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Recent community posts

wow, I always laughed when youtubers say they built the tallest towers, but this is THE tallest tower

Do you realize that the game is about building a big boat?

this kind of sounds more like a community game than a stuck alone in the middle of nowhere on a raft game

why would anyone need to swim?

I think that diving should be added, a shark cage made of scraps would let you stay underwater for short while to collect things from the sea floor and the shark as usual will swim up to you and start attacking your shark cage

I dont know, I think that raft is a game that you make things because your stuck on a raft and not to find something out from a story

I think that its more of a building game, and night would make it hard to see for youtube viewers

love the idea of natural disasters

I love all of the ideas, but I think that this game is more of a simple collect resources and build game, so I think that a day night cycle shouldnt be added because it would just make things hard to see especialy for youtube viewers.

yes a bigger crop plot would be great... all the potatos

Metal raft parts that have additional hp against the shark