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Hey, I played your game, it was really cool and I made a video of it :) 

Absolutely love this game as it reminds me of one the games I played years ago! :D

I love this game! I played it when it first came out so this was a nice update to see!

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Hey, this really looked like a resident evil type game, loved it, great work! I looked through some of the videos on here hardly anyone noticed the monster standing in the door haha!

Hey! Awesome short game, quite an interesting little story :)

I played this when I saw it on gamejolt, pretty fun!

Hey! I had a lot of fun playing this and had a few awesome moments, heres my lets play of it :D

I played this a few days ago, pretty freaky

Hey! Pretty fun game, I made a short video of me playing it :)

Really really really awesome game, I loved playing it and didn't realise how beautiful it was till the very end, love it :)

Really interesting game, I got stuck haha

Awesome game, really creepy atmosphere, loved it

Really awesome game! There are so many awesome puzzle games popping up lately, I really enjoyed this one and can't wait for the full release :D

I really love this game, short but amazing!

Super fun game for how simple it is, love it :)

Really fun game I actually got quite into it while playing :D

Really cool concept, really difficult too I couldn't even do it,

Really like the puzzles and the art style, can't wait for the full game!!