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Just gotta duck and dodge my way to the clothes store, as long as Phil from accounting doesn't see we'll be fine.

Who knew that my career path would lead me to become an international weapons trader?

The graphics card's connected to the mobo, the mobo's connected to the standoff, the standoff's connected to the big case.

Come on a journey into the heart of the scariest (and largest) animation studios ever built.

Enjoyed Antichamber and Portal/ Never played them but would enjoy journeying around some spatially special places? Then you should check out Fragments of Euclid!

A playthrough of ~ half the game is included below for your viewing pleasure:

Also if people are interested in this type of puzzler be sure to keep an eye out for Miegakure and Manifold Garden, which should both be coming out in the near future :)

Thanks for the game! Keep on keeping on :)


Really enjoyed this! A delightfully odd short experience with the best melon wallpaper I've ever seen in a videogame :)

Keep on keeping on!

Stephanie wants Whip-It? Fine. Easy-peasy. Stephanie wants wine? Cupboard and pants wine to the rescue!

I think I may have misread the situation.

Goblin walking and a search for whipped cream... just another normal everyday house party.

(During the edit I discovered the cream's hiding place and so shall return to try and make Stephanie's dreams come true... and maybe we'll even get to dance.

Quick question- police aren't normally green, right?

Snakes that cover your modesty AND act as weapons? Sign me up!

Cute little arcade game with some cool upgrades (loving the resident evil reference) coupled with some awesome art and graphics. Definitely worth a gander, gameplay video below for your viewing pleasure:

Why did the watermelon cross the road?

Because it wanted to live free as a bird... Not a conventional punchline, I'll give you that.

All the lonely people, where do they all bel... disappear to?

Interesting story, with a rich environment to explore. Had fun rooting around in houses, and the final reveal was neat. Agree with others that the teleporter noise could be brought down a notch and a couple of voice sections (especially the final reveal) could have done with being a bit louder.

So, great little habitat to get lost in and an interesting story means that I'll be looking forward to more from you in the near future. Keep up the good work!

I've included my gameplay below for your viewing pleasure:

Just a short stroll in the surprisingly dark woods... Oh wait, is that a mine? Better go investigate!

Has the Sun ever literally set you on fire?

Mirror, signal, snooze, manoeuvre.

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This game happily rectifies nature's mistake of not providing us with 360 degree vision.

My sincere apologies to any fans of the X-files/ any form of story continuity. In my defence: DONUTS

Really enjoyed this, even if my attempts at art weren't fantastic the potential is there. Maybe I should've tried to do a version of a Francis Bacon work :p

Really enjoyed this, even if my attempts at art weren't fantastic the potential is there. Maybe I should've tried to do a version of a Francis Bacon work :p

Hey there! Sorry, played it a while ago and it got eaten by my editing pile so only just got round to it :p

What's changed in the new version? Might have to replay :D

I can see now why DVDs superseded VHS tapes.

Time to go back to blacksmith college and TURN UP THE HEAT!

This has (surprisingly) never happened to me while vacuum cleaning.

Sloth Dr. Who confirmed!

Make hay while the sun shines... well, at least until it crashes into your face.

What a juggling act! Some people said that it was impossible to both wave and gesture at the same time AND... I'd have to mostly agree, although with practice (how many employees can the management throw at this thing?) I managed to slightly improve.

Fantastic experience- an utterly unique combination of synths and virtual worlds to explore. Full thoughts below:

Great little prototype, I think this idea has a lot of potential and could be really fun if further developed. Full thoughts in the video below:

Have you heard about the rope? Cos the rope is dope!

Have you heard about the rope? Cos the rope is dope!

Captain's Log: Day Whenever- Have finally reached the heavens.

And the second part of my playthrough in which we become one with the Dot Gobbler:

This guy is bear-ly coping with surviving the Winter.

Well, as always, Cavanagh knocks it out of the park. Takes a simple concept and wrings it for all its worth to make a little game of surprising depth. My full mini-review is included below:

So-- many podcasts and lots of building later-- we finally reach the edge. It's certainly different out there. Join me as we venture forth/ ramble about Raft things:

A lovely little experience at building up your own landscape, expanded thoughts below:

My video from version 1.03 (i.e. before chests) where I try to build out towards the horizon to see if I can find either our shipwreck or the edge of the world, whichever comes first. Hope to play some of version 1.04 but it will take me a while to rebuild my craft to its former glory. Keep up the good work team!

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In this episode we search for the our shipwreck or the edge of the world, whichever comes first.