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Will the full Version be on as well or will it only be avaliable with the Steam DRM? I would appreciate an answer thanks :).

Great! Looking forward to new updates of any type. Keep going !

Thanks for this update :)

Keep up the great work !

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Thanks for updating the game!

Great game! Greetings from Germany

Really nice game. Great concept. I searched for this kind of game really long. But now I found it. Finally!

Im just wondering, if the developers are still working on this project.

I would appreciate any answer under this comment because I think the game could get some more development time to fix and tweak a little. [For example the one button says "Restart Levl"].

Thanks for your answers in advance!


I thought about buying this game but have one Question before doing so:

Is it possible to use your own music in the game?

If its not in the game yet it would be a great feature I would love to see being added.

I would appreciate any answer thanks :)

Hey how do I log in the multiplayer mode

Couldnt figure it out yet :( 

There is just the Option to log in with an existing account

Could somebody help me?

I really like your game.

When are you planning to update it?

Would appreciate an answer :)

Hey. I really love your games.

Theres just one little thing that concerns me in 8 Breed and Pixelstein 3d. Its the fact, that both games contain some information from the ad suported mobile versions. For example the "view ad for Points"-Button in the black market or the suggestion to see an ad to obtain features like "revive"  without spending points in the loading screen before a Level. I Know that these are just small things but if you could fix these few mobile elements, I would appreciate it.

Besides that, both games are wonderful experiences and have a great art style. Keep up the work :)

Love your games. Thanks for sharing them with the world!

Greetings from Germany.

Would be great.

Thanks for your fast reply rodel! :)

I love this game!!

I would love if it has an endless mode or something like that after you have beaten the game.

That would be awesome!

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I love this game!

Could you add the option to add your own pictures as well?

That would be awesome!

Great game!

Just one quick Question: Do you still develop this game?

And if you do could you Maybe add an endless mode ?  Would be awesome :)

Thanks for your answer

Looking forward to it :)

Great game indeed!

Are you still gonna work on this one though?

I would look forward to see any new updates