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Great! 😉
As always, thanks for the video! 👍

Alright! 😊
I'm glad you're enjoying it. 😉
Thanks for the video, then! 👍

Thanks for the video, Houssem!
Cool thumbnail! 👍
Remember that this game (just like all my other games) requires a 16:9 (aka widescreen) resolution, or you might just miss some crucial elements.
Anyway, if you need help with the game, feel free to post your questions on my Discord server. 😉
Thanks again and bye! 👋

Thank you for the video!
And yes, you still haven't reached the ending.
There's a lot more to play, and solving the riddle is fundamental.
I won't spoil too much here, but please, feel free to (gradually) check this let's play to see how to proceed:

Hey, Houssem! 👋
Thanks for trying Sealess Mother!
I'm so glad to hear you're back! 😊
See you soon, then! 👍😉

Thank you! 👍

Thank you! And thanks for the video too! 👍

Thank you so much for the video! 👍

Oh, and I'm so glad you managed to listen to the radio. It's an easy to miss thing, so this could even be the only existing let's play (finally) featuring the "whole thing"!

Thanks again! 👋😉

Thank you for the video! 👍
And no, the screen doesn't need to be flipped since it's not about you going inside your computer, but rather you experiencing a reality which stands outside of your PC (and inside your mind) until you quit the game. 😉
You might better understand what I mean by playing these other games of mine (and if you enjoyed Lyssophobia, they're really something you don't want to miss):

Enjoy! 😊

Thank you so much for the video! 👍 
I'm really glad you enjoyed it! 
About the deer, well, it's a female deer, a "hind"... "be-the-hind"... "behind". 
Let's just say there something (or better, someone) behind you while you play the game. All the time. 
Remember the first words ever displayed on your screen when you started playing the game. 
... who's really playing the game? 😉 

Thank you! 👍 I'm glad you enjoyed it!😄

Please, feel free to check "Black Tree Project", a shorter game I made before this one, which shares a lot of things with Lyssophobia:

Oh, if you happen to go back to Lyssophobia (and this is a hint I'm giving to everyone), just remember to fully listen to the radio, both times you meet it in the "clickable dimension". It tells you a couple of interesting facts.😉

Thank you!
Developing this game into a playable form took me about a month, but all my released projects, included Lyssophobia, are always the result of a long researched and thoroughly thought process.
I didn't know about the GDWC, thank you for letting me know about it. 👍
I just joined with a Lyssophobia entry. 😉

Thank you!👍 I wholeheartedly agree! 😄

Thank you! 👍

Sure, don't worry. 😉
Thank you so much for the video and for your reactions! 😃
I know something is coming for Lyssophobia... so, see you there! 👋

Thank you! 👍

Thank you so much! 👍
It really means a lot to be so appreciated after all the hard work making a game like this requires.
And I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
Thanks again for the video! 😉

Lyssophobia [ lis-uh-foh-bee-uh ] 
- noun (Psychiatry): 
1. A pathological fear of going insane. 

Lyssophobia is a psychological horror game where you will:

  • experience a constant sense of ominous foreshadowing; 
  • know things without even knowing that you already knew them; 
  • play a game to play the game inside the game; 
  • recover the memories of your deeds; 
  • understand what going insane without losing your mind is like...  and be terrified by the mere thought of it. 

This game is a physical manifestation of a horrifying and disturbing story revolving around the darkest meanders of the human psyche.
The screenshots on the game's page have carefully been chosen to contain as less spoilers as possible. 
A lot of twists and 4th wall breaking "special features" have to be experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated and enjoyed.
The less you know the better.

Go to your Windows Start Menu and choose "Cyber(Windowed)".
Or just go to the installation folder and execute the file "Run_game_Windowed.exe".

Thank you! 👍

Thanks! 😉
And thank you for the video too! 👍

There are many ways to describe what NIKHEDONIA is. 
sudoku for robots? 
Desert golfing with numbers? 
Maybe the hardest puzzle game ever made

Well, it definitely is an endless and procedural experience. 
Take a look at the screenshots to get a better sense of what I'm talking about. 

All I know is that NIKHEDONIA had to exist. 
And now it does. 

Thank you for the video! And yes, you nailed the "ghost in the machine" aspect of the game.
Good job! 👍

Thank you! 👍

Outstanding! I had to go check if my development notes were still there. 😉
You were incredibly spot on. It's an amazing feeling when you realize you managed to correctly convey a story through a unique narrative way you've studied, researched, and designed for so long.
My usual gameplay "format" is short and sweet, but if you only knew what's behind those few minutes... 😌
I really enjoyed the video. This is exactly how my games should be played: actively and with the brain switched on.
Well done! 👍

Thank you!

Check my latest game BLACK TREE PROJECT

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Thank you for the video! 👍
Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the video! 👍

Wow, thank you! 😉👍

Thank you! Glad you liked it. 😉

Thank you! 👍

Who are you? Such a simple question can hide a horrifying reality. 

BLACK TREE PROJECT is a short horror game about mind control, secret facilities, broken lives, and canned laugh tracks.

Turn off the lights, wear your best headphones, and get ready for a quick journey down the dark spires of BLACK TREE PROJECT.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. 😉

Thank you! 👍

Thanks! 👍

Ivory gardens of our past is a pixelated horror game made of madness and fearsome obsessions. 
It's a world stuck somewhere between a barrel full of blood and a stranded whale, rotting its life away. 

I don't know, maybe it's the weather, but we all feel so hazy tonight. 

Do your best out there, it's a flimsy reality.

Thank you! 😉

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Better Than The Rest - HD

Let me tell you why you should play Better Than The Rest - HD.
First of all, this game gives you  multiple choices about your behavioral tendencies. Needless to say, it's a feature.
Secondly, it's all carefully hand-pixelated. I personally took care of each pixel rendered on the screen (satisfying all their needs and goals). 
Third, it's not your average pixelated adventure game. Its story, sounds and music are designed and engineered to make the game stand on its own.
Fourth, this game actually enhances your mind abilities. Its meaning maybe is one of the deepest you'll ever find in any interactive experience you'll ever play.

One last thing: Making games requires time.
And time is money.
Since I'm giving you my time for free, I'm also giving you my money for free.
If you're feeling lucky, good. It's because you are.
So, please, consider a donation when downloading this game.
Just to even things up a bit.

❤❤❤ THANK YOU ❤❤❤

Thank you for the video!

P.S. Look on the left side of the izakaya... 😉


A loud noise came from the sky.
Our town was swallowed up by a thick and engulfing darkness.
We are afraid to step outside our homes.
No place is safe anymore.
Especially when night arrives...

A veil of darkness falls over a quiet town in eastern Japan.
Fear and horror are freely wandering through its empty streets.
Find out what's behind this curse while trying to escape from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - First of all: all your other games are free. Why this one costs money?
A - After over 40 games released for free, I decided to pursue my indiedev career and make it a steady source of income. But it's hard to estimate an income based only on voluntary donations. So, even if it took me a really long time to make this choice, I think that if I want to keep making what I love... while still being able to eat and pay bills, this was a natural and inevitable step to take. We all grow up, get older, and feel the burdens of responsibilities getting bigger day after day. I hope one day I'll be able to make games and make a living through that, without wasting time and resources on jobs that, at the end of the day, don't make me happy. I started developing interactive experiences back in 2009. It's been ten years. Ten years of free games. But the love and passion I put in each and every one of them never changed. With Towayami I raised the bar in almost every aspect concerning the quality of the final product, and with that in mind, I calculated its price from the average donations my most polished games got.

Q - Alright. So, what this game is about?
A - Towayami is essentially a horror adventure game. I won't spoil too much about its story, but you'll have to explore, find and use items, solve puzzles... and survive. And you'll have to do all those things completely in the dark.

Q - I got it. It's as if I'm playing through the eyes of a blind person. Do I have any visual clues to help me out?
A - No, you don't. It's pitch black, so you'll have to make use of the four other senses available to the main character. Mainly touch and sound, but you'll also get to know when something smells or tastes "different". Anyway, your brain will soon get used to this condition and will start filling the gaps by creating visual references where, in fact, there are none. Just like when you happen to wander in the dark in real life.

Q - Do I at least get a tutorial?
A - During the first part of the game, even if you won't find any "hand in hand" guide in it, you'll have all the time and relatively safe areas to learn how to play. At first you'll be confused about who you are and what you have to do, but by just touching and examining your surroundings, you'll soon get enough information to understand all the important bits of the story.

Q - Hey, what's the deal with that black screenshot?
A - You know, taking meaningful screenshots from a game where the main feature is the absence of any graphics... was quite challenging.

Q - What was your inspiration to make this game?
A - After I made "Five minutes a day", I kept thinking about how that short "graphicless" experience could've been expanded into a proper adventure game. Coming up with a good story and a smooth gameplay wasn't a quick and easy task, so this game became a sort of "secret project" I kept working on in between my other releases. Obviously, as stated in my other works, like "The hair in the wall", one of my biggest ispirations is Junji Ito. Many of his stories resonate really strong with Towayami.

Q - One last advice?
A - Only one? I'll give you three: keep your ears open, touch everything, and remember to use the "light touch" (right click) to examine things in a safe way.