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What is the reason for them ignoring all these requests to get Tag Exclusion added? It's so frustrating. I literally can't use this platform to find new games because for very game I might be interested in, it's buried in between 100 horror or NSFW games. 

This is the main page of results if I simply filter to "Top Free, Games, for Web"

How can I find anything when the site is bogged down with NSFW visual novels. I just want to FILTER OUT ADULT CONTENT.
This is a one day add, at most.

To not provide this massively requested feature, is only a detriment to your own platform, and is alienating a lot of the audience.
We just want to come play a quick game on our lunch break, but the store looks like this.. Can't even find anything..

Let us exclude tags, and everyone is happy?

Would love to have tag exclusion searches to eliminate NSFW games and other undesirable genres from the search results.

Thanks for playing and for reporting that bug! I found it and fixed it :)

Thanks for the kind words! I spent two nights up til 5am to get this much done, and I just pre-planned stuff like, I wanted it to use basic shapes to save on art time, be played with one-button to limit my mechanics, and use a simple color palette etc. Also there is still some tuning to do to get the beat mathing to feel more intuitive for the player, timing margins and such!

Thanks! Unfortunately I had initially designed it to expect you to click on on the 4th beat and there was a visual countdown to help. But with some player feedback I agreed it made more sense to allow the player to click with every beat, so the design changed. The theme helped me get going, but it made sense to drop it in service of the game feel.

Thank you for the kind words and feedback! I think there is a little bit that can be done to adjust the margin of time that the click will be considered "on beat" to improve the feel of the input. I will definitely continue to tune how it feels!

I have updated the design and actually removed the 3..2..1 beat countdown, to entice moving freely on each beat. It sort of lost the theme but feels better to play ultimately.

We are designing some new upgrades and narrative content for it! Hopefully adding soon, thanks for trying it out!

What a vibe, nice work :)

Great work! You made a fun little nugget!

I like the concept a lot! You should keep working on it, it needs more features! 

Awe thank you!

To be honest we considered some of that stuff, medicine and fruit to keep stocked on the ship for the crew. Because we built most of the game in 2 days for a jam, we had to cut some content. We'd certainly love to bring some updates and get more of that stuff back in, but it will depend on where we are at with some of our other projects! 

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for trying it out!!! 👐

Yeah! If you match a few that let the higher blocks fall and you jump under them, it will be bad news!

Very cute, I like their high score take on the idea. I guess we are trend setters :D

Would love to support the cause and offer our Bear Simulator game,

Thank you kindly, glad you enjoyed it!

Lmao thank you! 

This is really intense. Nice work!

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you're a machine!

great work !

You're off to a great start! Good work, also the art is stunning!

Just a reminder, we are going to do a quick live stream at on Thursday 8pm EST  to reveal the official theme in a really special way!

Feel free to stop by and watch, your suggestions might be the one!!

You got it! "End is the new beginning" added to the list! Thanks :)

"Planets" is added to the suggestion list, thanks!

I'll add it to the list, thanks!

Yeah! We we're going to invite people into it tomorrow, but here's the link!

Hey! We are compiling a list of ideas from everyone and we're going to draw one at random! If you want to submit an official idea just say so :) Moon is definitely good but the OG "moon" idea is already submitted

Not yet, but who knows, maybe we're working on something :O

Awesome, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for including it on your channel!

You would have to change your security settings to allow apps from unknown developers. Sorry about that! 

Hi! If you press the 'R' key you should be able to restart from the beginning! We're glad you liked it, and yes it is Chopin! 

Ahah excellent eye!

Thank you so much for the kind words on Rusty's Rail!

Thank you so much! We're glad you had fun ! :)

All better, if you re-download you shouldn't have any issue with the map buttons anymore!

If you re-download the build now, the map buttons should all show up correctly now!

Hi! Thank you for trying out the game! We are just about to fix up this issue with the buttons being off screen! We will post an update here with a new build as soon as its ready!