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This is an awesome game! I love the music and the idea! Can't wait for the full version!

I did some base defense on Island and Dustbowl and it was Epic!

I love the parkour altough it took a bit to get used to it! I like the gamemodes and i was thrown high in sky multiple times!

This is a very relaxing and beautiful game! And obviously peaceful! The ending leaves alot up to your imagination and lets you make up your own story of what happened later!

I caused a lot of chaos and confusion by using the superwrench! Also i encountered a few glitches at the end!

I really enjoyed the game and i love the parkour! And the new vehicle is awesome!

I love the new update! The new castle building system is amazing! And i love the new troops!

This game is very mysterios and i like that! The graphics look great, and it got pretty scary!

I really liked the game! I enjoyed going around looking for resources and exploring! But then i noticed a button in the menu that gives you everything and just couldn't resist!

I really love the game and had lots of fun playing it! I liked the level design, there were just so many ways to get to a lot of places!

This is a truly beautiful game! I like that the game isn't too hard, but isn't too easy! I don't know the legend but it seems pretty interesting!

This is an awesome little game! I really like the difficulty of this game! After making a video i went back and played it a little more!

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I tried to do some base defense! It wasn't easy, but on the last one i managed to survive quite long!

This is a very interesting and super unique puzzle game! Haven't seen anything like it, then again puzzle games aren't my cup of tea!

I started all over and made an awesome ship! Also i made a pretty big tree farm!

This is an awesome game! I love the chaos and how fun it is!

This is an awesome little update! I love the character customization!

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I start off fresh and get ready for building a ship!

I tried to do an epic custom battle! Sadly it failed. Then i tested how strong are the ranged units! And there isn't a single best ranged unit! They change by the amount of units and their formation!

This is a very fun game! Had to restart my game because of pressing the button you're not supposed to press multiple times! :D

I wanted to do a hard challenge, so i ended up only using the shotgun in the dustbowl map! Check out how it went!

Also it was in night mode!

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I tried to make as many floors as i could! And i'm very glad that there's no fall damage!

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I really like the idea of the game! The later levels make you think, but i got stuck and i feel like i wasn't even halfway through!

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This is an awesome game that kind of reminded me of Stranded Deep! It has great potential and i can't wait to see what you'll do with it!

I tested how strong Santa Clauses are and well... they didn't do too well!

I wanted to play this game again and i just couldn't stop dying!

I tested how many bots i can take on all alone! And it didn't go well!

This little game was a ton of fun to play! I liked that you give us different options for doing each level!

I tried to capture all five flags on the Island map! It wasn't easy but we managed to do it! When we first captured all flags they recaptured one of the flags a few seconds later! But we didn't give up there...

I loved the idea of the game! I really liked how the characters you had to assasinate were pretty sarcastic!

I tried out all of the gamemodes and made a castle siege in the custom mode! Super excited for the new update!

This is an awesome game! It's a lot of fun and actually pretty hard!

I tested with how many bots i could run the game and it was over a thousand! I also show you guys how to get a secret weapon!

I had played the first Ancient Warfare and this one is much better in every way! The first person mode is awesome and i didn't feel invincible like in the first game!

Ravenfield Beta 5 is out and it's AWESOME! You can check out some gameplay here! :)

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I really loved the game! :) With time you run out of fruit and i didn't discover a way to get anymore of them.

Also i'm fairly sure that the game now has a newer version, but the video is on the previous version!

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I found a secret weapon in the game and it's super good! Watch the video to find out how to get it!

I wanted to see if i have what it takes to make my team win just by using the heli. And it worked! Of course there were some fails!

This is a super cute and fun game! It's pretty difficult at first but it becomes easier the longer you play!

I came back to try the game again! And i managed to make a huge army in my first attempt!