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What I've learned in the game and some small critiques

A topic by Empoleon_master created Jan 22, 2017 Views: 405 Replies: 5
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I am new to this game, I've only played it for about 14 or so hours, but I have come a pretty far way as I have a pretty large raft, and have basically mastered the entirety of it with everything I could ever need in only about two floors, and am NEVER lacking in materials, except for wood.

Here's what I've learned from building my stupidly large raft:

Note that this post was made during version 1.4, hours before the 1.5 release.

1: Items spawn 25-27 raft squares away from the initial 4 raft squares you start on

2: The item spawn width, assuming you are looking in the direction in which all items travel, is 7 raft squares to your left, and 8 raft squares to your right, counting the two raft squares in front of you.

3: Scrap is entirely useless late game unless you REALLY need a LOT of pillars, I have 2 chests full of it and I need it so little that I just toss scrap now as it has literally NO use, asides from maybe a chest if I need it.

Now for the small critiques of this awesome game:

Shark attacks are really annoying when you're on your second floor doing stuff such as cutting down your tree farm.

The drinking sound of the purified water sounds like my nose when I drink water while I have a sinus infection, and I think every time I hear it in game my nose twitches.

Scrap has little to no use what so ever late game, once you have the pillars for your second floor etc and a few chests you might as well toss it as it no longer has any value.

Other than that because the game is early in development this game is freaking awesome, you guys rock.

Also I found that there are a lot of youtubers playing this game on let's plays including doing really crazy stuff like building things stupidly high or just screwing around playing the game from nothing, which is how I found out about this game...from a youtuber's thumbnail image and thought "this game looks awesome!"

The 1.5 update came out right in the middle of a multi-hour building session, where my raft is already stupidly huge, nooooo! Is there anyway I can copy the save data of my 1.4 file and download Raft 1.5, and put it in the new version just to see how messed up it would get?


You should be able to load you 1.04 save in 1.05 :D

Could I have instructions as to how to do that? I really suck with navigating files and stuff to the point where it took me 2 hours to install my first minecraft mod which didn't even do much. T_T

Also please tell me you guys got an A (best possible grade) on the class you made this game for. I would like to see the other students in that class create a game with over 100k downloads.


You should only need to download the new version, unzip it and run the .exe file. You do not need to move any saved files :D

We have not gotten our grades yet :P


I swear if you don't get a freaking perfect grade, this random college student on the internet is going to be angry. Also I would really recommend documenting all the success the game has had just in case, as a way to say "Yeah, that B is nice, but the front page of this website, 100k+ downloads, and hundreds of youtubers playing this game say otherwise."