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release the mac update also plz

Awesome indie game!  Can I recommend a distance counter and a display of longest distance traveled?

Love it!  Great puzzles.  Really like the theme/reality switch.

Works great!  Love this retro game.  So true to retro.  A total throwback and fun to play.  Got a score of 55,800 !

love the art, explosions, and sound.

a mac version please

A mac version download please

don't try to run a directory :(

Have you noticed that the command "run date.exe" gives a date 13 days in the past, and the serial number is 17*19*2251 and the dates on the email files are invalid dates? Really invalid,like file "20170207.txt" has the date "Feb 9 13:42:22 2017" which is the only file that doesn't have a matching date. The sent file "20170211.txt" has a date "Sun Feb 11 ..." which isn't a sunday. The file "20170210.txt" has a date "Sun Feb 10 21:11:4 2017" which isn't right either.

Crazy ... i went into a black hole and how I have a command line...

with actions like : help , dir , cd , run

and the local directory is : /user/games

and listed in the games directory is : paradox.exe and rps.exe

you can run rps.exe (rock paper scissors) and you always lose and it just taunts you.

what can I do from here?

A Windows Exe has been added.