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Submitted by rxi (@x_rxi) — 5 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline
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I can't find a password for julia, please help :(

Is there a way to disable the music so I can play my own songs. Great game.

don't try to run a directory :(

Have you noticed that the command "run date.exe" gives a date 13 days in the past, and the serial number is 17*19*2251 and the dates on the email files are invalid dates? Really invalid,like file "20170207.txt" has the date "Feb 9 13:42:22 2017" which is the only file that doesn't have a matching date. The sent file "20170211.txt" has a date "Sun Feb 11 ..." which isn't a sunday. The file "20170210.txt" has a date "Sun Feb 10 21:11:4 2017" which isn't right either.

@DogManJr I'm stuck there too!

Anybody figure out what the password is to the julia.exe file? I feel like I've tried everything!

Help! I don't know how to get past the part where I enter the anomaly!

@Ahmed you need to write

> sell

and then you will get a list of your items. Then if Po mineral is item number 5, you write

> sell 5 2

can you please port this game to linux? thanks.

when i put in the command to sell it never works, i put (for example) "SELL Soup mineral [2]" and i doesnt work. i also try it with out the mineral part but still doesnt work. EXPLAIN

Absolutely love this game as it reminds me of one the games I played years ago! :D

The game's pretty difficult, i couldn't get behind on how to actually finish any job because i was always running out of fuel xd Pretty graphics tho and awesome fullscreen effects :)

I also included your game in an article of my favorites here. :)

Lovely graphics, though I couldnt figure out how to get a job. I included it in my Fermi Paradox Jam compilation video series, if you'd like to take a look. :)

Игра растет в памяти и вылетает