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Hello everyone, in this video i'm gonna be showing you how to get all secret weapons + we're having a lot of fun ! I hope you enjoyed :)

Such a cool and original game, good job ! :D

I had a ton of fun playing this game and i can't wait for the next update, great job ! :D

Even though i rage quit (hahaha), i can say that this game is so much fun and it's definitely worth playing ! :)

I love this game ! I've made a youtube video :) Also in this video i'm showing you how to get the secret golden wrench !

This was a pretty terrifying experience, i love this game ! Here's my video :)

This is the craziest game i've ever played, i totally loved it ! Here's my highlights-funny moments kinda video :)

Another amazing update this game has a ton of potential, great job JNI ! Here's my second video :)

Hi Nick, i've never told you how amazing that day was, I've made a video so we'll never forget that day..Goodbye old friend !

I love this game ! I hope we will see more features in the future, here's my video :)

I hope you'll like it !

This game is so much fun i can't wait for the next update, amazing job JNI ! :) Here's my video :

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This game is phenomenal you guys did an outstanding job, totally worth playing !! i screamed until i lost my voice hahaha here's my video :