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Awesome thank you for sharing your gameplay! :)

your cpu could cause a bottleneck. Last option would be to overclock your cpu but only if you know what you do

Tearing should be fixed if vsync is on otherwise try to disable depth of field this consumes a lot of performance

Your welcome, thanks for your gameplay

Entertaining video, thanks for your comment :)

Thank you!

thank you for the kind feedback, nice gameplay:)

Thanks! Of course, let me know when the next gameplay video is up! :)

Thank you for playing! :)

Hey :), other people had the same issues and unfortunately I dont know how you can fix it. I am not a linux user but on windows there is a feature to start a programm on compatibility-mode. Maybe there is something like that on linux machines too. 


Well as you started the server and didnt join the game, did you got a error or did the game crash?

Haha yeah in my future projects I am going to implement more interactive tutorials or dialog boxes!

The online mode was designed to explore and cooperate with your friends but everyone should go their own path and try to find pages, batteries and keys on their own. But I agree with you I might should have added a option to join with your friends on the same spot. Lets see what the future brings ;) Also a big map would have been a nice idea!

I did not make him that tall because I wanted him to enter interiors but I know that this kind of ruined the atmosphere haha

The revive system is a kind of prototype so you can tricks it really easy
Normaly pages also spawn indoors that is the reason for collecting the keys maybe that was just a bad coincidence

Thank you it was really a piece of hard work ^^

I really appreciate your honest and extensive feedback! I hope to see you on my next projects :) !

I really appreciate!

Thank you for uploading your gameplay and that kind comment have a great day :)

Yeah I should have disabled the lamp colliders.. But thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for uploading, great video! :)

Thanks! :)

First of all thank you for uploading your video and sharing your experience! I really appreciate that! Yeah this was my first story-based game so I had a pretty rough time to create a story that could have to potential to let the player want to solve the case. I know what you mean the last "thing" you have to trigger in order to proceed is a bit hard to find at first but I wanted to integrate something that the player is not expecting. I am trying to improve as much as I can over the time and feedbacks like yours help me to do that so thank you! I would love to see you also on my upcoming projects! However keep up and have an great day! :)

Thank you for uploading! :)

Hey, so if you got both endings then you must have collected all the informations. But I know what you mean I think the ending got a bit to short or lets say not completely explained.. Iam going to try to improve on that aspect on my projects in the future. However thank you for the feedback and your video keep up! :)

Thank you so much, great to hear that! Amazing video!

I really appreciate thanks! Awesome video :)


It should run but not that smooth you really have to disable depth of field and volumetric lighting

Thank you! :)

I totally agree I might should have added some kind of layer where the player can look through. Anyways thank you for the feedback and the video that you have uploaded!

Thank you for the honest feedback I really appreciate :)

Thank you! Thank you also for uploading your gameplay! :)

There is no option to change the resolution you can only disable all the extras like volumetric lighting depth of field and stuff this might help

Thanks! Great video :)

Thank you very much I really appreciate that! I enjoyed your video keep up!

You might watch a video of someone here who already played the game to see if you missed anything to progress the game. If you found a bug then please leave some more details

Thank you for playing and uploading the game really enjoyed it! :)

I appreciate! Greate video thanks for publishing!

If you dont like pt type of games than just dont play them

Thank you!

Nice video, thank you for uploading!

Thanks for uploading and leaving your feedback, really enjoyed it!

Good video! Yeah at the end its getting a bit harder to progress but thank you for the feedback!