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Very Buggy Game

A topic by Mark Alan created Mar 20, 2020 Views: 254 Replies: 4
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Please fix the problem of packages being randomly failed while running the conveyor.


If you think a package was randomly failed, please give me more info, what level it happend, what fail message the game gave you, what was the package like.

It happens on different levels.  I just drag the conveyor to the high mode and it starts failing packages with that beep sound while they go by.

i think its when you dont stop the belt and dont manage to inpect them in time


Hey, I would like to report however, that some denied basic packages gets me a fail, saying I should have put the Caraphone 2 inside (and putting a Caraphone 2 randomly in returned packages avoids getting a fail, though if I put a Caraphone in an empty package, the game then just crashes).

I also spotted a few typos, like Rwanda being written in all caps for no reasons in the valid countries database, or in Day 8 when the instructions presents you "Ignuzius the firework store from USA, and Ignuzius (instead of Kutsu) the shoes store from Japan".