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A member registered Jan 04, 2017

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so i finished the game and got evertything oyu could wish for, including a food farm wich covers the supply for my setllers and fills up my storage at the same time. So at the end of night 9(due to the massive monster wave on this night i was lagging a lil) the nght lastet for ages even after i killed the monsters well night 10 didnt start after a good minute or 2 of the sun bein in the Nightime bar and my foodmeter is overfloing going behind the time bar XD. so rlly fun game im sad that this wont get developed any further its rlly fun 2 play.

You have to look at the Tree with an axe and hit it. if the Tree is fully grown you will see that you get Planks and thatch in your inventory when the tree is choped down coconuts will drop down. Cropplots are used to Grow potatos.(btw. If you hit smth. with an axe and a circle fills around your crosshair it means that you are destroing a part of your raft.

After i Saved and my Game and restartet it all the conten form my Chests and the water pots from the water purifier dissapeared the only thing that didnt dissapear was Coocked shark meat.

Just build you base up. Build multiple floor Buidl a small little House :P thats what im doing and im not getting bored .

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/765611981774107... I took me some Time to build this and im Currently working on a House with multiple floors on the Kinda empty part of the raft :D. I have to say this really Hokked me and its rlly Fun to play.