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GREAT GAME i really enjoyed the two characters thing that is indeed a very unique idea ! The visuals where outstanding ! I Really cannot wait to play the Full-game ! i cannot wait ! when is the release btw ?? but for everyone i highly recommend this game if you enjoy platformers ! and even not platform gamers ! here is my LP if it if you still not convinced

Hey there, thanks for the compliments!

It is well deserved :D when is there new content ?:D

We are working on the full game currently. The release is TBA, but follow our studio's twitter(@buddysystemla) to stay up to date on news.

Nice Followed :D, Will it be free ?? if not can u hook me up with a key ?

It won't be free. Still working on a price point, but we are keeping a list of folks we'd like to supply keys to. I'll add you to it, but no promises at the moment. Thanks for your interest!

Thank you so much !!!