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36, good game



found him :)

so much fun :)

looks and sounds amazing

it crashes when i leave the office

if the game doesnt start on linux, try: sudo apt install mesa-vulkan-drivers

Or to see a log file: ./TimeOut_Linux.x86_64 -logFile ./myLogFile.log

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I thought thats the point of this jam as it is hosted by Github


Tak to jsem musel googlit ted :) Koukam že ses posunul od pongu :) 


on debian it works for me too

I really enjoyed playing it

i think its when you dont stop the belt and dont manage to inpect them in time

any news on this? thanks

Good job :) what was your end score? Who will have more? 

is Russia shooting citizens who want to leave?

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haha :) turn-based pong

First two second of the trailerare enough, I'm clicking download immediately :)"nearest")

Another one called “Tom Thumb”

For me it looks like this. Debian, intel graphics. 

I actually made android version after the jam ended. I'm thinking about making some small changes to the scoring in the game and publishing it on the play store. But I have to find out how to do that first :)

well done :D

yes :) I think in that time it may be a small joystick or a rocking(?) switch like here (but just left/right)

yay! :)

128 anyone?

cool! love the style :)

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nice use of the display :) and I like how it is 3D :)

wow the shadow is so cool, I wouldnt notice :)

very nice :) the style is exactly what i think it should be for this jam

the difficutly was quite high for me :) but still liked it. Would be fun to play on a physical handheld

Nice.  Good use of the limitations of the display, very smart :)

Very nice and extremely well playable. I want to play a physical version of it :)

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Cool! :) The graphics is complete with shadow :) and it sounds good

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Can you get a higher score than me? :) It gets quite fast after 100

EDIT: I have changed the score in newer versions of the game (it's faster now)


When someone pays for your game (and collects the payment) can you use the money to buy other games without sending it to paypal and back again?