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Hey guys! I just want to remind the community that we do have a Discord Server. We have an awesome amount of members online and some cool Moderators. Feel free to check it out and chat it up with some of the people :)!

I've a YouTube channel with some videos, feel free to check them out

I'm not surprised you can't run a game like Raft with those specifications. That thing was probably made like 7 years ago around the time Windows 7 was still brand new. Heck, I'd be surprised right now if you told me you can even run Minecraft with decent FPS.

Your system memory also seems like it's limited at 2GB, and overall everything just seems very outdated due to the age of the laptop.

Updated some stuff on the server, we have some roles you can request upon joining, such as Survivors and Sharks. There will be more to come in the future. We're looking to gather up a community to play together with the multi-player mod


When you have the hammer selected, right click and hold and there will be an option of several things you can build.

There's a multi-player mod as of now, AFAIK the guy is actively keeping it updated. It's worth checking out.

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Hey guys! I figured since this can be considered a suggestion/idea for the community, but we made it happen! Here's the official Discord Server for Raft!

I'm assuming you've already minimized all of the video settings?

In any situation where there is graphical delays it's mostly resulted from the lack of hardware. I play on full settings and I get a constant 120 FPS (since that's the cap). I also do have the latest hardware for my PC, and I can also stream/record fine.

Also, if you post your specs here maybe that would help, but ASFAIK laptops aren't that great for handling graphics.

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Figured since I didn't see any posts, I would make a server for the community to get together and discuss about Raft and other things around the internet. We're hoping to see this server grow in passion for the community to show support for our beloved game created by the team of developers.

Our discord server is currently in "beta". We're still looking to have some cool roles and user-friendly and interactive features to implement.

We are also in need of some staff to help moderate the chat!

Feel free to swing by and drop some love and show your support for the game:

I'll be streaming some Raft if anyone wants to watch

I've decided to make an in-depth video on this situation. It seems like there are certain limits where specific things start getting bugged. I noticed everything in my chests about 6-7 foundation blocks away from spawn were all gone. And everything in my tree farm were gone. But chests near my spawn were untouched. I went to another side and put loot in there and the same thing happened. For now I'm going to stop playing this game until it gets fixed.

Hi Guys, I started a new series on this game. Planning on doing more episodes! If you're interested in the series I'm all open to feedback :D

I love this game already. But I feel like it's reached a limit and I find myself doing things repetitively since there aren't much features right now. (Which is obvious since the game is still indev).

But reading the dev's blog post is making me hope they'll still consider some time into working on this game because this is definitely a great game that I wouldn't mind paying for.