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Posted in MORTEM comments

Awesome concept but g'dam are there a sh*t ton of bugs lol.

you are very welcome :))) XD


Interesting game, short but nonetheless - freaky monster!

Awesome game, damn PacMan though...I mean Dot Gobbler.

RIP to MY FLOATING MANSION! Everything was bugging and glitched out and I had to abandon it :(

Great game, RIP this guy is freaking as hell lol - would love to see some real interactions though

Mansion...almost there..not really - I wanted it to big! Lol - Please make a way to make a second floor w/o placing pillars everywhere! That kills my first floor :(

Replied to pantelis5 in Raft comments

Def. not

Posted in Raft comments

This is going to take a while...first castle ever built on Raft! In progress! Hoping there will be a storage feature soon

Posted in Raft comments

It's Mansion Time!!

Posted in Raft comments

Can we reach the end of the map?! We Gotta Try!

Posted in Raft comments

Game keeps getting better and better man, also like cody said, when you get higher the floor placement gets bugged.

Posted in Raft comments

Skyscraper build! Let's do this. The new save feature is a LIFE SAVER.

Posted in Raft comments

Can we get to the end of this map? Let's try!

Posted in Raft comments

Trying to build more and more stairs...haha fun game but not enough challenges!

I had no problem with hunger at all, fish meat/sharks are super easy to get and cook, planting coconuts is also an easy way to keep up the meter.

Posted in Raft comments

Great game, I hope it gets expanded - needs more of a challenge though, the sharks need to be bigger/badder and harder to kill possibly but awesome so far.

Awesome game. Hope there's more to it!

Great game man, definitely wish there was more!

Created a new topic Reborn?

So...is Reborn the same as RE77?

Amazing game! Hope to see more like this!

Awesome game haha. I can see this becoming very fun once expanded!

Definitely going to back this one up.

Just a question, is there a plan for Episode 2?

Awesome hilarious game, simple yet fun lol.


Game scarred me for life. :D

I really need to get back on this game.. lol

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video: https://youtu.be/bdiyT8K2zDk


This is...INSANITY :D

Hilarious everytime...!

Incredibly awesome and surprising game. I really enjoyed it! :) Looking forward to the next chapter.


Awesome game, wish it was longer!

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Pretty good game - wish it was longer!



Posted in Lily comments
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rather shoot myself in the foot than try to play this poorly poorly poorly ported control game T_T 40 min n cant run, walk, crouch, random button keeps bringing me back to the menu and or skips scenes - props to those who got it working

Posted in Lily comments

RIP game controls - pretty horrible so far. no other option to pick up items