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Thanks! And you're also right about your interpretation. 
I'm deeply happy to see that this game's almost wordless message is still able to resonate with so many of you. 😊

Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it. 👍

No, there are no multiple endings or multiple ways to complete the scenes (nor a specific sequence to accomplish that). About its seemingly vignette-like/fragmented structure, as Calum Fraser in his FGP article said, "In In Memory of the Eternity you’re not bad, although you can do bad things, and you’re not good although can you do some good things – you are just a presence, an entity that makes things happen. During the game you experience life in all different shapes and sizes and impact them in unique ways – some mundane, some sad and some funny. In Memory of the Eternity is all about embracing the many aspects of life – horror, happiness and everything in-between. After-all, all life is a miracle and we should be thankful for every sad, mad, happy, surreal, grotesque and beautiful second of it." (

Whether we should really be "thankful" for all of them or not, I'll leave that to the player's interpretation. But one thing is for sure: no matter their impact or entity, our memories will be the only way to live on after we'll become one of them. Important ones, unimportant ones... made up ones, real ones... they're all part of the same narrative that our existence is projecting out into the eternity. It's what makes our "here and now" interesting and worth living.

Thanks! And thank you for the video too. 👍

Thank you for playing it. 👍

Thank you! I adopted a similar style for "On the balcony", but since there things were getting more faceted, I also implemented an achievement system to keep track of the various outcomes.

Glad you liked it! 👍 The atmospheric intention was exactly the one you felt. And yes, those treatments are all real.

That's nice! Thank you. 😊 And congrats for successfully escaping the labyrinth. 😄

Thanks! 👍 I've always been a big fan of those cheap monochrome lcd gaming devices. This was an early attempt at recreating their look-and-feel, but with a more elaborate story.

Thank you! 😊

Nice! Some of the tracks have been uploaded on YouTube too, both on my channel and on this copyright managed topic listing.
Feel free to add the to your playlists. 😉
And thanks again! 👍

Thank you! 😊

Thanks! 😄 Nice to hear you've enjoyed this one too. 👍 And also congrats for getting to play the smoother revision of my little arcade game. 😉 Our Place's ending screen contains a musical treat as well (by yours truly, of course), you just have to operate the stereo on the right.

Wow! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much. 😊

Yep. 😉 Lyssophobia features a similar "trick" too, but less permanent.

Thank you! And yes, this track is also available on my bandcamp page, where you can find a few other soundtracks and some standalone tracks as well.

Thank you! This one was a quick jam entry I made for another platform (back when didn't exist yet). I preserved it, alongside Cyber and a few other games, for historical purpose and value.

Thanks, and yes, playing around with the idea of "scare anticipation" is always one of my favorite concepts to tackle.

Thanks! Sometimes I think how much I'd like to remake some of my most minimalist experiences, and this one is at the top of that list.

Thanks, I'm glad it disturbed you as intended. 😆 And yep, if you saw an eye where it wasn't supposed to be, that's the true ending indeed. 👍

Thank you! A revised, refined, and overall better version of this game is available as a playable extra at the end of "Our Place." 😉

Thanks! This game is probably the longest to beat after "The Self-Playing Game."
Because, yes, there is an ending, but you need to save enough lives in a specific amount of time, and with a certain promptness too.
Understanding these requirements is at the same time a secret and an interpretative endeavour.
"the_big_experiment" is an experiment indeed. 😉

Haha, thanks, but no, this one is just "what it says on the tin." If horror elements are featured in a creation of mine, the latter usually sports "horror" among its tags. Except when it's an unlockable secret, like with Tiles-Up.
Hey, by a strange coincidence, today is the only day of the year when that Tiles-Up's secret can be unlocked. 😉

Thanks again! 😄👍

Thank you for playing this short experience too. I understand how relatable that might be. Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless. 👍

Thanks, I just wanted to make a quick exploration of procedural game design.
This was the first experiment towards that direction. "NIKHEDONIA BLACK" is a more portable version of this same game.
I like the idea of creating something that has potentially unknown content even to its creator.
And little puzzle games are the best to let you have a go at this kind of concept.

Thank you! 😊 Nice of you to give it a read. 👍

Hi, Houssem. It's so nice to hear you're back.
Thanks for the video! And for liking sta[Y]tic too. 😉
I hope you'll enjoy "Just Play Every Game" as well, then.
And congrats for your upgrade! I wish you all the best. 👍

Sure! About the very first challenge (the "click here to start the game" one) just pay attention to where the "HERE" text is located in the retry screen. Try clicking the bouncing-around button when it's aligned with that specific area. For the countdown one instead (the first challenge since the game actually starts) you have to do what the blinking text at the top of the screen says: count down. Every instance of something pointing down (like an arrow, for example) should do just fine. ;) Left-clicking with your mouse will count as counting (pun partially intended), so make sure to have the correct amount of white boxes at the bottom of the screen by the time the countdown reaches zero. 
For any additional hint, I invite you to join the official A.P.P. Discord server, where you'll receive a more in-depth help and in a much more spoiler-safe way too. 👍

Thank you for the video! It's so nice that both of you liked it. 👍 And thanks for your kind words too!

Thank you! It's so great to hear that you liked it, and I'm also glad you've been able to find the secret ending on your own. Over here, notifications come quite late (and through email), so, if you have an immediate hint request, just post it in the #hints channel on my Discord server, or send me a DM on twitter @evonture.

Nice! 😄

Glad you liked it. 👍 I guess you should give his works a go. They're definitely a big influence on everything I create.

Please, be my guest. 👍 And again, congrats for your skills!

Thank you! Yes, that's the survival aspect of it, or a way to build tension up in a horror/thriller where risking your life means repeating the same day over and over, re-experiencing those same perils.

Well done! 😄

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the enhancements! And you're quite spot on with the game's interpretation too. 👍

Thank you, and yes, the HD version, despite being a simpler remaster than a redux (like with "The hair in the wall" one), has a few differences (especially towards the ending).

Thank you for your great review, Mikey!
Happy you liked it. 😊

sta[Y]tic does something special 

sta[Y]tic simulates horror 

sta[Y]tic is a horror simulator

Additional notes:

  • No mouse is required;
  • Multiple outcomes are available;
  • secret ending can be unlocked (pay attention to what the game asks you).