as cheating too, but you know, "Quit The Game In-Game To Win" sounded a bit mouthful. 😉

Cyber is the oldest game I've ever worked on, originally released when there was no app (and initially distributed only through my own website). This game has an installer on its own, probably incompatible with the desktop app. Most of my other games make use of a self-extracting method, and my latest ones are just zipped archives (which seems to be an easier method to handle for the app). Regarding the failures you're getting during the downloading process, I'm not sure I can be of any specific help for that. A few browsers (like Chrome) may block the download of some files when they don't appear to be downloaded as often as their whitelisting databases need to (and probably the presence of a dedicated installer is not leaving enough leeway to allow their file analysis systems to work as flawlessly as they're supposed to). I could now prevent most of that by repacking the game into a more suitable way of distribution, but since the game's English version "features" a poorly outsourced translation from its original Italian script, I'm reluctant to do so just now, because one of my future projects is to give the game a complete overhaul (its aspect ratio is still 4:3) and finally fix its English translation once and for all. Back then, I couldn't take care of the matter first handedly, and so I blindly trusted someone who just "google-translated" it and called it a day.

If you're still interested in giving this game a go (be it for its "historical value"... or just out of pure curiosity), you can try getting it directly from my own website (hoping this different source will finally allow you to download the file):

Thanks for your interest in Cyber, and if you want, feel free to take a look at my most recent productions.



Tiles-Up is a board game for two players (human vs. CPU or human vs. human) that plays like a mix of TetrisBackgammon, and Reversi.

It may sound complicated, but its rules are simple enough to let new players enjoy the game at its fullest in no time at all.

Have fun!

Thank you, Houssem!

Lenore's Birthnight

Nightmares cease to be our reality only when we wake up from them.
But some dreamers may linger asleep, lost in a bygone existence.

Help Lenore look for her time.
Let her find the way out within you.

-  -  -

Lenore's Birthnight features:

  • explorative and lore focused gameplay
  • knowledge powered, turn-based fights
  • deduction/interaction puzzles
  • mini-games with playthrough-tied outcomes
  • physical and metaphysical abilities
  • environmental storytelling
  • creepy, horrific, and surreal imagery
  • self-contained lore's mysteries
  • random events (some to be wary of!)
  • an entirely mouse controlled interface (fully compatible with touch screen devices)
  • hand-drawn, pixelated graphics and animations
  • original music (especially composed for the game)
  • extensive use of interactive and atmospheric sound effects (ASMR quality)
  • hidden secrets to be discovered...

Thank you!

Thanks to you for playing it! 👍

Hi, first of all, thanks to you for having supported the bundle. So, as stated on the accessibility info tags, this game features high-contrast for all of its texts (it says subtitles too, but only because it's a text-only narrative), but I think there's something I need to clarify: while it's true that in the F.A.Q. above I say that playing this game is "as if" you're doing that through the eyes of a blind person, the game itself is not about blindness or featuring visual impaired characters. The darkness in which the town is engulfed is of a supernatural kind and physically there for everyone (like a thick black fog). Thus, the experience is not specifically aimed to mimic a visual impairment, but only to be a simulation of a sensory limited condition, albeit with a gameplay still entirely based on sight (needed to read texts and see the cursor's position) and sound (to hear the touch of every interactive object at reach, and in a few special case, to understand where you should be directed to progress with the story). I'm sorry if this is not enough to let you enjoy Towayami at its fullest, but I'm always open to suggestions and/or requests to make any of my works more accessible when and if needed.

- Andrea

Thank you! 👍

Thank you for your kind words! I've really appreciated your feedback. 👍
And yes, I totally understand what you mean. I guess that's because I've always been told my games' endings were a bit too obscure and even hermeneutic at times. So, the narrative of my latest works (Blank Books included) often finds its closures on safer and clearer shores made of "final explanations".
I'll surely keep in mind your suggestion for my next work, where I'll try to avoid exposing it too much in its final moments.
Thanks again! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it. 😊

Thanks! 👍 I'm glad you managed to get it run in the end. And yes, my games are never too scary, I prefer keeping players invested in the story without constantly threatening them with jumpscares.

Thanks again for your words! 👋

Thank you so much! 👍

Yeah, Win10 seems having issues with the self-extraction method. Try the zip version with Win7 compatibility mode. If still to no avail, try running the game through the file "game.exe" you'll find inside the "Data" folder (only downside, screen resolution won't be correctly set).

As always, thank you so much for the video! 👍

And don't worry, I'm here to help. 😉 As long as the experience is enjoyable, I'm fine. Hints or not. 😄

Thanks again and bye! 👋

Yes, it's from the eponymous game you can download for free here:

Also, one of the tracks got an overhauled and extended version called Emotional Ballast: 

Help provided on Discord. :)

Thank you!

Thank you so much! 👍 
I'm so glad you've enjoyed it! 😊
Thanks again for your kind words, they really mean a lot. 👋

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Undertake a journey of reminiscence and denial, in the unfettered pursuit of closure and absolution from the darkest times of your life. 
Face your memories head on, and transform your pain into suffering. 
Remember how to forget, and heal your wounds forever.

Leaving Is Remaining is an escape-the-room horror game.

Inspired by E. A. Poe's Tell-Tale Heart, this game will let you explore the claustrophobic meanders of an everchanging environment made of madness and despair.
In order to leave the room, you will first need to remember why you're inside it.

Your only tools are your memories.
And as inventory, all you have is your brain.

When in doubt, check the HELP screen: it'll provide useful instructions and hints to ease your way out of the room.

WARNING This game contains disturbing imagery, unsettling sound effects, and a mild jumpscare.
Though all these contents are essential to the story, player discretion is nevertheless advised.

Thank you! 👍

Woah, thank you! 😊 
Glad you liked it!👍


No stars tonight.

How's it possible to miss something you never had?

In Infinightly you'll be looking for what's been missing from your life for all this time. 
But you see something everyone should be afraid of: there are no stars tonight.

If you think this game is an enigma,
it's because it contains one.

Thanks! 👍
Well, the circular view gets explained in the real (secret) ending, and it's an important part of the plot.
But obviously, you have won't know it (yet) until you reach that part. 😉
About the place where you're stuck: press "I" (ie. where are "you" on the keyboard) while standing in the corner with the readable "I think I got it".

Thank you for the video! 👍
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
The riddle isn't the easiest thing to solve, but it gets clearer once you go back to the 6th chapter and start looking around you... 😉

Thanks! 👍 And no, that's not a freeze. To reach the real ending you're supposed to do something in that time-frame... 😉






This is barely a "game". Even the simple definition of "entertaining device" is not suitable for "the_big_experiment". 
As its title says, this piece of software is more of an experiment. A narrative interaction with a plot slowly unraveling throughout the entire experience. 

Also, it's not endless. 
There are 2 clear and defined endings. The "good" one is only reachable by following some very strict rules.
Understanding the inner mechanics of "the_big_experiment" is what the playthrough is all about. 

Make its meaning yours and hold it deep down at the bottom of your heart. 


Thank you! 👍 
I'm glad you liked it. 😊
If you're up for some more, don't forget to check my library for other similar titles like Black Tree Project, Lyssophobia, or Sleepthrough
Enjoy! 😉

Indeed! And thank you! 👍

Thank you! And yes, there is an ending and a way to reach it. 👍

Glad to hear that! Thanks! 👍

Embark on a nightmarish journey where death is no escape.
For a long time, a dark secret has been caged by three questions nobody can answer.

Explore a forgotten reality and discover its rules.
Take a chance and face the horrors that await you. 

This is Private Kitchen.
And you're on the menu...

This game is a single player, first-person, and retro-inspired psychological horror adventure, featuring multiple chapters, alternative endings, original music, surreal setting, disturbing imagery, and environmental storytelling. 
Also, a great care was taken in crafting a densely layered and poignant narrative. 
In fact, all that you'll see, hear, touch, and read has a meaning and a defined role in the story. 
Specific items and other elements such as sounds, symbols, patterns, and words have all a reason to be there and belong to various recurring themes. 

Experiencing Private Kitchen firsthand (without any previous knowledge about it) is strongly recommended.

More than one playthrough might be needed to enjoy everything Private Kitchen has to offer.

Keep your senses sharp and your mind open.

Thank you so much! 👍

It really means a lot to me when people enjoy my games and tell me about it. 😊

I suggest you try some other titles similar to this (even if they are completely different experiences) like "Black Tree Project" and "Ivory gardens of our past". Or, if want to play a longer one (still with the same style), be sure to check "Sleepthrough" out. You can find them all on my main page here:

Thanks again! 😉

Thank you!

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Thank you! 👍
And sure I am active on itchio! 😊
Why shouldn't I be? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Time. It's mostly about time. 
Your playthrough experience is randomly decided by how much time passes between any progress the game makes by itself.
You don't have any power to interfere with the game.
You're just a witness of its gameplay. Like watching a streamer playing a game.
The story reflects this by relating time with being powerless.
Still, the choice to listen to it is yours. So, do as you wish.

Hey, Houssem! 👋
Thanks for trying Sealess Mother!
I'm so glad to hear you're back! 😊
See you soon, then! 👍😉

Thank you! 👍

Thank you! And thanks for the video too! 👍