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The Hard Croc

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Appreciate ya buddy, thank you.

Ravenfield's PROJECT WW1 got a HUGE update! We've got tons of vehicles, tons of weapons, and even more stuff planned!

A NERF WAR has reached Ravenfield! With this fun little challenge, we join the ranks and try out all the new custom weapons from the Workshop!

This was a fun little game to check out!  I love these super short burst games where you've got a small amount of time to achieve something :)

PROJECT VIETNAM is BACK! Here's a private preview I was allowed to show you guys!

Here's a couple of MUST HAVE mods for Ravenfield, or alternatively, some mods I use just about every damn time I play Ravenfield-

Today we check out the CRAZIEST PISTOL MOD PACK yet! Seriously, the G18 Carbine? Is that even considered a pistol anymore?

Due to recent circumstance, Ravenfield's future might be in trouble because of this mod...

Today we check out 4 FUN NEW MODS worth downloading for Ravenfield!  Massive weapon packs, crazy vehicles, and more!

Thanks!  Looks like I'll need to return to Desert Kill :)

AN ALIEN INVASION has come to Ravenfield! Today we FLY THE ALIEN UFOs!

An ALIEN INVASION has come to Ravenfield!

Today we check out 4 GREAT NEW WEAPONS in Ravenfield thanks to The Classics Pack!

This is definitely one of my new favorite mods, and absolutely my favorite custom vehicle mod!

You asked, I answered. Today we storm the beaches of Normandy as TEAM EAGLE!

Some of these endings surprised me!

We storm Omaha Beach with this HUGE WW2 Pack Update!

This game was WAY tougher than I expected hahaha

This game was actually a ton of fun hahaha.  Cooldog was way funnier than I expected!


He's dead, Jim.  F.

I linked the Workshop link in the description :)

Thanks to this awesome update for Early Access 8's beta branch, we can make NEW GAMEMODES! This Configure Flags feature has a TON of potential, this is just the start :)

Today we announce 3 of the 4 Ravenfield giveaway winners!  Make sure to tune into stream in an hour where we'll be giving away the 4th and final key! 

Today we check out Ravenfield's Battalions Pack, an absolutely MASSIVE mod pack, bringing TONS of content to Ravenfield! 


I ran into a bit of a bug, but then I got into the real scary part...

Here's the Haunted gamemode on the NEW COAST LINE MAP!  #GoodDropMrSkelly 



Here's 3 really cool things about the light house on Coastline that you might've missed :)


Just the other day, an OFFICIAL NEW MAP got announced for Ravenfield.  Let's talk about it!

DOOMFIST has joined the fight! Wait, wrong game. That's okay we combined like 50 games in this video now. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMFIIIIIIIIIST!

Grab your jetpack, it's time to stick it to the man!

Ravenfield's Star Wars Project is back again with the DEATH STAR!  But this time, we're fighting in the remnants of what once was a great Death Star.  This is Death Star Aftermath.

As far as I can remember, the super wrench is the only one

Ravenfield's got a new WW1 weapon, the Lewis Gun!  It's kinda huge 🔫🔫🔫

I... think I might've messed up.

Ravenfield's Early Access 7 is HERE! We've got NEW FLARES, stable Custom Vehicle Support, and more!