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The game's pretty difficult, i couldn't get behind on how to actually finish any job because i was always running out of fuel xd Pretty graphics tho and awesome fullscreen effects :)

Absolutely great game, can't wait to see this when it's done! Really hope this gets funded!

Gameplay Video:

I really enjoyed this short game, the voice acting was a good add-on, not many indie games have that :)

To be honest i thought this game would be a bit more difficult, but even though it wasn't it still was fun playing through it, kinda sad that it only was 1 level but i've seen that you're tailoring up a bigger version, which sounds interesting :D

Had a great blast playing this game!

Hey there!

I was so disappointed to see the demo ending this soon, it was so interesting :(

The puzzle aspects of this game are AWESOME, i love perspective based puzzles like this game offers, can't wait to see how the next puzzles will look like! :)

My Let's Play video of this demo:

This is an insanely unique game, can't wait for it to get released to play the full version! <3

Playthrough of the demo:

Hey there, played the game, it's so difficult D:

kinda sad that there was no new character at 50/60 points :(

Had a blast playing this, couldn't get to a score of 3000 however :c

Awesome little game, even if its a bit too easy, you could've made it just a bit more difficult, even if its just a prototype :D

Generally i really enjoyed playing it and i hope you continue working on it! :)

Played this awesome game! Can't wait until it comes out :)

Hey there, i've played the game, been an awesome experience, can't wait for whats to come! :D

Hey there,

besides the few bugs that have happened to me while playing it, it was an insanely well made and fun game, especially seeing that this is your first game, great job!

Couldn't finish level 4 though :x

I love it when developers do this, i'm a big fan of theorizing :D

Ah, that makes sense, thanks for explaining the story :D

I'm guessing you if you would be given the choice, you wouldn't stay there (since this was your original story before the choice got added), am i right? :D

Please don't stop making games, i'd love to play more of these types of games and i feel like you're good at it! :D

Really interesting concept, it wasn't the type of game i usually played but it was definitely not boring!

One of the funniest games i've played recently, great job haha :D

Hey! I've played your game and quite much enjoyed it, however i thought it was a bit too easy, but other than that great work!


please, if the developer is still active, please finish this game <3

great game, would have loved to know more about what happened and where exactly we are, I didn't know exactly but I'm guessing our character died and now has to decide if she wants to stay in the afterlife forever or move on and vanish?

Loved the game to bits, got a 100% complete run on my video so incase anyone wants to know where all the secrets are, you can go watch the video :D

Absolutely loved this, had some framerate problems at some parts though (especially when you were in the red water), can't wait for the other parts!

Here's my playthrough of the game

Had so much fun in this game, loved it to pieces! :)

Insanely good game, i'm just a bit sad that i didn't figure out how to create walls until after i finished recording :(

Fun game, reminds me of "Papers, Please!", i've created a video of me playing the game, i wish there was some sort of consequence for some of your actions though, like in "Papers, Please!", right now you could send everyone to hell even if they were nice people and nothing would happen.