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Played a bit with it. I like it! It's visually and aesthetically pleasing. I compiled some notes while using it, then iterated upon them:

* Drag top-screen fullscreen toggle
one of my initial reactions when opening the software was to drag it up to the top of my device's screen, and expect it to enter fullscreen mode. Similarly, when it was in fullscreen mode, I expected it to revert to windowed when click-hold'n-dragging the titlebar while in fullscreen
* Nice visuals
I mentioned this above - the editor looks great!
* love the resize visuals!
The resize view is super cool and creative
* ctrl-y
ctrl-x reverts previous changes, I'd love an option to revert the other way with ctrl-y, as most editors support
EDIT: I see that ctrl-shift-z is supported. I'd still like to see ctrl-y, as that is a more standard scheme
* Hidden draw tool?A & D
I like the idea of using A and D to both resize the brush and change shape. * X menu? 1px vertical overlap
What's the palette menu when pressing X about? the colors overlap each other vertically by 1 pixel
* Hover tool see shortcut
I assume you're already planning to add this, but just to be sure, hover-to-see-shortcuts is a fantastic functionality which would've made this tool a ton easier to use

custom palette & load
once the tool has matured enough, being able to load custom palettes (and create your own) would be a much desired functionlity

That's about all the notes I took! Not sure if I've seen every aspect of the tool yet, though I couldn't find anything else. Great start for an editor