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Thanks again! ❤️

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Thank you! That reminds me I should really fix its poor (at the time, outsourced) English localization. 😅
And yes, there is a walkthrough available (click here), but it's in Italian (it was written by a friend of mine over 10 years ago).
It should be quite simple to translate it into English, just remember that my friend used the "sx" abbreviation for left, and "dx" for right.
In any case, feel free to join the Discord server for additional help. 👍

Nice! Well done, indeed! 😉

Thank you! Glad you like it. 😄

Confidential Marbles exists as an entity of its own. 
The usual approach to a game like this would imply that the main objective is to reach its end. And while Confidential Marbles does include such a possible outcome (in multiple ways), it offers much more than that. 
The game's non-linear narrative is embedded within a special mechanic that allows for you to come back to its world on a daily basis and gradually solve the riddle which lies at the heart of its dark events. 
Discovering every secret may take you a while, but even in the complete absence of savegames, it won't be like starting all over again, because the game is there all the time, waiting for you to play its own deeper game, in a reality that simply exists and always will.

Confidential Marbles features horror elements, disturbing sights, environmental puzzles, and a strategy-based match-3 game with a memory twist.

Best experienced with headphones on and lights off.

This Labyrinth is a game, and as with any other game, it's meant to be played. 
In order to do so, just remember to closely follow its instructions.
It's that simple. 

One night, I dreamed of a game that didn't exist.
Now it does.
This Labyrinth is the result of turning that dream into a playable dissertation on its main themes, while making sure to preserve its atmosphere and contents.

Thank you!
The potentially frustrating (and overwhelming) feeling you get when evaluating if going for "another try" is meant to mirror what's happening inside the mind of the character you play as.
I think that establishing an emotional connection (albeit of an unconscious kind) with the player is crucial to give this story a meaning that goes beyond passive narrative.

Red Pool

Red Pool is challenging.
Red Pool is about timing, reasoning, and perseverance.
Red Pool demands your utmost attention. 
And so does its story. 

Yes, but what is Red Pool?
Red Pool is essentially an arcade game, with an interactive fiction heart, and a thriller narrative.
There's a very high chance that you've never played anything like it. 

This game features multiple endings unlocked through a sequential discovery mechanism.
To preserve the layered meaning of the narrated events, it is advised to complete Red Pool in a single continuous session.
Quitting the game will reset your progress. 

Remember: before it's all said and done, you can always have another try.

For a better experience, make sure to wear a pair of headphones.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, and that you appreciated its text-hunting side as well. Since the game's structure is highly narrative, I thought it was a way to make sure the player had to meticulously go over its story (quite literally 😉).

Thank you for your kind words! 😊 
If you want to delve a bit deeper into the story, I recommend you to have multiple playthroughs. It certainly helps towards catching every "briefly changing" element.

I saw you've joined our Discord server, thank you and welcome! I'll help you out over there so we can keep spoilers at minimum here. 😉

Thank you! 😃 Feel free to try my latest game "A Quiet Nothing" for a longer and more challenging experience. 😉 

Don't worry, the horror aspect, albeit still present, is much more subdued this time, and definitely of an exclusively psychological nature. 
This game is a crime story with creepy/eerie elements, and when/where it gets disturbing, there's no harsh/abrupt introduction of new contents (I'm trying my best to avoid spoilers here 😉). 
In short, I'm sure you can safely enjoy it. 👍

A Quiet Nothing

A Quiet Nothing is a crime story where an unconventionally presented narrative will let you relive the events of a very strange case. 
All the elements required to understand what happened are in your hands. 
Or better, in your mind. 

Thanks! 👍
Feel free to try the redux version as well. 😉
It's a different, and in many ways, even better experience.

Thank you!

Quantum File Splitter

Quantum File Splitter deals with a rather specific case scenario.
Let's imagine three parties: a Sender and two Recipients ("Recipient A" and "Recipient B").
The Sender needs to send a file to both Recipients, but neither A nor B must be able to access the file's content unless the other Recipient agrees to do so as well by providing a proof of consent.
In this case, the following conditions ARE NOT allowed:

  • use of passwords;
  • use of cryptography;
  • unbalanced data distribution (both Recipients must receive the same amount of potential data value).

If you're wondering how all this can be a game, maximize your controlling perspectives.

Thanks, I'm really glad you liked this one too. 👍 And yeah, that was meant to "simulate" the visual awareness we retain while falling asleep. It's so nice that it worked as intended. 😄

Thank you! 👍

Thank you! 😊 Happy to hear you liked it. 👍

Thank you! 👍

Haha, thanks! 😊

Thanks for playing it! And that's exactly the message I was trying to convey. Glad you liked it. 👍

Thanks! And you're also right about your interpretation. 
I'm deeply happy to see that this game's almost wordless message is still able to resonate with so many of you. 😊

Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it. 👍

No, there are no multiple endings or multiple ways to complete the scenes (nor a specific sequence to accomplish that). About its seemingly vignette-like/fragmented structure, as Calum Fraser in his FGP article said, "In In Memory of the Eternity you’re not bad, although you can do bad things, and you’re not good although can you do some good things – you are just a presence, an entity that makes things happen. During the game you experience life in all different shapes and sizes and impact them in unique ways – some mundane, some sad and some funny. In Memory of the Eternity is all about embracing the many aspects of life – horror, happiness and everything in-between. After-all, all life is a miracle and we should be thankful for every sad, mad, happy, surreal, grotesque and beautiful second of it." (

Whether we should really be "thankful" for all of them or not, I'll leave that to the player's interpretation. But one thing is for sure: no matter their impact or entity, our memories will be the only way to live on after we'll become one of them. Important ones, unimportant ones... made up ones, real ones... they're all part of the same narrative that our existence is projecting out into the eternity. It's what makes our "here and now" interesting and worth living.

Thanks! And thank you for the video too. 👍

Thank you for playing it. 👍

Thank you! I adopted a similar style for "On the balcony", but since there things were getting more faceted, I also implemented an achievement system to keep track of the various outcomes.

Glad you liked it! 👍 The atmospheric intention was exactly the one you felt. And yes, those treatments are all real.

That's nice! Thank you. 😊 And congrats for successfully escaping the labyrinth. 😄

Thanks! 👍 I've always been a big fan of those cheap monochrome lcd gaming devices. This was an early attempt at recreating their look-and-feel, but with a more elaborate story.

Thank you! 😊

Nice! Some of the tracks have been uploaded on YouTube too, both on my channel and on this copyright managed topic listing.
Feel free to add the to your playlists. 😉
And thanks again! 👍

Thank you! 😊

Thanks! 😄 Nice to hear you've enjoyed this one too. 👍 And also congrats for getting to play the smoother revision of my little arcade game. 😉 Our Place's ending screen contains a musical treat as well (by yours truly, of course), you just have to operate the stereo on the right.

Wow! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much. 😊

Yep. 😉 Lyssophobia features a similar "trick" too, but less permanent.

Thank you! And yes, this track is also available on my bandcamp page, where you can find a few other soundtracks and some standalone tracks as well.

Thank you! This one was a quick jam entry I made for another platform (back when didn't exist yet). I preserved it, alongside Cyber and a few other games, for historical purpose and value.