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Hi there, sorry for a second post. Just a bit of feedback and bugs found:

  • Day 26: tried to take a photo of a package with N/A contents. Unpacked it but there was nothing inside. Trying to take a photo of nothing caused the game to crash. It seemed to be okay the next time I reopened the game so not sure what happened.
  • Caraphone 2 packages (days until Day 27): I am able to put no Caraphone 2 in (i.e. package is left empty) and then deny the package with a denial form stating that the contents do not match. Recipient country is okay. Not sure if a bug or a neat feature
  • Can't tell how many pieces of bubble wrap I have used as they do not appear on the package or when you open the package again.

Got this error on the last day, just after the inspector flies in so can't play the level:

Working on fixing these issues (will publish and update today)

You can see how much bubble wrap you need on the UDS OS -> Packages Types, there it says how much bubble wrap each package type needs

I fixed the "neat feature" but also made an achievement out of it haha