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A topic by ENDESGA created May 20, 2018 Views: 613 Replies: 28
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Developer (1 edit)

Please post your suggestions below.

BE IN MIND, that this is a MINIMAL application. So if you can think of a super simple feature of tool, let me know WITH a proper explanation. People are also allowed to comment and improve your ideas, so we can create a really good application for everyone!

Developer (1 edit)

At the moment, the app needs Settings, and a proper menu bar. It also needs a way to edit the palette, and your brush colour in general. There is also currently no ability to resize the canvas...

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One thing you can do in MS Paint is colour replacing. Here's how to do it in Ms Paint:

Select the colour you want to change as your primary colour.
Select the colour you want to change it TO as your secondary colour.
Using the eraser, right click and move the cursor over the image.
Bam. It only changes the colour you selected and changes it to the other colour you selected. (if it doesnt work, cut and paste the entire image then try again)

Functionality similar to this across the whole image or as a brush would be fantastic, as it is incredibly useful (especially if it isn't buggy like MS Paint because that can get quite annoying). 

Looking forward to more features as its developed!


Non-contiguous Fill will be in the next Beta! (which is exactly what you're describing)

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I like the editor you did such a great job!! keep it up man i love it! good luck have a good one!

Played a bit with it. I like it! It's visually and aesthetically pleasing. I compiled some notes while using it, then iterated upon them:

* Drag top-screen fullscreen toggle
one of my initial reactions when opening the software was to drag it up to the top of my device's screen, and expect it to enter fullscreen mode. Similarly, when it was in fullscreen mode, I expected it to revert to windowed when click-hold'n-dragging the titlebar while in fullscreen
* Nice visuals
I mentioned this above - the editor looks great!
* love the resize visuals!
The resize view is super cool and creative
* ctrl-y
ctrl-x reverts previous changes, I'd love an option to revert the other way with ctrl-y, as most editors support
EDIT: I see that ctrl-shift-z is supported. I'd still like to see ctrl-y, as that is a more standard scheme
* Hidden draw tool?A & D
I like the idea of using A and D to both resize the brush and change shape. * X menu? 1px vertical overlap
What's the palette menu when pressing X about? the colors overlap each other vertically by 1 pixel
* Hover tool see shortcut
I assume you're already planning to add this, but just to be sure, hover-to-see-shortcuts is a fantastic functionality which would've made this tool a ton easier to use

custom palette & load
once the tool has matured enough, being able to load custom palettes (and create your own) would be a much desired functionlity

That's about all the notes I took! Not sure if I've seen every aspect of the tool yet, though I couldn't find anything else. Great start for an editor

Could you add a way to clear the entire area, so that I don't have to do so by hand.

One quick way I have found is to resize the drawing area to be really small and then resize back to what you need. Seems to erase everything that way.

Ah, asked for the suggestion before that feature existed.

- When I draw something, then erase it, then fill in the screen with a color, the erased area will not be filled in. Works the other way around too (only that area filled in). Don't know if it's intentional but I find it very weird.

- It would be nice if I could hold the A and D keys to quickly increase the brush size.

- The little visual that shows up when I try to resize the window is a bit confusing and unintuitive. 

- It would be useful if I could erase by holding right-click instead of pressing a key, then pressing another to revert back to drawing.

- I suggest showing the currently selected color inside the brush icon on the bottom left.

Other than that, great tool! The world needs a good simplistic pixel art editor. Looking forward the updates.

This is pretty awesome! Is there a way to resize your brush? Also, it'd be nice for the color picker to show up when holding alt and the brush/paintbucket is selected.


Please read the Controls before posting ;)

whoops sorry did not see that. keep up the good work! 

resize canvas option

he's already stated that there is no option yet :)

Really cool editor o/

Here some things I found and thoughts:

- I don't know if it's my pc or something, but I can't minimize the window.

- A grid system and "snapping" would be cool too see, I think it would at least, but I don't know how hard it is to implement that.

- Adding a menu bar for the functions of the editor, we may forget the hotkey for them.

I think for now this is all. When I have more time to play around with the editor, I will see if something else shows up!

(1 edit)

I see you've mapped CTRL to the Eye Dropper tool, but isn't that typically mapped to the ALT key?
(perhaps you already had a binding here, or can't use it for some reason)

P.S. - Are you planning to bring out a Mac version one day? (I know, it's only the first build, but...!) ;o)

Could we possibly get a Linux x86_64 build?


I can't export to Linux, sorry

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Looking good.  The alpha line when dragging is a great idea.


Could we have ALT as the shortcut for the colour picker?

Double clicking the header to maximise/minimise.

Ability to assign keys to right mouse, eg eraser.

Resizing brushes could resize fast if the key is held down for 1/2 a sec of so.

Warning when closing the document to save.

Holding shift to allow straight lines to be drawn.

The number of Undo/Redo is amazing.  Could we get them to cycle faster if we hold down the keys?

Also we must be ready for layers right? :)

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I haven't tried windows build, but here's a few things i'm looking for in a pixel art editor:
Mac build
Full keyboard / mouse reconfiguration
Selection tool (drag over image to to pick rectangle areas of image and drag them or move with cursor keys)
Custom pixel brushes (select area and make a brush out of it, with a ui to select/remove brushes)
Native file browser (no foreign/custom file browser ui, should use platform's ui api calls)


For everyone saying I should make ALT the colour picker - yes, MY BAD! I don't know why I made it CTRL, even though I use ALT with Photoshop and Aseprite hahaha Sorry! Will be fixed for Beta 3

Obviously you've been putting in lots of time on this mate, nice job.  Late in NZ right now, so kudos for the hard work.

This software is amazing! I found a bug where if you draw on the canvas, resize it, and draw more, you'll have issues when undoing what you did.

Thanks Seth, looks good so far. 

I wouldn't know where to start with something like this, so kudos to you for making it. Being able to do something with right click, whether it is a second colour option or an erase would be nice. 

Full screen is a  little buggy with dual monitors. If I try to full screen on Screen 2, it maximises on Screen 1 only. Not sure if this is just GMS2 related though. Resizing the drawing area will erase all contents outsize of the drawing area, probably intended.

Actually really liking it so far. 


Yeah GM is a little fussy when it comes to maximising windows with 2 screens. I'll look for a solution at some point though.

Well when you resize a canvas in most other applications it cuts the canvas. There's no real work around. The best I could do was for it to only cut when you let go of the click. I'll see what I can do to further improve it though

Pretty good, just want to report one issue: If you use the fill on the top or bottom outside of the canvas the program freezes


Ah yes! Thanks, I'll fix it

I like your design (font), but please make it more readable