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the way you handle input is weird. if i only have the left key down i should always be going left, even if i had the right key down as well when i started holding left

the red text is unreadable. make move wasd, arrow keys is awkward. spike/player hitbox is too large. spikes should knock you away. the static is pretty hard on the eyes after a couple minutes

this needs more time in development. the movement sucks and is not suited for a parkour game. it does not have great mechanics, and the graphics are simple, but not good. the lack of shadows makes it hard to tell where the top surfaces of the blocks that you are supposed to jump on are.

on browser: lacks gameplay. shoot sound doesn't always play. asset flippy(can't walk through doorways, obviously not designed specifically for this game). let me rebind reload or make it auto so i dont have to take my finger off the d key. please stop shilling your generic, unfinished, buggy, untested, unity asset flip

the game doesn't move past the level 1 screen, music keeps playing. tried pressing all the buttons on keyboard and controller. window was in focus

stuck on level 1 screen on windows and browser

needs sensitivity setting

i think it runs fast for me. have 144hz monitor

nice art, but i came across an area that destroyed any bullets that entered it, which kept me from finishing the level

i also wasn't sure which exe to open

would feel better if the wolf could slide on walls and if there was some visual or aural indication that you have completed the potion

the water is opaque so i can't see anything behind it


-add fov and mouse sensitivity sliders (fov is too low and the mouse sensitivity was too high for me)

-increase movement speed and gravity (less downtime)

-maybe make it third person

-do something with the level titles so the player knows which ones they can play

-don't make me repress the keys to move when i already have w held down when i spawn


-it seems like you thought making a ton of levels would make the game more fun. i would prefer 2-3 really thought out levels maybe with more verticality over 23 (i only played the first 4) similar levels that do the same thing with very minor variations that don't effect the gameplay much

-the level selection screen is useless as far as i can tell. you can't pick any level except the first even after you beat it

movement boundaries are not clear

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i still can't jump with ds4 controller. also lightning is still undodgeable when you're near the top of the screen

where did this happen? i'm the artist for the game and we don't want any soft-lock possibilities. if you were actually stuck then we can update the game to remove the possibility of a soft-lock in that area. this will be easier for us rather than updating all the puzzles to not be broken by a respawn key

you wouldn't ever need it. also it would break the game

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i think it may exist for community retainment purposes. a little is better than nothing sort of thing

unique mechanic. there is a bug in the game that actually adds a little bit of strategy to the gameplay. if you click immediately after reflecting a dirt ball the mirror won't move to your mouse position. i think this may have been intentional so you can't spam click on the next location. it makes the game significantly harder

happened on chrome. reloading didn't help

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just a black screen with starting text then after starting text nothing. can you post a windows download?

i had no idea what to do the first time i actually had to deal with the purple and green blocks. difficulty jumped up by a lot in that regard. movement felt a little laggy at times like there was a cooldown on each movement. 

pretty fun. you can only aim in 4 directions. not sure if intentional


very nice feel

the game runs too fast for me. i have a 144hz monitor

make shoot a button that doesn't use wasd fingers and use pre rendered animations for the effects instead of real time particles

a few bugs but solid gameplay when playing with people. needs ability cooldown visuals and more use of the climbing mechanic in the maps. moz is still developing the game so give him a follow for updates.

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it looks like the heart isn't moving because there is no floor texture. not sure if this was intentional but it's not necessary for the mechanic to work. also the enemies are too fast

I was thinking of making a sequel with an open style world, bosses, save rooms, and a new pickup that gives you infinite ammo and doubles as a key to save and awaken tombs

moving feels really weird. not sure whats up with the camera

is it because i didn't die?

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playing on a ps4 controller is hard because the d pad is separated into four cutouts unlike an xbox controller. it actually doesn't even look like it would be any better on an xbox controller. it would feel much better if the jump button was left bumper, the moving was left stick, and the throwing was right bumper. also regarding the keyboard controls, wasd support is really important since most people are more comfortable with wasd now because of fps's. and the shoot button on keyboard should use the same hand as movement. its uncomfortable to keep both hands on the keyboard

down key to shoot doesn't feel good

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damn this is a new kind of challenge for me. i got 111 first try. i think i would be faster on mobile

the top ten players window never popped up for me

wasn't really engaging enough to try again after i died. good music tho

i love that i still remember what frank's voice sounds like. i read his dialogue in his voice