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Well i decided to make it to the end of the world so i did and its pretty cool. I also wanted to build really high so i made 42 floors take a look at these pics.


When you are on a higher level and try to look in the distance the fps drops a lot but if you look at the floor it goes back up so it must be trying to lad the whole ocean and making the fps really bad if you could fix that it would be great.

Replied to bsimser in Bug reports

Yeah they updated that it wasnt there before.

Make a setting or something where when you pick up an item it does not go straight to the bar at the bottom but in the inventory then clicking tab. I do not like it when it gets cluttered at the bottom.

Make a snap feature like the floors walls etc but for trees planters so you can have a very even row would be nice. Make it so you can still place it whereever but when you try to place them in a row make them snap into place.

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I had this same problem but i just went to the main menu and restarted the same raft and it was fixed.

When the raft gets big it would be good to have a sprint and make it so that if you sprint a lot it will make the water and food go down faster.

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Cant open my world from 1.03 in 1.04 ? is this normal do not want to restart.

When you destroy an item with a raft make it give you half of the items back instead of just discarding all.

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Mine have never rolled through my walls. I have a room full on coconuts all over the floor just watch out they do not save .

you can just jump in the water with the spear and the shark will come towards you then just kill it. If you want to kill the shark for food I would suggest building a tree farm to get coconuts you will never have to worry about water or food again.

I believe you can only destroy them with the axe.

I think they should make a way to update the axe to be faster beacasue cutting the trees down takes forever in my tree farm.

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remove floor under the cooking station with the axe.

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It is free? when the payment thing comes up put $0 in and you can download.

I only have an issue with fps on higher floors.

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There is a big problem where sometimes you cant place floors or walls in certain areas. I have all the materials that is not an issue it just wont let you place them. This is really annoying but i'm sure you can fix it. Also this happens mostly on the higher levels like my 4th floor, not much at all on lower levels. Another issue is that when you are on like level 4 the fps drops really low I don't know why I have a pretty powerful pc but when on higher levels fps is like 12. Also like everyone else said we need chests but I'm sure youre working on that.

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well played this game again and made a tree farm. Doing this will give you planks, thatch and coconuts. The coconuts will give equal parts food and water so you do not need to have the purifiers or cooking station. The only other thing you need is the metal to build pillars to make more story's but having the nets will get you the metal. When you eat the coconuts it will give you the seeds to plants more trees. I suggest putting walls around the trees so the coconuts do not roll away and you can just leave them there until you need them so they do not waste your inventory. Unfortunately i wasn't playing on the version with the save function so that raft is gone but i did jump in the water a kill the shark two times before bleeding out.

Storage is badly needed i would suggest the crafting barrels like the ones that come along craft them with rope, metal and planks. Overall a very fun game that has a lot of potential.

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i didnt have this promblem

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that happened to me.

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Well i seen a youtuber play this game and it looked fun so i downloaded and played it. Lets just say a number of hours later i had a 6 story mansion with about 40 cooking stations and nets and way to many resources to handle. I i'm really excited to see where this game goes i think it can be really good. Things that would make it better would be a save function, chests, bigger inventory, a day/night cycle, more craft able items such as under water cage where you could store fish or latters , bridges or shark barriers. Adding a multiplayer/co-op. i had a problem making the walls face perpendicular maybe fix that. And if you want to get crazy maybe add a starting cutsence so we know how we ended up on this raft in the middle of the ocean. Anyway enough of my rambling i bet anthing you do with this game will be good.