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Feedback Sticky

A topic by rodel created Feb 10, 2018 Views: 335 Replies: 3
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Tell me if you like it and what you would like to be added ;)

Its so good, i love it :) just a few ideas

- publish .love file for linux users (I was able to unpack the .exe file)

- use some more readable font? For example d and o looks almost the same here and the weight numbers are quite hard to read (maybe align them to right?). But of course the new font has to be pixelated too :)

- It reminded me both Hotline Miami (visual style?) and Papers Please (gameplay), I hope thats what you aimed for, so maybe go more in that directions? Add a lot of stuff like X-rays and ....???? 

- add a back story :)


-, Done!

- Too much people gave feedback about this one, i will fix it to the next release

- I never played a lot of Papers Please and all stuff from Lucas Pope and its a big inspiration, but i never played Hotline Miami the style its just like what came when i try to draw pixel art, i used the same style on Greedy Robots Fight and Jave and the Neural Networks for ludum dare 39 and 40, the final plan to the game its add new mechanics every day in the calendar or something like that, X-Ray was one of  the first plans but i didn't realize how to do it

- Currently the first note contains some beginning to a possible story

Thanks for you feedback, stay tunned for more updates ;)


Created new thread for updates + patch