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Huge range of sounds can be made with this tool. Not sure what J,S,H buttons are. Someone below said Jump, Shoot and Hit, but I still don't quite get what that means. Regardless, love this tool a lot.

so therapeutic, thanks for making this.

Will do, tho I'm fairly new to mobile development. This combined with doodle studio is my go to now so if you do figure it out I'd be forever grateful.

Ok, so it built finally, but all clayxel objects were not rendered :(

here's the error for the surface shader:

Shader error in 'Clayxel/ClayxelSurfaceShader': Input signature parameter SV_VertexID (1-based Entry 6) type must be a scalar uint. at line 120 (on gles)


Hello, I'm building for android and I get build failed with this error:

Shader error in 'Clayxel/ClayxelPickingShader': Input signature parameter SV_VertexID (1-based Entry 0) type must be a scalar uint. at line 37 (on gles)

Compiling Vertex program

I get it 8 times from one build attempt:

sounds good, ty!

oh that sounds pretty ideal! Not sure I completely understand when/where to call that function based off your code snippets, but would be happy to try it out when I have time.

That would be amazing! If I understand correctly: It's possible but slower because of a forced update each frame? Would the performance hit be substantial?

Hey, I love this tool a lot! When I attempt to modify position or rotation (haven't tried scale) of a container via animation or script during runtime, I can no longer modify position or rotation on the individual shapes it contains. I could be missing something, but this would be really useful for a moving character with local body animations. I'd be happy to try and modify the code if you point me in the right direction :)

This is my first attempt at combining clayxels and IK, but I plan on doing a bunch more. This tool has endless possibilities and I'm completely in love with it! Very well done, I'm incredibly grateful to have it in my toolkit.

You mean like the unity files? For sure, would love that if that's what you mean.

Gotcha! Well it shows, very interesting work. btw, I tried to download Dimension, but it looks like only the data folder for windows was uploaded. Not sure if that's something you have time to look into...

This was really nice to read. Did you write the shaders for Dimension and Paint Game yourself? I think they look really nice

u got it. I totally know that feeling of losing touch with how difficult things can be while developing in a vacuum. Yall have great stuff tho, just about tweaking those variables I think.

or like the more radiation u pump into yur thing the blurrier it gets? idk

Hey, just want to say that I use this tool for everything - including non-unity animations. its just the perfect tool and I use it for terrain textures, UI,  Particles, everything (except 3D  i guess). Since 2018, there's been an issue where you can't save converted sprite sheets unless you create a second Assets file. I've done this and I can live with it, but it got me thinking  - why not make two public save paths in the preferences: one for saved doodle studio assets and the other for saved sprite textures? This would be great even without the double asset folder bug, since I'd like to be able to export converted doodle studio sprites to my own sprite folder  separate from their base doodle studio assets anyway. It would also be great to have each exported frame use the same name as the parent sprite, but again I can live with manually renaming them in Unity's sprite editor for now. Keep it up, I want to use this tool on my tombstone one day.

Glad I could help!

Saw this game on Twitter today and like it a lot. There's a major problem for me with the campaign though: I can't get past the first level. I can make it to around $2500, but I always run out of energy despite my best efforts. I think this game has a lot of potential, but I found myself playing the initial level roughly 20 times, and as a reward, was only able to afford a lab upgrade that i didn't really understand (i bought it anyway). I also got mutations too, though I'm not entirely sure how that system works. 

I have a few friendly suggestions I thought you might be interested in: Since the movement is super difficult, the initial stage would have been much more satisfying  with slower/ smaller  targets to crush. After that, you get some cheap beginner upgrades and move on to the next stage. As it is, I just don't feel I have the technique or buffs to get through the big buildings and fast moving cars that early on. Making danger more visually obvious would be welcome too (to me, sign posts don't read as dangerous to a massive nuclear monster, but more as an easy destructible target). I also think that since energy is such an issue, health, powerups or straight up money crates in the stage would be great. These would also provide mini objectives to aim your destructive path towards. The look, sound and feel of this game is executed perfectly. I think my concerns are just about making the upgrades and leveling-up more gentle, smooth and understandable. Oh and one last thing, I found the game to be pretty blurry on highest settings. I think this was due to an intentional image effect, but I was squinting at a few of the UI tutorial texts. Anyway, great job, I look forward to playing more and thanks for reading my rant.

Hey, love this plug in so much, but can't figure out how to get around this save issue. Any updates?

really well, done. Physics are perfect

love it

Thank you! I'm super new to Linux, this is very helpful.

Glad you could be here for the whole journey :)

cute play through! love the dad - daughter combo so much <3

so cute and fun, nice job!

for sure, thanks for the response

What a great concept! I love this approach to sliding scale difficulty. It was fun to find each puzzle and decide how hard I wanted it to be once I got there. Sometimes playing platformers can feel like the dev is intentionally trying to make your life a living hell for the fun of it. I think we've a reached saturation point with hardcore platformers and we need fresh takes on the genre like this. Well done. 

Hey there, played your game for a bit and found it punishing but the tight controls kept me playing... for a bit. 

I would have played longer, but the insults were just mean and middle-schooly in a way that didn't work. Having your main character say "Do you really suck that bad?" does not make me want to continue playing as that character. I thought the game was well put together, but I was really off put by being told to fuck off and that I sucked EVERY TIME i died. Maybe if there were a reason this character was such an asshole I would have laughed and been onboard, but it just felt mean for the sake of being mean.

cool, i'll take a look. thanks

HX volumetric lighting... I'll check it out. I've never really messed with precomputed realtime GI, but I'm gonna open up Unity right now and look at it for my project. My problem is I love I love Lighting and point lights but I HATE baking. Like why does baking have to be the worst thing ever invented for lighting performance?? I feel like I'm missing some important note that's tucked away in Unity docs or something, it is just so counter intuitive for level design it seems. Thanks for sharing!

Hey there,

Your game is a beautiful exploration game. The music was on point, the sound fx were minimal but effective, the low poly rocks were never repetitive and the lighting was gorgeous. The moments where I was traversing stairs and rock outcrops were my favorite - you seem to have a real eye for that kind of environment and pacing. I could have done that for hours. 

The problems I had were pretty minor: The maze was a little large and I couldn't see the buttons, but I made it through. There were a few times where I jumped and expected the momentum to carry me, but as soon as I let go of directional input, I stopped mid air and fell. I got used to it, but I think having momentum in air (like with a rigidbody) would feel more graceful and match your game's aesthetic. I thought the Inside inspired light puzzles were too abrupt and punishing after such a peaceful journey, and I actually felt they were possibly unnecessary. As someone who designs platformers, I feel an internalized pressure to challenge players with hard puzzles and dangerous situations, but playing your game reminded me to relax a bit and trust that the journey itself is worth it. 

I did want to pick your brain about lighting if you don't mind. Were you using real time lighting throughout? and what volumetric lighting tool were you using?

Thanks and great work!



for sure, loved it

This game is unlike anything i've played. It seamlessly manages to be a walking sim, platformer, point and click, visual novel, zine and more - but you don't even notice because it's designed in a way that keeps you exploring. The storytelling, music and art is abstract, calming, dark and nostalgic all at the same time.  Highly recommend!

I can't believe I've gone this long with out playing your game. It is perfect, you have a great sense of humor

cute outfit

Hey! Thanks for playing.