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The atmosphere was cool, I just wish there was some kind of entity or monster that came at me. Adding to the hundreds of lets play already on this thread OMEGA 

This game definitely has potential, I can feel it in my bones. Also, pizza delivery is hell, can't recommend it. Attached another cringe lets play to add to the collection

Fukin POG mate, that game was big clappin yo very impressed

Hey everybody, wanted to say that this game is pretty chill. Nice and quick with some scares for you. I got 3 of the endings and I'm fine with that Xd. Tip: The item locations don't change, stamina doesn't recharge. Alright, see you next time, have a great one

Nice and short, gets the point across; f*ck sleep paralysis. I feel like this can be a full length game with levels and all. I enjoyed it, sorry to anyone who has to deal with this stuff irl.

Hey Azaxor, hope you are having a good day. I really enjoyed this, the aesthetic, the dark anxiety building tunnels, everything! There are a few issues though, I can go into further detail if you like. I just wish this was longer, can't wait for the full game/sequel!

This game was a somewhat interesting but it was so short. I felt like I didnt have time to get immersed. An physical threat could spice things up though.


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Hey, I enjoyed playing this but I would've like a little more substance, you know? I wish the game had a physical antagonist that chased me around or something. Also, I feel like this would be a good game for a hiding mechanic! Good gamejam submission here [thumbs up]

This game is still terrifying! I love hiding from the Ayuwoki and having to be silent. I can't wait to see where this game goes! Congrats on Mark playing it

Ok, so this GOD TIER. I usually don't enjoy pixel games, especially 2D types, but this one made me a believer! The toy obstacles are perfect and the way Hopps comes after you is genuinely blood pumping! Wish I knew about the other endings though, I only got 2.

The painting mechanic was god tier, who knew I was such a good artist Kappa

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Hey KirleyGames, I wanted to say that this game has potential. I didn't realize this was made with MS paint, that is quite impressive. I can provide some feedback if you like.

A video for those interested:

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Finally, a new Slender game! Slenderman is my favorite horror game monster and seeing him/she/it is so refreshing. Looks like this a big project, I can see an upcoming co-op and mulitplayer. 

So I love the atmosphere and the graphics are on point. Some people may have a hard time dealing with lag though. Also, I think the grass is a little...tall. I feel as if the grass is covering up some of the pages. The game is also a bit dark, too dark imo. I only managed to find 4 of pages, but it appears that I missed some areas though. May you add an audio cue or a stronger visual cue to the papers and slender?

I am excited to see where this game goes in the future. Thank you for bringing Slender back! 

[Edit] Didn't notice those cheats up there!

Hey Felipe, again I would like to say this is without a doubt the best indie horror game that I have played on itch in months! The atmosphere, ambiance, graphics, and mechanics are very well done. 

To anybody else reading this, please play this game at least once, it's a classic XD.

Tips: There are a LOT of places to hide...Also, the key will be somewhere close..maybe ;)

If you're too afraid to play it yourself Lol

This is actually the best horror game I have seen on this site in months. The atmosphere is well done and the gameplay is not bad.  However I do hope the full game will be much better than this. Have a great day

Tip: Basically just follow the paths and they will take you to the objectives.

Here is my profile if you're interested ;
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This was... a weird game. BUT, it was damn fun shootin up some evil sinister apocalyptic roach demons! This is one of those note reading horror games, focusing more on storytelling. There is not much in terms of gameplay, other than shooting zombie like monsters. However, the game does have an interesting atmosphere to it. 

BTW: you have to put the gun down to pick up items!

Here's a sneak peak of the game:

You can follow my page for more:

Have a radical day brother [or sister]!

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Hey Majik, let me start by saying that I like the concept of this game. Being chased around by a pile of twigs in a cornfield is definitely interesting! Another breath of fresh air from all of the haunted house horror games lately. However, this game does suffer from Slenderman syndrome.  Basically, you're chased around by this stalker, and you have to activate 3 alters. 

I had fun playing the game, it is very simple with its minimalistic design. I didn't beat the game because I was too dumb to figure out the secret. You need to [spoilers] Mr. Twigs to stop him from killing you. I believe there is a tip in the game that says to do the opposite; I fell for it...  [EDIT] ~ I misread the tip after dying. I called the game bad at the end of the video, and now I feel bad for doing so. I like the game now! Buuuut the settings do need to be fixed.

Here is a video that documents my stupidity, the commentary is a little experimental..

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I'll start by saying that the concept is interesting; a horror game set on the Amazon River. This is a breath of fresh air from the relentless "haunted house" themed games recently.  I believe that this project shows potential, just needs some more elbow grease. 

Personally, I was disappointed by the game itself; the atmosphere and gameplay need a lot of work. The game may be spookier if it took place at night, with the only illumination being a flashlight. As for gameplay, the game is more of a boat simulator than a horror game. Driving around a slow boat got boring real quick; some guides may alleviate this problem. Some kind of landmark or a map would help the player get to the objective before losing motivation. I could go on, but I want to keep this post relatively short.

I imagine that making a game must be back-breaking work, especially when done solo. I admire the developer's efforts in making the game and even posting it on Steam. I wish you the best of luck for future projects :)

A short video, ignore the hideous thumbnail :|

Follow me here on for more:

Play IT. It looks fun and simple from the outside, but on the inside... it's a good as$ game! I actually played the game a couple of times after recording it just to f*ck with Lebanon James. And FYI - when you leave the house, go the RIGHT to escape ;) 

Norboo, thank you. I will be waiting in my closet for your next game! Merry Christian day, Hanukkah, Ramadan, and fresh calender day! 

Watch if you dare!

Such UNFATHOMABLE ignorance. There is nothing wrong with advertising, nothing wrong with having a dream. You don't seem to have a lot of experience making videos. You need a lot more than good content to get out there. True, one can market on Twitter, IG, etc. But marketing on by playing games and GIVING them publicity while getting some in return is completely fine. In fact it is beautiful. 

Please, if you are struggling with your channel, think not to lash out at other creators who are still struggling. But instead feel their desire to achieve greatness. Anger and criticism will bring darkness to the caster and receiver. Instead bring positivity and appraisal to give others hope. Temmieneko, I believe in your greatness, I hope you believe in it as well.

You will have to excuse my BF. He has anger issues. I thought the game was FUN Curt!

Goodness best friend looks like you got downvoted! Let me help with that!


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WOW Look's like somebody is having a BAD DAY! If only you had watched one of my videos then you would have been LAUGHING TOO HARD to notice! Yes, I am shameless, why? Because my content is the work of GODS, the pinnacle of human evolution and creativity. if only my lord and savior Barrack Obama could see the EXCELLENCE of my content. You Temmieneko are a victim of a horrible disease called anger, but I can cure it! Watch my videos and you will see the PATH OF GOD. YOU ARE RIGHT! I need to self advertise more! This content needs to be seen by BILLIONS. I, the great Blackfist of RoachRoast, thank you.

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I am a man who has endured many a horror, but none has been as interesting as Baldis Basics! Very unique game with it's 90's style horror theme and that obnoxious b*stard Baldi chasing you everywhere with his nice LONG 12 inch RULER! Don't even get me started on BROOM'S VOICE OMG! If you LOVE horror games or puzzles than Baldi is the "man?" for YOU. 

Like the game Micah, I pray for updates, new levels, etc. I honestly think you should get this on Steam, it could be BIG with a few more updates and Markiplier

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Good times bro, I really enjoyed the spooky atmosphere, despite the game being somewhat empty. The balloon dude chasing was actually pretty satisfying, I like the feeling of being chased. BTW: if you look at spongebob's shadow when he is floating up, you will notice something odd ;) Thanks Hawk!

For More Great Let's Plays:

Developers, this is actually pretty interesting. I feel like you really have something good here, the game just needs a little more work and a steam launch. 


Floating heads chasing me around is very spooky indeed.

Sometimes the heads come out of nowhere, giving you a JOLT!

Multiple Levels

My Issues:

Game took a few seconds to reload, making me feel as if it was about to crash; not a nice feeling.

No death animation, just an instant game over screen. 

Some music would be lit.

The intro felt rushed, and I didn't really understand what was going on. Etc.

In Summary, this is a decent horror game, but you could use some polishing. Good job devs and good luck!


This was a good time, but if you played swampsim then it will get old after 10 minutes or so. Otherwise, the game was pretty funny in my opinion, I just couldn't take the crawling Dora seriously Haha. 


Colin, this is fantastic. This game has given me chills, something a horror game hasn't done for a while (excluding Emily wants to play). This game is worth paying for and should be put on Steam. As John Wolfe said the mechanics are definitely interesting, and the story is consistent. I am excited to play more of this! 

Negatives: personally, I struggled to figure out some puzzles. I'm not good at puzzle games, so this is just me. Otherwise, I hope this story gets a sequel. Thanks for the good times Colin.

- Blackfist


I think I held my own pretty well against the sperm monsters! Good time-killer, but after a minute or two the game becomes impossible to beat, due to the red sperms. FYI: yes, I know they are sea lampreys. 

Sometimes being a beautiful black woman like myself is HARD, pause. I always have desperate men stalking me! Oh well, I made home to my sexy lesbian husband, and everything is OK. 

Anyway, the game was pretty LIT.  Gave me the chills and creeps! Would have been nice to have someone or something actually chasing me, you know

This was FUN! But soooo short, I would love to see a longer version of this game with many more levels! Thanks Nick 

I didn't last very long, but I definitely enjoyed myself Xd. Thanks Dev 

F*ck this game was even harder than Getting over it Xd

Well... I MARRIED an ant today. Can't say I am a proud husband; she has already sexually abused me. Anyway, this game was f*cking LIT, or should I say ANT! HaHaHa, I am cringe. Betta Bee more updates for this game soon Dev.