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The Hard Croc

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This update is AWESOME!

Love the NEW PIRATE SHIPS and everything :)

We can play as RED TEAM in BETA 6!

Check out this preview of BETA 6 SQUADS & FORMATIONS!

And check out the NEW PLANES & NEW DUSTBOWL

We can play as RED TEAM in BETA 6!

Check out this preview of BETA 6 SQUADS & FORMATIONS!

And check out the NEW PLANES & NEW DUSTBOWL

Created a new topic NEW UPDATE

I checked out the NEW UPDATE in my video today, and we found some cool new grips, guards, weapons, and more! :) Check it out!

There's no CONFIRMED date, but I explained why people think it'll be April in this video at 6:03

On the inventory screen while you're selecting a primary, click the box to the right of it :) Currently, there's only a pistol and a suppressed version of said pistol.

Stephanie got a little... WILD

I'm not the developer, just a big fan :P But yeah, the heli is definitely tough at first. You'll get a hang of it!

A map editor will be coming eventually :) It's on the road map!

Posted in Multiplayer

There was a multiplayer mod floating around for a bit, but it was pretty buggy when I checked it out :P

I'm actually unfamiliar with what you're referencing, but you might have better luck in the Discord server :) I've never seen this question before, and I can't remember the music myself. Good luck :P

Hahaha, I think it's a mix of both :P Not 100% sure though! There's only so far you can push your hardware obviously, BUT there's also only so much you can push the game itself I think.

I'm not sure what the ACTUAL maximum is, but any massive number (I think 5+ digits) breaks it only spawning like 5 bots hahaha. I got 1000 going for a bit and it never crashed on me, but it was suuuuper low FPS :P

Check out these NEW RAVENFIELD GAMEMODES created by fans :)


Is this close enough? :P

Thanks! I appreciate it, just trying to help everyone out :)

If you're having trouble installing House Party, make sure to check this out!

Wanted to give all the new people coming in a taste of what's to come when they get in game ;) Hahahaah

To my knowledge, it's some odd glitch about turning a vehicle gold while you're getting into it I think? I don't think it's a super simple feature, but rather a tricky glitch :P

This game is WILD hahaha

DEFINITELY had to... CENSOR a few things :P

Install tutorial right here :)

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I usually wouldn't warrant this passive aggressive sarcasm a response, but I'll take the bait hahaha. Your ignorance to modern culture and media is legitimately astounding, but I guess kids shouldn't watch TV, movies, listen to anything besides strictly gospel music, go on social media, or really exist outside their parent's protective bubble if hearing a certain word or two is truly the worst thing to ever happen to them lmao. Kids' parents are also responsible for raising them, not the internet, and blaming the outside world for corrupting some kid while in fact they've got irresponsible parents is pathetic. If you've got kids of your own, make sure they don't go on YouTube, because the #1 most subscribed YouTuber is one foul mouthed dude. So are most others following after him. Sorry it's such a deal breaker for you, isn't for most. Thanks for checking out the video/channel, but clearly this type of content/media isn't suited for you.

Created a new topic HOW TO SUMMON THE DARK LORD

A viewer told me to conduct some BLACK MAGIC and SUMMON THE DARK LORD hahaha. He definitely scared me a bit!


There's a fun little secret feature you can mess around with while using the binoculars, but the binoculars don't do a TON in Beta 5. Hopefully a lot more in Beta 6 :)


That sounds like a bug you're getting through itch.io unfortunately :(

You get the golden wrench from just typing "iseegold" while sitting on the main menu :) Check it out here! If you've installed Ravenfield in the past 3 months, you don't need to reinstall or update!

Check out all the NEW ANIMATIONS & MELEE ATTACKS coming in BETA 6!

You need to reinstall the game, check this out!

Check out this awesome SPEC OPS TEASER from Beta 6!

Check out an in-depth analysis of what's to come with Beta 6 :)

Ohhhh, that makes sense. Yeah, to my knowledge they're just invisible walls where AI spawn in and leave :P

Should be super soon, I heard somewhere around 4-6 weeks after the Greenlight campaign, and it's been right on about 4 now. There's no confirmed date anywhere yet, but stay tuned on the channel because I'll let you guys know as soon as I can :P

If you haven't heard about the NEW SQUADS & FORMATIONS being added to Ravenfield soon, check this out!

Check out this AWESOME NEW SNOW MAP! :)

I'm not sure what "portal" you're referring to, but I'm incredibly intrigued by it. Could you post a picture of one? Bump.

Created a new topic DON'T TOUCH THIS!

The now WALKING giant scared me a ton at first hahaha

Dude came RIGHT AT ME, but I guess he's friendly despite looking like he wants to stomp me into the ground :P

You need to reinstall :)

Check out all the NEW BETA 6 stuff being added :) SteelRaven shared this himself, so it's pretty important ;)

More vehicles and guns as well!