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The Hard Croc

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Ran into some issues with the newly added tanks, they... couldn't really move too well outside of a "flat" world unfortunately.  I know vids belong over in the YouTube sticky, but I figured video is probably the best medium to showcase the issue, feel free to delete my post if it's a problem!

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Today's NEW UPDATE is AWESOME!  Really dig the look of the tanks :)

This was fun.  Thank you BlipBloop.

This is THE BEST party I've ever been to :)

Created a new topic STAR WARS | "HOTH" CUSTOM MAP

The excellent mapper "Vel" and crew made an awesome HOTH map with huuuuge models of AT-ATs, AT-STs, and even the STAR DESTROYER :)  Check it out right here-


Created a new topic ICEBERG CUSTOM MAP

DustRaptor's ICEBERG map is awesome! And... super bright. But still pretty fun! Check it out right here :)

I had a TON of fun in this game hahaha.  Fun little game, my favorite is the girl with the club :P

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I had a TON of fun in the NEW ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GAMEMODE! :)

After PLENTY of requests, I'm happy to present the INFILTRATION/TRAITOR challenge!


I covered Zombie Barricades in a little series I do on my channel!

Banter aside, I'm actually pretty excited to keep up with Zombie Barricades, definitely some impressive stuff for being so early off!

There's 1 new official map, a ton of fan made custom maps, and big Battleship type thing in the Steam version :)

If you haven't seen BlipBloop's GRAPPLING HOOK MOD, definitely check this out! I tried it out on a ton of different maps, including Paratroopers and Baneburg and had a ton of fun exploring the maps :)

Created a new topic MY DUMBEST CHALLENGE YET...

My viewers uh

They like to watch me suffer occasionally

DannyFast has an AWESOME CASTLE DEFENSE/kinda KOTH-esque custom map called "CASTLE ISLAND!" Check it out right here :) Link in the description if you'd like to play it for yourselves ofc!

If you guys haven't seen "Dogfight" in the Steam Workshop, definitely check it out! It's an insane AERIAL COMBAT ONLY map :)

Like for real, there were literally 200 planes at one point hahaha

If you've been livin under a rock, EARLY ACCESS BUILD 3 is now here! Additionally, so is my video covering said update :) Check it out right here

I had a ton of fun in LAST WOOD, check out my little video right here :P  Ran into a LOT of shark attacks!

Beta 5 and previous versions are still free :)  Future updates will be paid though.

Created a new topic KING OF THE HILL CUSTOM MAP!

Thanks to MrPeanut, KING OF THE HILL is FINALLY HERE... KIND OF :) Check out his awesome map "THE CLIMB" right here- 

Ravenfield is currently on Beta 7!  All that stuff is included in the paid version over on Steam- http://store.steampowered.com/app/636480/Ravenfield/

Someone combined RAVENFIELD and CS:GO to make this awesome map!  Check it out right here :)

Looking for a new challenge to spice up Ravenfield?  Look no further, I present the BLIND CHALLENGE!

J0hnbane's "BANEBURG" map is incredible! If ya dig the idea of SUPER DETAILED and INTENSE URBAN/CITY COMBAT, check this out! :)

Today I took on a challenge from some viewers in reference to a stream I did forever ago hahaha, check out this LOUD ONLY SPEC OPS CHALLENGE!

Glad ya enjoyed it!  Thanks for the explanations, awesome stuff for only a week :)

👀 👀 👀

I uh, enjoyed shooting these Pooh/Shiba Inu hybrids.  I also unfortunately had no sound and didn't really understand the language :P


I covered jJakeMLGPro's awesome FALLOUT INSPIRED CUSTOM MAP over on my channel :) Check out "NUKEFALL" right here! <insert nuke emoji here>

I've gotten a LOT of requests to cover Viotech3's "Sky Turtle" over on my channel!  It's actually a big FLOATING AIRSHIP :)  Here she is!

I played Quality's brand new map "PYRAMID" over on my channel! It's the first map I've covered with animated objects, and some of those are HUGE SWINGING AXES. They definitely get a little gnarly hahaha, check it out right here

I covered "HUSTON FIELDS," a map by PLANT_12345 over on my channel!  This one was a lot of fun, and I focused on the aerial aspect of it :P  Come check it out!

Currently SteelRaven's made Ravenfield (and it's future updates) only available through Steam.  I think it's on Humble as well, but you're still buying a Steam key over there.  My understanding is that it'll eventually be available through itch.io and gamejolt, but it'll still be at that $15 USD price point.

Thanks for the tips!  I'm definitely noticing I'm getting overloaded a lot.  Gotta focus on not panicking and spamming it :P

Today I found MY FAVORITE CUSTOM MAP YET!  This is an awesome WW1 TRENCH WARFARE map made by SPARTAN :)

Thanks for the tips!  I'm still learning, so I really appreciate it :)

A LOT of people suggested I try a dual shield build.  It was uh

pretty interesting :P

Created a new topic NEW VIETNAM MAP: KHE SAHN

Today I covered RavenPancake's awesome Vietnam map called "KHE SAHN" :) Check it out right here, and definitely make sure to play this awesome map for yourselves!