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Finally, a new Slender game! Slenderman is my favorite horror game monster and seeing him/she/it is so refreshing. Looks like this a big project, I can see an upcoming co-op and mulitplayer. 

So I love the atmosphere and the graphics are on point. Some people may have a hard time dealing with lag though. Also, I think the grass is a little...tall. I feel as if the grass is covering up some of the pages. The game is also a bit dark, too dark imo. I only managed to find 4 of pages, but it appears that I missed some areas though. May you add an audio cue or a stronger visual cue to the papers and slender?

I am excited to see where this game goes in the future. Thank you for bringing Slender back! 

[Edit] Didn't notice those cheats up there!

Hey thank you for your feedback! If you want to change the brightness then start singleplayer mode, press escape and go into the options there is a brightness slider :) and the grass shouldn't cover any pages because the tall grass is mainly in the forest and not on roads. But maybe iam going to add a option for the grass too. Btw great video! :)