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Glad you could be here for the whole journey :)

cute play through! love the dad - daughter combo so much <3

so cute and fun, nice job!

for sure, thanks for the response

What a great concept! I love this approach to sliding scale difficulty. It was fun to find each puzzle and decide how hard I wanted it to be once I got there. Sometimes playing platformers can feel like the dev is intentionally trying to make your life a living hell for the fun of it. I think we've a reached saturation point with hardcore platformers and we need fresh takes on the genre like this. Well done. 

Hey there, played your game for a bit and found it punishing but the tight controls kept me playing... for a bit. 

I would have played longer, but the insults were just mean and middle-schooly in a way that didn't work. Having your main character say "Do you really suck that bad?" does not make me want to continue playing as that character. I thought the game was well put together, but I was really off put by being told to fuck off and that I sucked EVERY TIME i died. Maybe if there were a reason this character was such an asshole I would have laughed and been onboard, but it just felt mean for the sake of being mean.

cool, i'll take a look. thanks

HX volumetric lighting... I'll check it out. I've never really messed with precomputed realtime GI, but I'm gonna open up Unity right now and look at it for my project. My problem is I love I love Lighting and point lights but I HATE baking. Like why does baking have to be the worst thing ever invented for lighting performance?? I feel like I'm missing some important note that's tucked away in Unity docs or something, it is just so counter intuitive for level design it seems. Thanks for sharing!

Hey there,

Your game is a beautiful exploration game. The music was on point, the sound fx were minimal but effective, the low poly rocks were never repetitive and the lighting was gorgeous. The moments where I was traversing stairs and rock outcrops were my favorite - you seem to have a real eye for that kind of environment and pacing. I could have done that for hours. 

The problems I had were pretty minor: The maze was a little large and I couldn't see the buttons, but I made it through. There were a few times where I jumped and expected the momentum to carry me, but as soon as I let go of directional input, I stopped mid air and fell. I got used to it, but I think having momentum in air (like with a rigidbody) would feel more graceful and match your game's aesthetic. I thought the Inside inspired light puzzles were too abrupt and punishing after such a peaceful journey, and I actually felt they were possibly unnecessary. As someone who designs platformers, I feel an internalized pressure to challenge players with hard puzzles and dangerous situations, but playing your game reminded me to relax a bit and trust that the journey itself is worth it. 

I did want to pick your brain about lighting if you don't mind. Were you using real time lighting throughout? and what volumetric lighting tool were you using?

Thanks and great work!



for sure, loved it

This game is unlike anything i've played. It seamlessly manages to be a walking sim, platformer, point and click, visual novel, zine and more - but you don't even notice because it's designed in a way that keeps you exploring. The storytelling, music and art is abstract, calming, dark and nostalgic all at the same time.  Highly recommend!

I can't believe I've gone this long with out playing your game. It is perfect, you have a great sense of humor

cute outfit

Hey! Thanks for playing.

thanks for playing!

Thanks! Yeah, may 2018 is a bit far off, but we have a whole lot we are adding to the game: Story, characters, spirits, jar items, animations, music, UI, etc. Stay tuned and follow us @buddysystemla for updates as we build the game!

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This game has a lot of personality as far as visuals and audio. I wish I could see that in the gameplay, which was polished - but way too similar to many platformers out there. Still worth a play IMO!

Hey developers!

I'm Bela, developer of Little Bug (first published right here on Itch) and Co-Organizer of Playdate, the annual video game pop-up at LA Zine Fest.

Last Year, we saw over 10,000 attendees at LA Zine Fest and a whole bunch of them stopped by to play games we had on display. We accept all types of games, and encourage you to submit unfinished content and prototypes (as long as it's playable). This is a great way to get feedback and show off your work to a big, diverse crowd. This year's LA Zine Fest is happening on May 28th, 2017.

Submissions are free and open until April. ----> Submit Here! Thanks for reading, We can't wait to see your stuff! :)

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Hey thanks! We really appreciate that. That was our first game together, so yeah sorry about the invisible walls. We really want to finish the next installment, so hearing that you liked it is pretty motivating.

thank you so much! That means a lot.

oh cool. I haven't tried particle noise yet.

really great game. What were you using for the bloom/glow? Did you animate those particles on your own? thx and nice job!

Thanks! It's definitely going places...

Hey there, thanks for the comment. I'm redesigning a bunch of assets and mechanics for the full build. Can I ask what you felt was off about the main character? And what would help to make the difficult areas feel more rewarding? Thanks again for your feedback!

really nice! Love the short length and simple message.

Yeah... now that my game has a decent amount of comments, I've noticed lots of let's plays. Honestly though, I value these let's plays a lot. I take notes and find common threads of what people are saying, treating it almost like test plays. Maybe next time I'll try discussion boards though.

I actually loved messing around with the editor! I was pretty blown away by your tools.

Loved this so much.

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Hey, this game is really incredible. Just thought you should know, The editor always launches when I play. It's cool, because I can mess with everything, but I'm guessing not your intention. I was really confused at first because I thought I was playing a level editor.

Thanks so much for that feedback. That is the first I've seen it get stuck there, so nice work with the picture of the bug!

wow! super cute. Thanks for making this.

It won't be free. Still working on a price point, but we are keeping a list of folks we'd like to supply keys to. I'll add you to it, but no promises at the moment. Thanks for your interest!

We are working on the full game currently. The release is TBA, but follow our studio's twitter(@buddysystemla) to stay up to date on news.

Wow! Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked the art :)


Hey there, thanks for the compliments!

Thanks for doing a let's play! Always appreciated.