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Thank you BORKNET!

We have filed a complaint to steam and we hope that it will be removed as fast as possible :D

What version are you playing, this was a known bug in 1.04 but it should be fixed in 1.05

Thanks! We will fix this

Thanks, will test this and try and fix it.

Thanks, we have figured out why now and we will fix this bug :D

Try downloading the game from a different browser

We are not sure how to fix this at the moment. Make sure that you have Directx 11 installed and that you have your latest graphics card drivers.


We have not made any optimizations yet but we will try our best to make the fps better

You probably need to update your graphics card drivers and install Directx 11

Can't help you if you do not post in english...

Some people have solved this problem by downloading in another browser. Try downloading it in Internet explorer

1. Think that the shark has always been able to do this :P

2. Thanks! This bug has now been fixed.

Wow, we have seen items stuck but we have not found the solution yet. Thanks alot for this :D

What you wrote is most likely the cause :D


We have fixed this bug now :D Thanks!

As BawlsDeep said, you need to extract the files from the zip before running the .exe

Try downloading from a different browser, internet explorer maybe

We are aware of this but do not know what is causing it

Thanks for reporting it, we will try and fix this


We have not seen this issue before but we can take a guess. Try installing Directx11 and update your graphics card driver to the latest version.

Thanks, we have noticed this aswell. Small mistake by us


We are not totaly sure but it seems to be that you are running out of VRAM. Your graphics card does not have enough memory to render the game.

You should only need to download the new version, unzip it and run the .exe file. You do not need to move any saved files :D

We have not gotten our grades yet :P

You should be able to load you 1.04 save in 1.05 :D

Hey! We are not the creators of multiplayer and we can't help you with that bug. If you message the creator of the multiplayer extension I'm sure that he will help you.

Thanks. We (the developers) do not use Mac ourselves and we do not know how to package it correctly. It would be great if you could tell us how to package a Mac version.

Terribly sorry about this.

We have tried to fix this bug in V1.05 and it should hopefully not happen anymore.

This is a bug and it has been fixed, it will be in the next patch which will be released soon


Other people that have had this problem has solved it by switching browser. Try Internet explorer or some other browser.

That resolution may not be supported by your monitor. I do believe that is a way to small resolution for the game to run on anyway.

Sorry about this. The chest bug has been fixed and we will release a patch very soon

Hello if we have missed your previous posts we apologize.

We have not encountered this problem before and are unsure why it is happening. What operating system are you on and what mouse are you using?

You definitely have good enough specs. Because you have a new graphics card try downloading the latest drivers for it and also make sure that you have Directx 11 installed.

Thanks for reporting these bugs


We have not encountered this before.

Try starting it as an Administrator :D

This is a known issue and we do apologize for it. We do however believe that it has been fixed now for the upcoming version 1.05

Pretty funny bug and this bug should have been fixed now in the upcoming version 1.05

Thanks for reporting in :D

Thanks, this has been fixed :D

Thank you!

All hitboxes have been improved in the upcoming version 1.05 :D

You will be able to break them in the upcoming patch :D

Thanks for reporting it :D

Thanks for reporting it anyway :D