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This was a nice and spooky game. Set the mood for Halloween things! :) I enjoyed it.

This is the truth. Except for the blood. Nice job!

This is a really interesting game. 

I didn't expect that twist, wow.

I broke it a few times I think but this was a good test of my patience. :) 

This was really well done! I enjoyed it, though I was scared to be jumpscared... Good job! 

This was really fun to play!

I'm terrible at puzzle games but I really enjoyed this! Can't wait to see more.

This was such a cute game!

This was dope.

The spook was REAL.

Enjoyed this. A good puzzler...even though I'm awful at puzzle games.

I'm still not over hwo cute the graphics were.

This was really neat! Educational in a sense, too.

I got fired a few times, but it was still fun!

I gave this a play the other day. Really had fun with it.

I gave it a play! It was super cute.

1.03 gameplay. Definitely gonna give the new update a try.

Unexpectedly liked this game. Cant' wait for the release!

Ya'll broke my brain a little with this one, but I liked it. :)

This was a fun game. We need more like this.

This was such a fun game! Loved it.

This was really fun. Stumped me there too on the bridge part. Definitely recommend this game.

Loved this game. :D

Just gave the game a play. It's really cute. Looking forward to more.

I did a video for it, as well.

Just played this and the browser version locked up/glitched out?

Enjoyed playing this game. Did a video for it on my YouTube Channel.

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Just finished playing the demo and wow. Just wow. Loved this game.

I started playing this, and I gotta say, it's the best so far.