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The Hard Croc

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Happy Spooky October!. A ZOMBIE INVASION has plagued Ravenfield, and we've gotta take em on in this NEW GAMEMODE with the CHAINSAW!

Ravenfield's Early Access 12 beta branch is already starting out strong, with NEW MUSIC AND new movement like PRONE!

TABS in Ravenfield is back! Or TABSenfield. I really like TABSenfield. Even tho it kinda looks like Seinfeld. Seinfeld was a solid show too tho. Anyways, check it out- 

Ravenfield's Early Access 11 has JUST released and brought a TON of HUGE updates to Ravenfield. Here's Early Access 11's Walkman/SECRET MUSIC easter egg, and a tutorial/guide on how to find it.

EARLY ACCESS 11, The BIG One, likely the BIGGEST update for Ravenfield yet, has finally released! 2 NEW MAPS, tons of customization, AI improvements, and plenty more are here thanks to SteelRaven. Let's talk about it.

Yeehaw my friends 🤠

🔫 x 18

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We return to Project VIETNAM, this time with real, lore friendly, team specific loadouts! 

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A HUGE mod just came to Ravenfield, and today we're gonna try it out! This "Tactical Grenades Pack" completely OVERHAULS Ravenfield's current grenade options and brings NINE new options to the Ravenfield!


Ravenfield's Beta Branch (EA11) just got an awesome update that essentially brings TABS into the Ravenfield! Today we pit 200 melee units against 10 MUCH stronger units, and a few more challenges!

Today we're back again checking out 5 (really 6 tho) of the BEST MODS to come out over the past week.  I'm super proud of this one, peep-

More RF:MP, more bants.  And yes, it's real

This game was WAY scarier than I expected it to be hahaha

Ravenfield's got a LOT of mods. Tons of maps, tons of guns and equipment, tons of vehicles, etc. But sometimes, all the great content gets overwhelming. Today, we check out some of the WORST GUNS IN RAVENFIELD.  (Joe The Pirate is a phenomenal modder and I'm obviously alluding to the guns themselves rather than his incredible adaptation of them in Ravenfield.)

Ravenfield just got yet ANOTHER new mod pack, and this one is GREAT for CQC/CQB and the Spec Ops Gamemode!

Nice minecart. Mined if I break it?

Ravenfield just got a new mod pack, and it's seriously crazy.  This is BY FAR the BIGGEST mod pack on the Workshop, bringing 70+ new items to Ravenfield.


Best Mods of The Week.  Episode 2.  5 Mods.  A Weapon pack.  Vehicles.  Stuff I'm keepin on my mod list.  Great stuff, peep-

Today we check out a great melee weapon mod you NEED to try out in Ravenfield! Definitely one of the best melee mods I've used so far!


Yeehaw my friends

☠️🐔💥 YEETin some chickens off deck

The Early Access 11 Beta Branch just updated with a branch new map called Mountain Range :)  This one's focused on aerial combat and long range engagements!

Appreciate ya buddy, thank you.

Ravenfield's PROJECT WW1 got a HUGE update! We've got tons of vehicles, tons of weapons, and even more stuff planned!

A NERF WAR has reached Ravenfield! With this fun little challenge, we join the ranks and try out all the new custom weapons from the Workshop!

This was a fun little game to check out!  I love these super short burst games where you've got a small amount of time to achieve something :)

PROJECT VIETNAM is BACK! Here's a private preview I was allowed to show you guys!

Here's a couple of MUST HAVE mods for Ravenfield, or alternatively, some mods I use just about every damn time I play Ravenfield-

Today we check out the CRAZIEST PISTOL MOD PACK yet! Seriously, the G18 Carbine? Is that even considered a pistol anymore?

Due to recent circumstance, Ravenfield's future might be in trouble because of this mod...

Today we check out 4 FUN NEW MODS worth downloading for Ravenfield!  Massive weapon packs, crazy vehicles, and more!

AN ALIEN INVASION has come to Ravenfield! Today we FLY THE ALIEN UFOs!

An ALIEN INVASION has come to Ravenfield!

Today we check out 4 GREAT NEW WEAPONS in Ravenfield thanks to The Classics Pack!

This is definitely one of my new favorite mods, and absolutely my favorite custom vehicle mod!

You asked, I answered. Today we storm the beaches of Normandy as TEAM EAGLE!

Some of these endings surprised me!