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Update 0.1.0

+ Day 2, 3, 4 and... 5...
+ Lot of enhancements!
+ Large amount of easter eggs, i dare you to find some!
+ Working on setting custom icon!

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I saw it in love2d docs and i installed it but i missed to change the icon at the final release, i will do it in the next build! For building i made a python script it creates the .love, makes the exe file, do all the tedious stuff to create mac os dist, and then release the build into itch.io using bulter, its very crazy, lot of time spend on that but its very cool, i will see how to implement resource hacker into it ;)

Thanks! I am working on new levels right now ;)

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Created new thread for updates https://itch.io/t/192650/updates + patch

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+ Added Imperial Metric option!
+ Changed font, now case sensitive, now its easier to see the weight (Not changed in some things)
+ Some fixes with text position and weight

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- unpacking.love, Done!

- Too much people gave feedback about this one, i will fix it to the next release

- I never played a lot of Papers Please and all stuff from Lucas Pope and its a big inspiration, but i never played Hotline Miami the style its just like what came when i try to draw pixel art, i used the same style on Greedy Robots Fight and Jave and the Neural Networks for ludum dare 39 and 40, the final plan to the game its add new mechanics every day in the calendar or something like that, X-Ray was one of  the first plans but i didn't realize how to do it

- Currently the first note contains some beginning to a possible story

Thanks for you feedback, stay tunned for more updates ;)

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Tell me if you like it and what you would like to be added ;)

PS: We got a new soundtrack =D

By mentalcacao

Hello everyone & happy new year! Sorry for lack of updates (again) today i wan't to talk about the future of the game

In some days/weeks or months i will launch a open beta, to let people test it, and depending on the feedback i will continue or not with the game, if it don't get a good feedback i will drop this project, and continue making other stuff!

This game actually needs a lot of changes, but the problem is that this is a multiplayer game, i didn't think about this and probably can be a problem, then i need to now how much people are interested before working more on it!

Thanks and see you soon!

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Working on particles, better sizes and basic hit animation, i will try to publish a test release asap to receive some feedback!

Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/love2d/comments/70e4ha/shadow_screams_temp_name_stealth...

Optimizations! For 2D tiled-based games people recommed sprite batch but in this case is needed just draw some tiles, then i make some interesting optimizations!

It draws 4 tiles to each direction in the player position and other players!

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Hey i am indie developer and i am starting to create this game:

It's a 2D Mutiplayer 1 vs 3 Stealth and "Horror" with pretty lights, 1 Killer and 1-3 Survivors, Killer can turn of the light to chase survivors, and Survivors to escape from the death!!

You can create private rooms to play with your friends or search/create a public room, in some games me and me friends see its hard play with friends you have to connect with facebook share some secret keys and do other hard things and i want to keep this more simple as posible

Currently I work in this from some weeks ago, and is not to much things to do now but all the server architecture is on, i will not give any access to test it cause its now funny just join play with lights and leave

Please send all suggestions you have about this game and tell me if its a good idea and if you want to play it!

I will be updating this devlog  each time i add interesting features!

Sorry for my english

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