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Closing in on the end for the Level Bundle!

Dude, this is an awesome little minigame! Really enjoyed playing it and had a great time!

I defeat three more lords from the level bundle! The levels are getting very hard and i ended cheesing every second one, but i'm still loving the levels! :)

The obstacle levels are so hard! Especially the last one, that combines the last three levels!

This is an awesome game! It gets really hard very quickly and i had lots of fun playing it!

I try out the new Level Bundle! Managed to complete the first few levels and really enjoyed it! :)

This is an awesome! It's not easy, but not too hard! I had lots of fun playing this game!

I accidentally slected one of the gangsters to play as, but it was much better than i expected!

Thanks! No i'm not a russian, i'm from Latvia! A few years back i could speak russian fairly fluently, but now i barely understand it.

I held a lord league to find out who is the strongest lord!

I really loved the game! The idea is awesome! And because i'm really into racing games i love something fresh! More levels would be awesome, if you continue development!

I tried to build everything and managed to do it! So i made everything and beat the game!

Created a new topic A video!

I tried out the game and really liked it! I didn't really know what i'm doing so i was very confused!

The new update is awesome! I really loved the wolves and the new lords!

The game was awesome! The time in the game just flys by!

This is an awesome game! In my best run i got a score of over 100! I can imagine this game being used for improving aim!

I tried out the new update and it's AWESOME! I love the new buildables and the day-night system is beautiful!

This game was very interesting and exciting! When you reach the last fortress you've pretty much won, because of how strong it is!

I loved the simplicity and the hardness of the game! The background music was awesome! The rope and the cutting in half is awesome!

I really loved this game! As a fan of RTS and survival games this was perfect! It sucks that the development has stopped because i see alot of potential in this game!

Really liked the game! I love that it is pretty hard! The game took me about 20 minutes to complete, although i got stuck multiple times!

This is an awesome game! I love the music and the idea! Can't wait for the full version!

I did some base defense on Island and Dustbowl and it was Epic!

I love the parkour altough it took a bit to get used to it! I like the gamemodes and i was thrown high in sky multiple times!

This is a very relaxing and beautiful game! And obviously peaceful! The ending leaves alot up to your imagination and lets you make up your own story of what happened later!

I caused a lot of chaos and confusion by using the superwrench! Also i encountered a few glitches at the end!

I really enjoyed the game and i love the parkour! And the new vehicle is awesome!

I love the new update! The new castle building system is amazing! And i love the new troops!

This game is very mysterios and i like that! The graphics look great, and it got pretty scary!

I really liked the game! I enjoyed going around looking for resources and exploring! But then i noticed a button in the menu that gives you everything and just couldn't resist!

I really love the game and had lots of fun playing it! I liked the level design, there were just so many ways to get to a lot of places!

This is a truly beautiful game! I like that the game isn't too hard, but isn't too easy! I don't know the legend but it seems pretty interesting!

This is an awesome little game! I really like the difficulty of this game! After making a video i went back and played it a little more!

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I tried to do some base defense! It wasn't easy, but on the last one i managed to survive quite long!

This is a very interesting and super unique puzzle game! Haven't seen anything like it, then again puzzle games aren't my cup of tea!

I started all over and made an awesome ship! Also i made a pretty big tree farm!

This is an awesome game! I love the chaos and how fun it is!

This is an awesome little update! I love the character customization!

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I start off fresh and get ready for building a ship!

I tried to do an epic custom battle! Sadly it failed. Then i tested how strong are the ranged units! And there isn't a single best ranged unit! They change by the amount of units and their formation!