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update: i truly believe i am the best in the world at this game. just joking... but maybe lol.

63100! beat it...

thought you might want to know when you charge an attack but click left button while right is still held the regular attack stops working until you switch to another weapon and back

needs a boss fight though

this is so fun.

and the ability to shoot downward without falling through platforms

also a reload button

one thing that would be cool to add is the ability to lock your aim to a direction. i would like to be able to hold shift to keep aiming up while walking.


damn that boss is hard. super cool aesthetic and very punchy. needs some optimization. some stutter here and there.

love the design of the level. would like more pickup types.


Hitbox too unforgiving. Also give water bottle spawns a telegraph

I really like this, especially the music, but get rid of the pixel filter. Also maybe add a boss fight?

I like the control scheme. Make the butter spreadable and you've got yourself a satisfying gameplay experience..

audio is only in the left channel... gameplay needs more feedback. sufficiently low effort for this jam

I think some of the questions are mislabeled.

It has potential to be fun. The controls could use some work, but I like art.

Thank you for the review!

Could you add the gamepad controls to the itch page please?

Game has a twitter now:


This is amazing. Pure genius.

You can press the wrench icon below the tower icons to cancel a placement, although that should be more obvious. Thanks for the feedback

Looks great. Other than balancing, the only piece of feedback I have for you is to maybe try pushing the player forward instead of backward when they shoot, because it is really hard (for me) to process both directions at once.

Would have loved to play and rate but unfortunately I encountered a bug which made the game unplayable. The game is constantly receiving input from the mouse making the camera point upward and spin constantly. If you fix this bug let me know and I'll give it another shot.

Hitboxes are way too big. Getting hurt feels unfair. Nice progression. Impressed with the amount of power ups you were able to implement, although I'm scared to spend points on anything besides health and speed

Yes it was the browser version. 

really interesting graphics. if i didn't have to restart the game every time i died and just the level, i would have probably finished it. nice job

Nothin happened when he got to the green square. Mildly entertaining otherwise

I feel like I don't have nearly enough time. Maybe you should give the player some extra time when they turn a zombie into a soldier

got everyone on board but died anyway. I like the cutscenss

Ended too quickly. Seems fun though.

I suggest you rotate gravity/camera instead of the level itself, so the ball's movement is more consistent.

Cool idea, but I couldn't figure out how to feed Howard the bone, or if that's even what it's for. Also the controls feel very weird.

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Wow, nice job. My Highest is 111. Edit: 713. ;)

This doesn't make sense. When i tried to do if wall below nothing, else if nothing, else jump he doesn't jump. so why should this work?

i went outside the view in the wrong direction and now i cant progress because i cant see the character

put some screenshots and gifs on this itch page

bug: ball can enter a state of endless bouncing between the end of the paddle and a wall, as in the ball is moving parallel to the paddle