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Hey hey,
so far this is a great game ! i am not yet done with the whole game but yeah i like the storyline so far and the horror setting is SET GREAT ! haha

Here is my latest video( Part3) or watch the entire playlist here:

Great game ! keep on developing !
Hope everyone has a create day !


Is game is amazing it had me on edge the whole game hahaha hopefully chapter 2 comes quickly haha :D

I Just wanted to tell everyone this is a AMAZING upcoming game !
this a great idea i think it would be great for schools and stuff !!!

but here is my gameplay/lets play video ! hope you enjoy the video as much as i enjoyed the game !


This game made my brain really melt on some puzzles ! great job !
I definitely gonna follow for the sequel(s) !! ( Maybe for the next game a voice actor ? that would be pretty cool ! if you cannot find one ill be in for it :D )

when you light the laser the puzzle/room is done :D

Had a blast playing 1.05!!

I played over about a hour in this session but cut it down to 16:50 :D
hope that i didn't cut too much :D

Hope you enjoy !

My second video on Raft ! really like the progress of the game !

This is a great game so far ! i am looking forward to the next episode !
i really like the graphics. But is this the first episode of the Lone Water Series or is it a teaser ?

Here is my gameplay hope you like it !

Great game ! i really enjoyed cannot wait for a update on the game :D

Really cool art style !
Is there a story in the game or no ? if yes then i don't get it haha
but for the people that wanna see gameplay here you go:

This game was really scary i really enjoyed it !

No problem ! i loved the game !

Hey hey,
I recently done a code 7 Lets Play on youtube for you guys !
I Just wanted to let you know that i really love this game it ended up with me totally confused haha i love it !
it really let me feel like a was a hacker in the game ! Keep on creating this amazing GameSeries !

here is my first Lets play episode for the one that is intrested:
Episode 1:


i am just making this post to thank the website/communty for the beeing my main source of traffic towards my youtube channel !

I cannot thank you all enough ! thank you so much !

- Xeo

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I Really enjoyed this game ! great concept !

The only critic i have about the game is,
I think the health-bar drains just a little bit if you read all of the text.

If you wanna check out my playthrough check out here:

Thank you so much !!!

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WAUW ! This game is great ! i love the concept! and the spooky story and that you really took the time to make extra things ( Like multiple Photos in the gallery )
I gonna follow you guys definitely so i stay up to date when you guys drop a new game

For everyone that is interested i currently in the middle of my LP video's of this game here is the first episode

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I really enjoy your games so far, Andrea Pignataro

I had high expectations for this game because i enjoyed Sleep Through !
But you did a great job at it again! You really need to give me a heads up when you are dropping a new game !!! i really enjoy your content ( Games )

Of course a Lets Play out of this Short game!

OMG this game is great it really is ! and i cannot wait for the next episode to hit :D
i made a lets play out of the first episode :D i hope you guys enjoyed it ( it are 3 videos of 15+- minutes long )

here is the first episode:

Nice Followed :D, Will it be free ?? if not can u hook me up with a key ?

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Hello members, i wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Xeo, i am a small youtube gamer(53 Subs at the moment) and i am playing mostly games from this website!
I really enjoy Games that are made by one person or an small teams(Indie-Games) !
And i wanted to support this group of people, so i decided to promote the game that you guys and girls make.
I have already played multiple games and made videos about them.( Maybe you have noticed me already on this website inside the game-comments :D )

So if you enjoy this type of content and you like my video's? please support me too by subscribing and helping me grow a community :D. And don't hesitate to ask me anything just contact me, I try to reply A.S.A.P.

And if you have or know a good game that you want to see me play?! Then do not hesitate and contact me ! via this website or twitter or in my comment section.

My youtube channel can you find here:

Thank you all for reading !
- Xeo

Hello, I Really enjoyed this game ! i uselessly into the whole point and click game but i really loved it ! I Would love to see more of this type of games ! maybe a Part 2 ? :) i had no troubles with the puzzles :D The only thing i was worrying about was the part with the puzzle in the red room :D but i had i right :D So hope u make some more parts of this game :D But the only thing that i don't understand is when u enter the Second Chapter ( I believe it is the second chapter when u enter the factory ) the 2 static things that moved out of the way there what are those and why are they there?

Here is my play-through ! it a long one so pick up your popcorn and or snacks ! and don't forgot to leave a like while your at it :D

Hello community and Developers of this game :-D.

I had a great time playing this game ! it was a lot of fun to play it was sad that it was only a Beta Alpha version :-( i would love to play more of the game and maybe experience more of the story line :D.

But overall a great game to play! i liked the art style of the game!
The only thing i personally think could change is the draining of your Health/Food bar i got the feeling it drained a bit too fast.
And maybe the voice acting. It is Danish(I think don't quote me on that one) maybe it would be better in English so more people would understand it and not get forced to read the subtitles. But on the other hand it it fits the story tho so this point is a bit questionable

My (LP)Video:

Let me know what you think of my video and maybe leave a like that would be amazing !


I really enjoyed the game. I liked the fact that the game not really relayed that much on jump-scares.But i was constant waiting for the jump scares tho ha ha so job well done on having me on the edge on my seat the whole time ha ha!
i highly recommend this game to everyone that likes scary games !!!

If you are interested in my game-play and commentary here you go !

It is well deserved :D when is there new content ?:D

I Really enjoyed the game! the graphics are amazing. i would love to see some more levels :-D are you planning to release more ?? because i would love to play it. if you still doubting to play eternal hope check out my video of it ! it is amazing!

GREAT GAME i really enjoyed the two characters thing that is indeed a very unique idea ! The visuals where outstanding ! I Really cannot wait to play the Full-game ! i cannot wait ! when is the release btw ?? but for everyone i highly recommend this game if you enjoy platformers ! and even not platform gamers ! here is my LP if it if you still not convinced

A Really great experience to play this game ! some puzzles are hard i really liked it ! i would love to see more of this team!

This game is really fun i really had good time! this game has a lot of potential if you ask me ! Keep on going guys ! look foward Ancient Warfare 2 Open Beta ! but if you guys enjoy some game-play footage ! check out my video on it, i do all sort of Indie games and many more ! so if u like it please hit the like and subscribe button !

Hello everyone !

i agree with everyone that the game is AWESOME ! I had a great time playing it !

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Omg you made me rage quite hehe, but i found one bug sometimes the teachers wont move anymore :S


This game is cool ! i hope there will be more rooms in the future

Hello, I have made a Lets play out of your game ! but i found 2 things that i think isn't intended

If you watch my second episode on 04:28 And 04:45

The first one is that the "Ghost" wont move when u shine light on it

And The second one is that i glitch through the door

Overall great experience !

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I also made a lets play video :-D i Find the game very interesting and nice :-) but i found 1 Glitch/Bug i think do not remember if it will be in episode one or two(two will be online tomorrow ) But overall a entertaining Game :-D