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Thanks! Also fixed ;]

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I haven't tried windows build, but here's a few things i'm looking for in a pixel art editor:
Mac build
Full keyboard / mouse reconfiguration
Selection tool (drag over image to to pick rectangle areas of image and drag them or move with cursor keys)
Custom pixel brushes (select area and make a brush out of it, with a ui to select/remove brushes)
Native file browser (no foreign/custom file browser ui, should use platform's ui api calls)

I hope to send it over some time before release, and if they approve it, it will ;]

ITCHIO build is outdated and will be updated soon. Most issues were resolved in steam version. Meanwhile you can try getting steam build and switch to development branch, refund if you experience these bugs.

Yes, new major builds will be available on and humble. Steam might see more frequent, but minor updates. Sorry to keep you waiting, but I'm hoping update will see the light of day very soon!