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some people cloned raft and tried greenlighting it

A topic by BORKNET created Apr 21, 2017 Views: 2,277 Replies: 5
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Thank you BORKNET!

We have filed a complaint to steam and we hope that it will be removed as fast as possible :D

Dear Redbeet Interactive, 
Im here to said that i had enjoy your game very much, and after 20 hours playing,  some cool ideas came to my mind to improve and develop your game in the future.

If you interest, Gmail me on, i will very glad to help you guys for free!

Best Gerard!


hey when i play with my friend on version 1.02 i cant see my friend but i can see and interact with the things on the raft but if he places something i cant see it until i leave and come back. one other game breaking bug is i cant through out the plastic hook but i can swim to the items and collect them but then i die from the shark i really need help so i can play it was working until one time my friend turned off the server and i was still in it and from then on even with a new world i wasn't able to play so i really need help



im stuck inside my raft rn and cant get out. which sucks cause my character is gunna die. I need help.