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These forgotten Gods were just waiting for an excuse for an impromptu jam sesh.

Loving the artstyle on this, solid foundation to build upon. Can't wait for those werewolf claws :)

Good luck with the rest of the development!

I love the brooding fog, and the music is really good too. Nice place to enjoy (?) a few minutes of spookiness

Join Dracula for a crib tour and, of course, watch him whip, watch him neigh neigh.

Lovely little series of vignettes, really loved Black Gold too! Keep up the good work Conor!

(Also that soundtrack is fantastic, major props to Chris Schlarb and I Heart Lung too.)

Really enjoyed this, who knew Westerns and IF went together so well?

The writing remains on point throughout, Literature Libby being a standout.

To say much more would spoil it. Essentially you get to shoot words with a gun to make IMPORTANT NARRATIVE DECISIONS, there need be no greater incentive.

If you want to see a (tiny) slice of it in action, there's a bad western accent reading out some highlights below:

Loved the gravity on this one, made me truly feel like David Bowie in Labyrinth... You know, when he does the flippy stair trick. Nailed it.

Fun little game, harder than it looks. I never knew scooters were so speedy!

Love the leaderboard, although sadly I will never grace its lofty heights (I'm bad at driving). The music and art style also gel really well. Great work, looking forward to seeing more from you.

Never did I think I would say this *clears throat* I must admit that I enjoyed cleaning the large spirit foot that came into my house, his constant jibes brought a smile to my face and the finished clean foot brought a tear to my eye with its beauty.

Thanks for the game guys, good job!

Love the art style and colours in this, and the shooting isn't half-bad either. Good job team!

Loved the dialogue in this game, just nailed it absolutely. And the scene is just beautiful. Well done team!

I love that the Star Trek future allows us to clone chairs to our heart's content. Love everything from the crew members to crashing the ship. Great job!

Loved this little experience, the joined up stars across the heavens reminded me of a cat's cradle. Also really loved stuff being whipped away by the wind outside the train. Great job, keep up the good work!

Loved the Kentucky Route Zero-esque night scenes, very neat! Cute little experience, well done!

Loved wandering the velvet monochrome sands. Keep up the good work!

The ending was fantastic, and I think you really nailed the feeling of the mystic west. Love the black and white story sections too! Well done team, I wish you luck in the future.

The voice work and writing itself is great, loved your take on the mystic west- a place inhabited by devils and monsters alike. Great job!

The strings when the stars drop are just perfect, and the lighting fits the mood so well! Well done on your efforts.

Just gotta duck and dodge my way to the clothes store, as long as Phil from accounting doesn't see we'll be fine.

Who knew that my career path would lead me to become an international weapons trader?

Enjoyed Antichamber and Portal/ Never played them but would enjoy journeying around some spatially special places? Then you should check out Fragments of Euclid!

A playthrough of ~ half the game is included below for your viewing pleasure:

Also if people are interested in this type of puzzler be sure to keep an eye out for Miegakure and Manifold Garden, which should both be coming out in the near future :)

Thanks for the game! Keep on keeping on :)


Really enjoyed this! A delightfully odd short experience with the best melon wallpaper I've ever seen in a videogame :)

Keep on keeping on!

Stephanie wants Whip-It? Fine. Easy-peasy. Stephanie wants wine? Cupboard and pants wine to the rescue!

I think I may have misread the situation.

Goblin walking and a search for whipped cream... just another normal everyday house party.

(During the edit I discovered the cream's hiding place and so shall return to try and make Stephanie's dreams come true... and maybe we'll even get to dance.

Quick question- police aren't normally green, right?

Snakes that cover your modesty AND act as weapons? Sign me up!

Cute little arcade game with some cool upgrades (loving the resident evil reference) coupled with some awesome art and graphics. Definitely worth a gander, gameplay video below for your viewing pleasure:

Why did the watermelon cross the road?

Because it wanted to live free as a bird... Not a conventional punchline, I'll give you that.

All the lonely people, where do they all bel... disappear to?

Interesting story, with a rich environment to explore. Had fun rooting around in houses, and the final reveal was neat. Agree with others that the teleporter noise could be brought down a notch and a couple of voice sections (especially the final reveal) could have done with being a bit louder.

So, great little habitat to get lost in and an interesting story means that I'll be looking forward to more from you in the near future. Keep up the good work!

I've included my gameplay below for your viewing pleasure:

Has the Sun ever literally set you on fire?

Mirror, signal, snooze, manoeuvre.

This game happily rectifies nature's mistake of not providing us with 360 degree vision.

My sincere apologies to any fans of the X-files/ any form of story continuity. In my defence: DONUTS

Really enjoyed this, even if my attempts at art weren't fantastic the potential is there. Maybe I should've tried to do a version of a Francis Bacon work :p

Really enjoyed this, even if my attempts at art weren't fantastic the potential is there. Maybe I should've tried to do a version of a Francis Bacon work :p

Hey there! Sorry, played it a while ago and it got eaten by my editing pile so only just got round to it :p

What's changed in the new version? Might have to replay :D