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make shoot a button that doesn't use wasd fingers and use pre rendered animations for the effects instead of real time particles

a few bugs but solid gameplay when playing with people. needs ability cooldown visuals and more use of the climbing mechanic in the maps. moz is still developing the game so give him a follow for updates.

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it looks like the heart isn't moving because there is no floor texture. not sure if this was intentional but it's not necessary for the mechanic to work. also the enemies are too fast

I was thinking of making a sequel with an open style world, bosses, save rooms, and a new pickup that gives you infinite ammo and doubles as a key to save and awaken tombs

moving feels really weird. not sure whats up with the camera

is it because i didn't die?

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playing on a ps4 controller is hard because the d pad is separated into four cutouts unlike an xbox controller. it actually doesn't even look like it would be any better on an xbox controller. it would feel much better if the jump button was left bumper, the moving was left stick, and the throwing was right bumper. also regarding the keyboard controls, wasd support is really important since most people are more comfortable with wasd now because of fps's. and the shoot button on keyboard should use the same hand as movement. its uncomfortable to keep both hands on the keyboard

the countdowns and the music work but that's it

down key to shoot doesn't feel good

screen is black when i start a level

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damn this is a new kind of challenge for me. i got 111 first try. i think i would be faster on mobile

the top ten players window never popped up for me

wasn't really engaging enough to try again after i died. good music tho

i love that i still remember what frank's voice sounds like. i read his dialogue in his voice

the game window is very small so its hard to play and see whats going on

do we just put a link in the description or do we submit the files

one step backward, two steps forward

the cloud

i need a sound person bluzi™#4441 <-discord

nice. you should put it on the jam page

even though the jam has already started you should still have a place for people to team up and ask questions

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it would skip over the loop and end because all bytes start as 0. it should be +[.+] to loop through and output all ascii characters

i left misu behind the crossbow wall and finished the game without him

i think more tips in game would help the player know what to do to progress

can you beat the game

is this possible

the diagonal movement should be the same angle as the world

you should join the discord and look there and/or make a crowdforge team

thanks for the feedback

maybe just remove the forward button since the other two move you as well. would make controlling your character less complicated but not easier

the cracked egg remnants are unnecessary and create a negative feedback loop of difficulty that you can't really do anything about. they don't give you time to get good at predicting where the egg will fall

there should be a more punishing consequence for not killing enough dinosaurs than just having to restart the level, because the game is more reaction based than puzzly, and you're not really learning a unique mechanic from each level.

finished it

144 hz

i think it runs faster than its supposed to

im pretty sure it can be impossible

too fast

missing files