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Such UNFATHOMABLE ignorance. There is nothing wrong with advertising, nothing wrong with having a dream. You don't seem to have a lot of experience making videos. You need a lot more than good content to get out there. True, one can market on Twitter, IG, etc. But marketing on by playing games and GIVING them publicity while getting some in return is completely fine. In fact it is beautiful. 

Please, if you are struggling with your channel, think not to lash out at other creators who are still struggling. But instead feel their desire to achieve greatness. Anger and criticism will bring darkness to the caster and receiver. Instead bring positivity and appraisal to give others hope. Temmieneko, I believe in your greatness, I hope you believe in it as well.

You will have to excuse my BF. He has anger issues. I thought the game was FUN Curt!

Goodness best friend looks like you got downvoted! Let me help with that!


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WOW Look's like somebody is having a BAD DAY! If only you had watched one of my videos then you would have been LAUGHING TOO HARD to notice! Yes, I am shameless, why? Because my content is the work of GODS, the pinnacle of human evolution and creativity. if only my lord and savior Barrack Obama could see the EXCELLENCE of my content. You Temmieneko are a victim of a horrible disease called anger, but I can cure it! Watch my videos and you will see the PATH OF GOD. YOU ARE RIGHT! I need to self advertise more! This content needs to be seen by BILLIONS. I, the great Blackfist of RoachRoast, thank you.

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TEMMIENEKO, you need to sub now

I am a man who has endured many a horror, but none has been as interesting as Baldis Basics! Very unique game with it's 90's style horror theme and that obnoxious b*stard Baldi chasing you everywhere with his nice LONG 12 inch RULER! Don't even get me started on BROOM'S VOICE OMG! If you LOVE horror games or puzzles than Baldi is the "man?" for YOU. 

Like the game Micah, I pray for updates, new levels, etc. I honestly think you should get this on Steam, it could be BIG with a few more updates and Markiplier

Become a valued ROACH:

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Have a GREAT day, or I will come for you with my 12 inch black ruler!

Good times bro, I really enjoyed the spooky atmosphere, despite the game being somewhat empty. The balloon dude chasing was actually pretty satisfying, I like the feeling of being chased. BTW: if you look at spongebob's shadow when he is floating up, you will notice something odd ;) Thanks Hawk!

For More Great Let's Plays:

Developers, this is actually pretty interesting. I feel like you really have something good here, the game just needs a little more work and a steam launch. 


Floating heads chasing me around is very spooky indeed.

Sometimes the heads come out of nowhere, giving you a JOLT!

Multiple Levels

My Issues:

Game took a few seconds to reload, making me feel as if it was about to crash; not a nice feeling.

No death animation, just an instant game over screen. 

Some music would be lit.

The intro felt rushed, and I didn't really understand what was going on. Etc.

In Summary, this is a decent horror game, but you could use some polishing. Good job devs and good luck!


This was a good time, but if you played swampsim then it will get old after 10 minutes or so. Otherwise, the game was pretty funny in my opinion, I just couldn't take the crawling Dora seriously Haha. 


Colin, this is fantastic. This game has given me chills, something a horror game hasn't done for a while (excluding Emily wants to play). This game is worth paying for and should be put on Steam. As John Wolfe said the mechanics are definitely interesting, and the story is consistent. I am excited to play more of this! 

Negatives: personally, I struggled to figure out some puzzles. I'm not good at puzzle games, so this is just me. Otherwise, I hope this story gets a sequel. Thanks for the good times Colin.

- Blackfist


I think I held my own pretty well against the sperm monsters! Good time-killer, but after a minute or two the game becomes impossible to beat, due to the red sperms. FYI: yes, I know they are sea lampreys. 

Sometimes being a beautiful black woman like myself is HARD, pause. I always have desperate men stalking me! Oh well, I made home to my sexy lesbian husband, and everything is OK. 

Anyway, the game was pretty LIT.  Gave me the chills and creeps! Would have been nice to have someone or something actually chasing me, you know

This was FUN! But soooo short, I would love to see a longer version of this game with many more levels! Thanks Nick 

I didn't last very long, but I definitely enjoyed myself Xd. Thanks Dev 

F*ck this game was even harder than Getting over it Xd

Well... I MARRIED an ant today. Can't say I am a proud husband; she has already sexually abused me. Anyway, this game was f*cking LIT, or should I say ANT! HaHaHa, I am cringe. Betta Bee more updates for this game soon Dev.

So.... You think you can kick me out of the house, G-ma ? And expect me, Blackfist, not to return ? Then you attack me when I offer to take you to drug rehab... THEN you die of an overdose, and haunt my fuc*ing house.... F*CK YOU G-MA ! 

I will SHOW you how to get a BLOWJOB from Ashley in House Party !

How to get a Blowjob from Madison in House Party !

I will SHOW you how to see Katherine NUDE !

How to start a fight in House Party !

I will SHOW you how to get a Blowjob from Madison in House Party V 4.2

I like this ! F-zero style racer. I could use some brakes though lol. May you make the crash physics more DRAMATIC. Some special weapons would make it more interesting, like Mario Kart. Looking forward to updates bro

This game was a GREAT time. It doesn't take too long to play, and it's free ! I recommend this game to YOU. Art style is fukin LIT, and some good jump scares. Loved the ambiance

Not too sure how to progress in this game, but I had a good time LOL Two request: 1. Give tips during the game, it is diffucult to figure out how to complete tasks.

2. Sprint feature, so I can atleast run away from the skinhead LOL

Pretty dope game Eek, looking foward to updates

My first time playing an actual HORROR game. LUCKILY for you, I haven't shitteded my pants yet HAHA. Can't wait to get to the SCARY shit ! Come watch this with me and expreince the penis tingling whores.... [bad joke][wheres my bleach when I need it]

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BRO, check this out. I actually beat LEVEL 3 ! KEEP WATCHING to see me beat levels 4 and 5 as well !

WE are agents for the DEA.... 500 years in the future ! We found this drug planet where the cartels are harvesting DEMON METH. A meth so powerful it makes everything turn RED. OUR mission is to invade this planet and confiscate all of the METH crystals ! 3......2........1...... DEPLOY !

OUTTA THE WAY, man with canceraids zooming through in his less than average bike BICHES !!

I CANT DO THIS.... it is too much STRESS !! PLS help me !! ( gun to head)

WELL.... the whole village only DIED TWICE !!.... HEY, that's pretty good for lawyer like YOU and I. I think WE should go get some FOOD. AHHHAHHA !! TF is that ?! A SPIDER ? FUCK !

I managed to survive some of the levels here. I already failed the real driving test 4 times. Now I gotta fail at this too LMAO.

SERIOUSLY, I don't like killing spiders bruh but I get the spider boss almost every time LOL. The game is slightly easier to play this time around.

Fam, this game is lit, LITERALLY HAHA I love the mechanics bro. I must admit though, level 3 is pretty challenging you know. There's so many people to keep COOL ! I hope you update the game and add more DOPE stuff fam

YOU a stranded soldier wandered afar from the platoon. Arriving at an unknown battlefield. Weapon at hand. You spot something, a thing a strange. A zombie ? No, a horde of rats ? What the Hell...

Loving the new update Fam, I bit laggy though :( Keep working, I can't wait to vote for this when it goes on Steam !

Raft community · Created a new topic Youtube Videos Only

The new version of the game loos beautiful for sure ! Even that basterd shark looks bright and shiny lol But the game is being plagued by a new breed of bugs developer. I am sure you are already fixing most of them though. I noticed that this version of Raft uses way too much CPU, the previous version didn't use half as much.

Computer Specs: i7 processor, 16 GB of Ram, 980M graphics card.

Otherwise, great update.... but still, where is the bow and arrow ;)


CAME BACK to make it past the second level..... lets just say. I did my BEST lol Really addictive game, might be easier with a controller.

It took me about 30 minutes ( no joke) to figure out how to play this LOL or at least how to walk and gather food. Please add a tutorial, because there are more people like me out there. ( Idiots) ANYWAY, I survived 2 days ! I'd say I am a pretty good LEADER wouldn't I. SURE everybody died.... but that's besides the point, right ? ;)

GOOD GAME: Next time, I will be ready for the spider demon things LOL