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Doubt people who aren't content creators are gonna watch this but I'm gonna post this anyway.

Thanks for the many updates man! Really enjoying this new update.

The ability to rotate walls diagonally?

Love the new save feature, thanks man! Now I can start a series on this game. This is the first episode if anyone's interested.

I liked this game, the comedy was really on point. I also made a video on it

Dude, this game is beautiful. Bit creepy but still beautiful.

The game's pretty fun even as a prototype. Hope to see the full release haha. I also made a let's play on it if you don't mind.

I really enjoyed this new update. Love the crazy speed of the new quad bikes and the gun feels really nice to use. The challenging bots feel a bit too easy now which is kinda sad but yeah, at least they're not crazy aimbots now haha. Also, I made a small let's play on the new update if anyone's interested.

Word for people who want to play the game, play it blind like undertale.

Other than that here are my thoughts on the game, the game had a very strong start imo but it was pretty short, still pretty fun though. Also after the kinda goofy intro I didn't expect it to be a real typing game but it was. I also made a let's play for the game if anyone wants to see my reactions for the game.

I just googled sidecaar and it seems you were right. I don't know why someone downvoted you though.

I made a video on the funny and wtf moments I had on this game. Some kind of a montage. It's pretty short, around 1 minute. Pretty fun game. More weapons and vehicles would be nice to see. I kinda want an old style motorbike kinda thing where you have a motorcycle and then on the side of it is a round seat another person can sit on. It's kinda hard to explain. Anyways, here's the vid:

Hey dude, I found a little bug in version 0.14.0. When I'm on the mission screen(when you talk to a person with an "M" above their head), I can't click on the "Accept" button, I have to manually press "E" to agree with the mission. That's it from me, thanks for the awesome game man.

Cool. Thanks for the answer man!

Are you planning on a tablet/phone release too? From what I've seen of the controls I think it might be possible.

Looks like a game many youtubers would play.

Yeah I realized when I played shopkeeper that he moves faster. Was just about to edit my comment to delete it haha.