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I cant wait to buy this game :D and to make more videos !!!


Really awesome update :)

I really want to see in the next update cannons on the walls or something like balistas in the towers.It will be really cool :)

Siege Battles :) This update is EPIC ;)

The best game ever :)

I cant wait to try the next update :) I really enjoy making videos on that game :D

Can you add multiplayer ? Its going to be funny :D

I cant wait to try the next update ;)

When is the next update so I can make more video :) Its my favourite game now XD

Can you fix the saving problem ?

I really want to continue making videos on this game :)

Feel free to subscribe if you like my content ;)

Part 2 :D This game is awesome !!!

I cant wait to see the next update :)

Feel free to subscribe for more ;)

This game is awesome !!!

You have to add a save option :)

I like this video a lot :D Keep it up bro ;)

Can you tell me other hacks :D So I can make more videos ?

Awesome game and this golden wrench is really cool, but are there any others hacks like this one ? I really want to try something else

This game is amazing :D

Are there any other hacks ?, because I want to make another video :D

This game is the best :D Its so much fun !!!

Subscribe if you like my content ;)

If you like my content you can subscribe for more :) It really helps me a lot ;)

Its iseegold

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One of the best games ever :) I am waiting for the next update ;)

Amazing update !!!

This game is awesome !!!

Really cool game :D - Awesome game :)

(1 edit) - Really awesome game :D It was really awesome experience :) - Awesome game :)