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The Hard Croc

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Project WW2 just gave us an early Christmas present in way of a toooon of new vehicles. Check em out đŸ›Šī¸

Definitely one of the best prototypes I've played in a LONG time!  Absolutely stoked to have a new promising skating game on PC :)

No worries, definitely excited to keep up with this!  Wish I could be of more help.  Unfortunately, I just kinda wandered over and found the missing floor :P

This game's got a ton of potential!  The soundtrack and art style are definitely some great steps towards a hopefully great new cyberpunk game in the future!

If you've been living under a rock recently, Ravenfield's now got an in-game map editor :) No clue where to start? Same. Let's suffer together-

Ravenfield just got the single handedly BEST update it's EVER gotten for content creators. Whether you're a YouTuber, a modder, or just a fan of the game who loves to take screencaps, this Photo Mode is a great update you probably didn't know ya needed.


The beta 5 demo is... the beta 5 demo.  Like that's it.

The Steam launch started with Beta 6 which eventually was widely accepted as being renamed to Early Access 1, starting the Steam early access version of Ravenfield.  Early Access 11 just released about a month ago, so in total there have been 11 big releases on Steam on top of's original 5 demo updates.  So I guess EA11 is Beta 16?  There's a roadmap on the Steam version that shows we're pretty close to a full release/leaving early access at this point.

This NEW MOD from Joe The Pirate will seriously change Ravenfield modding FOREVER. Joe The Pirate's new mod pack brings yet again another set of HUGE innovative improvements to the scene! This time in the forum of dual sights, dynamic belts, and more!

We don't have a ton of cowboy games on PC, and RDR2 releasing last week just makes it worse for us. Let's slap a Ravenfield band-aid on it with some cool cowboy vibes.

Like planes?  Well, I've got somethin for ya.

Happy Spooky October! Or Croctober. A ZOMBIE INVASION has plagued Ravenfield, and this time, WE'RE PART OF IT!

Happy Spooky October!. A ZOMBIE INVASION has plagued Ravenfield, and we've gotta take em on in this NEW GAMEMODE with the CHAINSAW!

Ravenfield's Early Access 12 beta branch is already starting out strong, with NEW MUSIC AND new movement like PRONE!

TABS in Ravenfield is back! Or TABSenfield. I really like TABSenfield. Even tho it kinda looks like Seinfeld. Seinfeld was a solid show too tho. Anyways, check it out- 

Ravenfield's Early Access 11 has JUST released and brought a TON of HUGE updates to Ravenfield. Here's Early Access 11's Walkman/SECRET MUSIC easter egg, and a tutorial/guide on how to find it.

EARLY ACCESS 11, The BIG One, likely the BIGGEST update for Ravenfield yet, has finally released! 2 NEW MAPS, tons of customization, AI improvements, and plenty more are here thanks to SteelRaven. Let's talk about it.

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We return to Project VIETNAM, this time with real, lore friendly, team specific loadouts! 


This game was WAY scarier than I expected it to be hahaha

Nice minecart. Mined if I break it?

Ravenfield just got a new mod pack, and it's seriously crazy.  This is BY FAR the BIGGEST mod pack on the Workshop, bringing 70+ new items to Ravenfield.


☠ī¸đŸ”đŸ’Ĩ YEETin some chickens off deck

Appreciate ya buddy, thank you.

Ravenfield's PROJECT WW1 got a HUGE update! We've got tons of vehicles, tons of weapons, and even more stuff planned!

This was a fun little game to check out!  I love these super short burst games where you've got a small amount of time to achieve something :)