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Hey Majik, let me start by saying that I like the concept of this game. Being chased around by a pile of twigs in a cornfield is definitely interesting! Another breath of fresh air from all of the haunted house horror games lately. However, this game does suffer from Slenderman syndrome.  Basically, you're chased around by this stalker, and you have to activate 3 alters. 

I had fun playing the game, it is very simple with its minimalistic design. I didn't beat the game because I was too dumb to figure out the secret. You need to [spoilers] Mr. Twigs to stop him from killing you. I believe there is a tip in the game that says to do the opposite; I fell for it...  [EDIT] ~ I misread the tip after dying. I called the game bad at the end of the video, and now I feel bad for doing so. I like the game now! Buuuut the settings do need to be fixed.

Here is a video that documents my stupidity, the commentary is a little experimental..

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