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Very fun game and neat weapon choice. Can't progress past the boss in Emboreal though, doesn't have a pathway to the right and the jetpack can't make it back to the door outside so I'm softlocked in the underground.

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Multiplayer isn't planned at the moment, but, a shift click mechanic would be very useful.

New biomes would be great for this game. Maybe add in temperature some time later on as well.

Location ideas:

  1. Ocean(original)
  2. Arctic: Colder, you need an open flame to keep warm. Maybe another type of shark? Water decreases your temperature drastically. Contents in barrels are frozen, and need to be defrosted by putting them in your hotbar and standing near the flame. Trees take longer to grow and can freeze a few minutes after growing to maturity. Same for plants. Overall difficulty: Medium-Hard.
  3. Tropical: Warmer, (if clothes are added) taking off clothes will keep you cool during the day. Swimming cools you down as well. Instead of one shark, there's a group of small sharks that take much longer than the regular shark to chew your raft, and only take one spear stab to stop attacking, but more than one can attack at a time. Plants grow faster. Overall difficulty: Easy.
  4. Reef: Coral reefs spawn near your raft, providing coral(which would be a rare resource in the game, more on it below) when broken with an axe. There could be different types of coral, such as pink(nothing special), red(toxic, drains your health slowly when you touch it), and green(toxic, drains all of your stats slowly). You can also wade in shallow water(still drains your fatigue, albeit slower), which can be found frequently further away from your starting point. There's a large shark, similar to the regular shark, but it avoids shallow areas(it cannot cross onto shallow areas), and smaller sharks, which swarm you in the shallow areas should you fall into them(They can be killed off with one spear stab). Both sharks attack the raft(smaller sharks are the same as the smaller sharks in tropical). Overall difficulty: Medium.
New "stuff":
  1. Coral: Coral can be used to make stronger weapons(Axe, Spear), special objects(not sure what though), and spikes for your raft(description below). Weapons made with Coral can destroy faster and deal more damage, but they get damaged with each use, breaking apart when used up. Coral can rarely be found floating in the water or in barrels.
  2. Spikes: Spikes can be made out of wood, coral, or scrap. Wooden spikes deal less damage and last less than the other variants, Scrap spikes deal normal damage and last longer, and Coral spikes deal more damage, but are harder to make. Scrap spikes need 10 pieces of scrap, 6 planks, and 4 rope. Coral spikes need 3 pieces of scrap, 5 coral, 6 planks, and 4 rope. Wooden spikes need 2 pieces of scrap, 9 planks, and 4 rope. Spikes can only be placed around the base of your raft. At first, the spikes have the same chance of being attacked as the other tiles, but once it gets attacked by a shark, it has a lower chance of being attacked than other tiles. Wooden spikes can't kill any variant of shark(on this list, small or big) in one hit(2 hits for small, 8 hits for big) and only last for 5 attacks from a small shark and 3 attacks from a large shark. Scrap spikes and Coral spikes can kill small sharks in one hit, and their meat gets stuck on the spikes(can be seen visually, and can be collected the same way items are from item nets). Scrap spikes can kill the large shark in 5 hits and can last 9 attacks from a small shark and 5 attacks from a large shark. Coral spikes can kill the large shark in 3 hits and can last 11 attacks from a small shark and 7 attacks from a large shark.
  3. Reinforced raft parts: You can reinforce raft parts with the hammer(like repairing). You need Scrap to reinforce the parts. Reinforced raft parts have 200 health.
  4. Weather: It would be nice to have some weather added in. Maybe rain causes plants to grow faster?
  5. Sign of wear: I feel like the parts of the raft attacked by the shark are changed depending on the health. The lower in health it is, the more chewed(if attacked by a shark) and broken it should look.

Why would you want to escape :b

Maybe you could get Banana tree branches off of Barrels? Sorta like how you get Potatoes out of barrels.

Had the same problem. I also think there should be a way to "pick up" objects "on" the raft, like the water purifier, the cooking station, the crop plots, etc.