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And the second part of my playthrough in which we become one with the Dot Gobbler:

This guy is bear-ly coping with surviving the Winter.

Well, as always, Cavanagh knocks it out of the park. Takes a simple concept and wrings it for all its worth to make a little game of surprising depth. My full mini-review is included below:

So-- many podcasts and lots of building later-- we finally reach the edge. It's certainly different out there. Join me as we venture forth/ ramble about Raft things:

A lovely little experience at building up your own landscape, expanded thoughts below:

My video from version 1.03 (i.e. before chests) where I try to build out towards the horizon to see if I can find either our shipwreck or the edge of the world, whichever comes first. Hope to play some of version 1.04 but it will take me a while to rebuild my craft to its former glory. Keep up the good work team!

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In this episode we search for the our shipwreck or the edge of the world, whichever comes first.

I remember those crazy times when people said that there wasn't a place for killer cars in football.

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Clark the shark does not make for great company. Welcome to how I started out/ didn't die in the ocean. Enjoy!

Thank you very much for the great game! Keep on keeping on :)

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A wonderful concept executed with aplomb. The difficulty ramps up at a good rate, and I found each room distinct enough to keep me engaged for the ~25 minutes it took me to complete. Full review included below:

Today we take an intimate look behind the scenes of frog dating and mating rituals. Enjoy!

My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius.

Tinkle tonkle floompf! Music to my ears:

And I see that a health bar has been added in a new update, great work! Keep on keeping on

The enigmatic horse strikes fear into its enemies... Even with a fork in its flank.

Turns out shotguns were not built for long range combat. Who knew? I found out this and more in my shotgun only challenge, included below for your viewing pleasure:

A slow face massage is a surprisingly effective disabling technique.

The story of a small town necromancer who made it big.

Moar challenges! This time, I try my luck with no scopes. Frags and wrenches = easy sauce. RK 44 = somewhat more difficult.

Came up with a new challenge idea! You lose your weapon each time you die. Just like real life...?

Yeah, it's F1, F2, F3 etc. whilst in a vehicle so not sure what that would translate to on a mac.

It's challenge time everyone! With each death, my current weapon is consigned to the garbage heap for the rest of the game.

How will I fare? Will I be left with only a super wrench to my name?

This war won't be easy. Good job we have an Olympic gold swimmer and trained pilot on the job.

Ravenfield beta 5 is here, and, oh what an update it is. Join me as I take on the wrench only challenge. There's stealth, there's death, there's even quad bike stunts... ok, stunt. We even manage to win (somehow). GO TEAM!

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Great job team! Really enjoyed sneaking through the landscape on the prowl. The world itself was beautiful, the colours all really pop, and the sound design was great with the animal noises sounding convincingly terrifying/ terrified.

Hope you'll consider developing this into a full game, but if not good luck with all your future projects! I've included a little video review below, which expands on my thoughts above if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Addendum- During my time hunting I completely missed the fact that you could go in the cave and upgrade. I suppose it's testament to how much I was enjoying stalking my prey, but still a failure on my part. Sorry about that, but just so you know- you can go in the cave and upgrade/ feed your cubs :)

Thanks for such a great game! Looking forward to the final game :D

Keep on keeping on!

Loved this! Similar to the N series (high praise), and the challenge lies just on the right side of fair. Great work team, I look forward to the full release!

Mini video review included below for your viewing pleasure:

Wow! Thank you for this Jack, loved getting lost in this place. The windmill brought to mind Sunset Spirit Steel by Kitty Horrorshow, and the rest of the game was superb.

The passage of time was well done, each shift lending the landscape a different feel, and the static-y filter lended this experience a really unique flavour. Keep on keeping on!

I also included Exit 19 in my roundup of all the AM16 games, embedded below for your viewing pleasure:

Huge battles certainly make for a more interesting war/ break time itself

General Brookes is a desert deserter, but it's allowable since it was in the name of whisky and cushy hotels.

Necromancing requires patience, dedication, and, of course, tonnes of dead bodies...

War reporting is an unenviable job...

Twist that ripped, sunburnt frame into moves you've only ever dreamed of in Jean Paul Dance

Guy meets girl, what could possibly go wrong... oh wait, are those fangs?

All signs are looking good for this unique puzzle-platformer which asks the question: what if the stickmen on signs could move?

All in all a promising demo which gives me high hopes for the final release. Good luck team!

Those surrealists were a strange bunch...

Wandering the wonderful wastes with surprises over every trashy knoll.

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Want a guaranteed way to get a pay rise? Throw a paper plane at your boss's face. He loves that. He did ask for those papers by Friday after all, it's his fault for not specifying what form he'd like them in.

Finally found out what the POTUS pardons the turkey for...