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Thanks for making this, I used it at the begin of a bunch of Holiday Themed Videos. Cheers!!!

OMG I KEEP DYING!!!! Such a great game though. I wish you guys would get together to make some more spots to move the island too.

I hope you enjoy this gameplay video, done during one of our livestreams. I keep waiting for the ToyStory crew to show up.

We hope you enjoy this gameplay video of EGGNOGG+

If not, we suck.

While looking for some Easter themed games, we came along this. Had to give it a try. Some of those levels so simple - yet so hard...

On GMVR we played this game to give it a try. It was a bit confusing getting the controls to work right, it seems that spacebar would be set to default for different actions for both players. Once we solved that, we were able to get the game going. It's one of those high paced pvp games for sure.

Ok, maybe not 15 minutes if you like to explore a bit. We've played this a couple times and there are some variations that you can get going. Secondary switches and so forth. Who knew being backstage of a game was so compelling? Actually we did. It reminded me a lot of working an Alternate Reality Game or Escape Room. LOVE LOVE LOVE such a wonderful narrative based game.

This game got my depressed friend laughing hysterically. Thank you for making it!

This is a great CO-OP Puzzle game. Highly recommend it for some local multiplayer action. Got a friend coming over to play games? TRYST is a great co-op game to pull out. You'll have fun solving these puzzles. Follow GMVR for more playthroughs of demos.

GMVR here. I play games with my depressed friend on Mondays so he doesn't want to kill himself. This game was very cathardic for that. Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed the video!

I think it's the decade old laptop we're playing on. I'm not sure which build it was at when we played. After a recording I tend to uninstall to keep the drive free.

This game would be interesting if it wasn't just a sexual bias, but characters from different ethnic, age and disability would make it much more interesting.

IT can get crazy with two players. Quickly it can turn into a button mash party. Funny little game. Thanks for making it. I hope you enjoy our little video.

I love how this game teaches basic programming logic at the same time as playing a fun puzzle game. We really enjoyed playing this, and we are looking forward to seeing new levels come up. We did AND levels, we did OR levels, what about IF statements as another level?

Some 2 player gameplay with my depressed friend. We had fun, more making designs in the sky than anything. I think that might be the more interesting gameplay.

Tried to play this with my friend. He didn't like it. I think he had issues with the movement honestly. That and he had no idea what to do...

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Love the demo. We started a let's play of it. The End boss was a bit clunky, and I don't like the stealing of cogs from canny at the end of each level. Bummer man!

A beautiful world, love the creatures and the plants. Just had to much difficulty with the camera and getting stuck. Has potential.

We take a tour of our Luxury Raft, and look at how to keep the sharks happy, and all the things you can build. Enjoy our video. Looking forward to new updates, and making more videos. GMVR

Coaching my friend through the essentials to get going on raft.

Playing with my friend. Don't watch it is terrible.

A first look at Handle With Care.

For those that want to see more of this gameplay.

We really enjoyed playing this game. Puzzle mechanics are great, the 2d / 3d mashup is stunning, and we love the whole feel of the game. Thanks for making this, we hope you enjoy watching us play the first few levels of the demo.

It's a hard game to master, but if you use the bullet time trick you can quickly stack up those prisoners into the jail cell.

I know you saw part 3 of this game, but I thought I would share the first video we made.

Thanks for making a simple fun game to get rid of the Holiday frustrations. We had a blast. Would love to see the kids table in the next level.

I made a map for my friend to try. But of course, being a smarta#$ I showed how you could just position a few soldiers next to the king for the win. It might be a good idea to have a no blue placing radius around the king to keep that from happening. Of course, it's also really funny without.

We love to play these trippy flying games on GMVR. This one has such a special and touching message that it makes it so much more enjoyable. It got my depressed friend happy and laughing, so it;s a good one!!!

I didn't think it was possible, but it is! Somehow we made an even 1 - 1 draw in this game. I couldn't believe it myself.

Thanks for the tip!!!

Thanks for making the game! Let us know when you make a new one for us to play.

Any special HINTS we can know to give us the edge when we play?

This is such a great game for 2 or more people to play. I see it as a perfect game to get the family and friends playing over the holidays. Thanks for developing it!

What is the gameplay like? We try out this game and discuss the possibilities of the mechanic it explores in GMVR.