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The Hard Croc

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All jokes aside, this game was actually a lot of fun!  Cool little idea, reminds me of Super Soakers and Nerf Guns :P

Created a new topic RAVENFIELD in MINECRAFT!

Someone recreated the "ISLAND" map over in MINECRAFT, complete with GUNS, HELIS, TANKS, and all!  Check it out right here :)

In this video I go over the NEW TOW LAUNCHERS on ARCHIPELAGO in excess!  Locations, damage stats, and all!  Come learn all about the TOW LAUNCHERS

The Beta Branch, specifically Archipelago, got a BIG UPDATE yesterday!  TOW Launchers, TANKS, Ammo RESUPPLY crates, PALM TREES, & MORE!  Check it ALL OUT RIGHT HERE-

Had a ton of fun checking out this game! Cool little concept, and super impressive given the requirements of the game jam. Cute little game with an awesome feel to it that throws me back to when I first started playing video games years ago :P Feel free to check out my video on Umbri below!


I had a ton of fun in Jump Doper AND UNLOCKED A SECRET CHARACTER! :)

Not sure HOW I unlocked it, whether it was by reaching level 20 or... falling under the map

Today I tried out my first RANGED ONLY build, including DUAL SMGs!

Little spoiler alert, but I did NOT do too great :(  Guess I'm more of a melee dude!

Yesterday an update for the newest map, ARCHIPELAGO, came out!  The major additions were the NEW VILLAGE at HARBOR and an actual OUTPOST at the Outpost point :P  Check it out!

Thanks for the heads up, appreciate ya 👍

Awesome to hear you enjoyed the video :)

I'll go back and get that grind eventually! :P

Created a new topic CHALLENGES & THE SKATEPARK! :)

Today I checked out some CHALLENGE LEVELS and the SKATEPARK in Corpse Box Racers!

I had a TON of fun in this game with my floppy cardboard box and corpse! :P

I was so stoked hahaha, that thing is DEVASTATING :P

The DOMINUS SWORD is INSANE!  It functions as a great sword but also a RAILGUN hahaha.  The viewers REALLY wanted me to check this one out!

YEET 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 

I got 3 hilarious different endings hahaha, definitely a fun little game :)

I had a TON of fun checking out Passpartout!  Definitely a chill, fun little game :)

Figured for my second episode of Garrison Archangel I'd check out a melee/dual tonfa build!

A stickied videos/media thread might be best so I and other YouTubers don't spam up the forum in individual posts :P

This is definitely a fun little game!  :)


Thanks for the tip hahaha, I'm actually laughing so hard right now.  I'll keep that in mind next go around :P  Glad you guys enjoyed the video :)

I built one hell of a tank in my video :P  Really enjoyed this game, great job to the developer(s)!

Created a new topic NEW GAMEMODE | SPEC OPS

If you haven't checked out one of the NEW GAMEMODES in BETA 6, "SPEC OPS" is a ton of fun!

I tried my hand at SPEEDRUNNING 293 KEYS!

Had a lot of fun returning to this game!  Fun, simple game :)

Created a new topic Installation Tutorial

I made this video a few months back, but I figured it definitely deserved a place on the forums :)  This installation tutorial is for the FREE VERSIONS through itch.io.

Created a new topic ALL FOUR SECRET WEAPONS

In under 5 minutes, you can find ALL the SECRET WEAPONS in BETA 6! :)

#RaftContentRevival is NOW :P

Created a new topic It's Been A While...

I haven't played Raft in AGES, but felt like I needed to check it out again :)  Definitely miss this game.  Excited to keep up with the future of this game over on Steam!

This game is AWESOME!

Beta Branch 1 is CRAZY!



Hope this helps!  The full version is available through Steam :)

The Steam version will be sold through itch.io soon! :)

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Created a new topic An EPIC Climb!

What an awesome idea for a game!

I never actually had these little train tracks as a kid, but now at 20 I can experience them through a video game :P