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Wow, we have seen items stuck but we have not found the solution yet. Thanks alot for this :D

What you wrote is most likely the cause :D

Then I'm very glad to have helped! It's most noticeable with barrels since they clip through the raft, though it happens to all items; I've seen thatch pop into a net I was standing by and get stuck out in the water until I harvested it. Also, the items won't necessarily go to the net in their lane; they can go to any net regardless of location. I have not tested with nets behind one another, only those in the same row. I'm not sure if player location is key to this bug happening, either; my raft is much bigger now, and even when I'm relatively far from my item nets, I'll have bugged items in them. I think I have less overall, but again, I haven't tested this.

Thanks for the active work, I'm looking forward to the future of this game.