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The Discord Server for Raft!

A topic by Stuy created Jan 19, 2017 Views: 3,677 Replies: 4
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Figured since I didn't see any posts, I would make a server for the community to get together and discuss about Raft and other things around the internet. We're hoping to see this server grow in passion for the community to show support for our beloved game created by the team of developers.

Our discord server is currently in "beta". We're still looking to have some cool roles and user-friendly and interactive features to implement.

We are also in need of some staff to help moderate the chat!

Feel free to swing by and drop some love and show your support for the game:

Updated some stuff on the server, we have some roles you can request upon joining, such as Survivors and Sharks. There will be more to come in the future. We're looking to gather up a community to play together with the multi-player mod


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Hey guys! I just want to remind the community that we do have a Discord Server. We have an awesome amount of members online and some cool Moderators. Feel free to check it out and chat it up with some of the people :)!

Awesome idea, i'll join

I am unable to join the server

i am unable to join as well