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This is an awesome little game! Really loved playing it! :)

I put catapults on the ships and that definetly adds some extra explosions!

The new update is great! Had lots of fun trying it out!

I finally finished the level bundle and set a new personal record in gladiator arena!

This is a really fun game! It took me a while to really understand how it works, but i edited it out because i couldn't survive the cringe. :D

In the last map some enemies were hidden behind walls and i couldn't find them!

This is an awesome game! It looks and feels great. The cars actually feel different and the game rewards skill very well!

Closing in on the end for the Level Bundle!

Dude, this is an awesome little minigame! Really enjoyed playing it and had a great time!

I defeat three more lords from the level bundle! The levels are getting very hard and i ended cheesing every second one, but i'm still loving the levels! :)

The obstacle levels are so hard! Especially the last one, that combines the last three levels!

This is an awesome game! It gets really hard very quickly and i had lots of fun playing it!

I try out the new Level Bundle! Managed to complete the first few levels and really enjoyed it! :)

This is an awesome! It's not easy, but not too hard! I had lots of fun playing this game!

I accidentally slected one of the gangsters to play as, but it was much better than i expected!

Thanks! No i'm not a russian, i'm from Latvia! A few years back i could speak russian fairly fluently, but now i barely understand it.

I held a lord league to find out who is the strongest lord!

I really loved the game! The idea is awesome! And because i'm really into racing games i love something fresh! More levels would be awesome, if you continue development!

I tried to build everything and managed to do it! So i made everything and beat the game!

I tried out the game and really liked it! I didn't really know what i'm doing so i was very confused!

The new update is awesome! I really loved the wolves and the new lords!

The game was awesome! The time in the game just flys by!

This is an awesome game! In my best run i got a score of over 100! I can imagine this game being used for improving aim!

I tried out the new update and it's AWESOME! I love the new buildables and the day-night system is beautiful!

This game was very interesting and exciting! When you reach the last fortress you've pretty much won, because of how strong it is!

I loved the simplicity and the hardness of the game! The background music was awesome! The rope and the cutting in half is awesome!

I really loved this game! As a fan of RTS and survival games this was perfect! It sucks that the development has stopped because i see alot of potential in this game!

Really liked the game! I love that it is pretty hard! The game took me about 20 minutes to complete, although i got stuck multiple times!

This is an awesome game! I love the music and the idea! Can't wait for the full version!

I did some base defense on Island and Dustbowl and it was Epic!

I love the parkour altough it took a bit to get used to it! I like the gamemodes and i was thrown high in sky multiple times!

This is a very relaxing and beautiful game! And obviously peaceful! The ending leaves alot up to your imagination and lets you make up your own story of what happened later!

I caused a lot of chaos and confusion by using the superwrench! Also i encountered a few glitches at the end!

I love the new update! The new castle building system is amazing! And i love the new troops!

This game is very mysterios and i like that! The graphics look great, and it got pretty scary!

I really love the game and had lots of fun playing it! I liked the level design, there were just so many ways to get to a lot of places!

This is a truly beautiful game! I like that the game isn't too hard, but isn't too easy! I don't know the legend but it seems pretty interesting!

This is an awesome little game! I really like the difficulty of this game! After making a video i went back and played it a little more!